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Part 44: Episode XXIX: In Which This Place Looks Kinda Familiar...

Episode XXIX: In Which This Place Looks Kinda Familiar...

Music: Descendus - Instrumental

We're at the home stretch here, folks. Though, to be honest this next mission approaching is completely just filler. So we are going to use this update to get all the usual post-chapter weapon gathering with Accord Requests and the like out of the way early. We don't want to clutter the ending or what may come following it up with that nonsense, now do we?

Before we begin with that, completing Verse 1 unlocked a solitary new listing in Accord's catalog of murder instruments. It goes for a hefty 37,800 gold asking price

Conjurer's Staff posted:

A staff that's been passed down from one powerful conjurer to the next.
Weapon Size: Small

No known magic could cure the little girl's disease. Her
only joys were the nightly visits from a nameless masked
conjurer who came to her with a magical staff in hand.

The conjurer shared his arcane talents with her. One night,
a shower of glittering light. The next, an orchestra of tiny
songbirds. Another, the arc of a dazzling rainbow.

Yet the disease slowly consumed the girl's body. One night,
when her time was near, she smiled at the conjurer and
thanked him. Then she grew cold and smiled no more.

The conjurer had been forbidden to show magic to others,
but when he returned and confessed that he'd taken the staff
without permission, his master told him to keep it. That night,
the conjurer clutched the staff tightly and wept bitter tears.

Sounds like a call to trivia time! Did you know the word "conjurer" actually comes from an old name for a lawyer who is able to dupe a jury into believing his client is innocent? If the truth doesn't fit, you must acquit!

With the monetary exchanges updated, let's continue on to the requests. Unlike previous chapters, there's actually two Accord's Request mission which yield new weapons. The first one is unlocked immediately: Shooting Stars. It's another one of those pesky chained treasure chest smashing events. There's a whole lot of all manner of Imperial troops swarming the area. They are to be ignored in favor of treasure plundering.

Completing this mission unlocks an old friend and only other weapon that has appeared in every game in the series... mostly. Broken Iron aka Iron Will aka Hymir's Finger. Fuck yeah! Other than the fact it is broken... again... Goddammit, do you know how much I had to grind to fix that thing in NIER?!

Broken Iron posted:

Some say this sword is the heaviest weapon of all the world's melee weapons.
Weapon Size: Large

The iron was beaten into shape. It stood alone in battle.

The iron killed with abandon. That was its reason to exist.

The iron took countless lives to make its dream come true.

The iron shed bloody tears, for it could not be human again.

Such mesmerizing brutality. Nnngh!

The second of the two weapon filled Accord's Request missions is called The Comet's Trail. It just requires defeating a Titan within one minute. Cartoon suicide bomber soldiers will emerge from the ether to offer unwitting support in Zero's efforts. It's not too much of a challenge to take down one Titan in sixty seconds. Don't worry about that silly business with the gem collection.

Once defeated, the Titan explodes like a pinata of collectibles, immediately ending the mission and unlocking our prize.

Azure Arms posted:

Combat bracers that once sunk beneath the deep-blue sea.
Weapon Size: Medium

Let me sing. Let me dance.
Within the cold water at the bottom of the sea.
Because I am in love. Because I drown in you.

Let me hope. Let me pray.
For your heart to spy mine and your feelings to melt.
As I swim in the water. As I float in the sea.

Let me curse. Let me wail.
If you reach that place where the water god cannot see.
And another voice finds you. And a new woman holds you.

Let me sink. Let me wait.
Until your eyes close and your breathing stops.
We want you for ourselves. We want to end you all.

Ho ho. Have I ever told you the many benefits of a romp in cool, fresh sea water? Now the untrained might have to contend with the follies of shrinkage from such an expedition. But in my studies of seaside rendev--
Zip it and get moving or we'll talk about some real shrinkage.

Welp, that about does it for any odds and ends before we get started. Though before we go, now that Cent has joined our party as the fourth and final disciple let's peak at his profile.

Yep... That checks out. Now back to your previously scheduled program... already in progress...

Verse 2: The Assault
Music: Registance ~ Battleground

Welcome to the "outskirts" of the Cathedral City. We're actually a few blocks from the titular cathedral of One so I don't know where they're getting this outskirts business. But details... A whole mess of troops stand between Zero and murdering her final sister and conquering the world or... whatever the heck the end goal is after completing a full deck of dead siblings. So let's get to it.

Assume a whole lot of soldier men are dying at all times here on out.

Support me from the air.
Uh... me?
You see anyone else here who can fly?
Good point! Guess I'm the best man for the job!
The best dragon, at least.
Enemy attack... Enemy attack!
All men take position now! Stay strong!
Don't let 'em through!
We're the last line of defense...
Full speed ahead! Move! We've got you covered.
Here it goes! Incoming enemies reported.

Stay calm! Give it all you got!
Don't let her set foot in the Cathedral!
Yeah! victory will be ours!
Retreat! Retreat!
There's nowhere to run! Stand and fight!

Three minutes later...

BARF! <heads roll off>

A bit further ahead we come upon the fearsome duo of two highly ineffectual horse-back lancers. These poor fool enemy types get demoted to jerks that appear in the very first mission with zero fanfare by the time Drakengard 1 rolls around.

The arena we're fighting in is a bit special. I know, it's hard to tell given it is the same featureless gray stone urban ruin as the rest of the Cathedral City. But this is actually the very same place we fought our first battle as Zero way back in the prologue. At least they washed all the blood and charred flesh away since our previous visit.

May Lady One inherent the world!
Victory to our leader! Protect our Intoner! Protect her until the end!
Charge! Full steam ahead!
Th-that's Zero? She's so... strong...
Hey, stop mumbling and start fighting! It's kill or be killed here
Hurgh.... Ha! AAAAHH!

Spoiler alert: Lancers are terrible at their jobs. Moving right along the warpath...

Captain, your orders!?
Do whatever it takes! Just kill her! She must be stopped at all costs!
Oh, come on now. More of them?
Bring it on! I'll tear 'em limb from limb!
Sounds like trivia time! Did you know "limb from limb" originally referred to trees and not body parts?

A blood soaked jog further into One's territory and we come back to the arena where we battled the first mid-boss enemy of Drakengard 3. What to we find here on our second tour of Notspain?

...Well it's the same exact Titan itching for a rematch. Huh. I was hoping for something a bit more impressive. Or at least maybe two titans. I dunno.

Zero, you okay down there?
I'm fine. Go take out that cannon for me.
You got it! You go--
What's wrong?
I didn't repeat, Zero! I didn't repeat myself!
You just did, dummy.

This time around the titan has a swarm of irritating soldier gnats backing it up. But c'mon now. We just had to take down a titan within 60 seconds just for a weapon we're never going to equip. This is child's play. It's like they're not even trying here.

Now if memory serves correct, this bridge ought to lead us straight to One's Cathedral after we navigate all this pesky urban traffic and pay the toll at the load screen roadblock.

Of course the harsh whims of the Cutscene Zone and its complete disregard for the structural integrity of bridges in this game has other things to say about our planned route.

You take that black piece of shit!

And so Mikhail files off to go for a Round 2 against Gabriel. I'm sure that shall proceed swimmingly without Zero around to help doing... whatever dragonriders contribute to battles. I was never entirely clear on that one.

Zero and the disciples take a tumble down to a lower area. Thank goodness the cutscene zone has no regards for fall damage. Not that the gameplay does either. Then again there is no level design with drops more than about ten feet. So what do I know?

Speaking of drops, One evidently has space platforms installed in geosynchronous orbit over Notspan which can orbital drop golems onto the battlefield at will. If you have a better explanation as to how two multi-ton stone jerks fell from the sky, I'm all ears.

Oh ho! Need someone to ease that tension?
You're not helping, Octa.
Look at these things. Fat, ugly freaks. I wish they'd never been born.
That's a serious wish to make, Dito.
Whatever, Decadus. Sometimes I wish you'd never been born either!
Nnngh... Such cruel words...

Murdering two golems hasn't changed much from when we were required to do it a handful of missions ago. If nothing the tinier arena makes it easier to jam a spear down their backsides. Not much of a challenge for the mid-point of the final chapter.

I'm gonna need a bath soon.
Whaddya say, Z? Wanna join me?
Maybe next time.

Following the golem battle, the party walks another city block to an automated shutter and...

...the mission abruptly ends. Uhh... Sure, why not?

Before we move out to the next leg of the assault on Notspain, we picked up one final weapon during that chapter around where we slew the titan in his less than spectacular rebout.

Crimson Impalers posted:

Combat bracers made from spines that once grew on a monster's body.
Weapon size: Medium

The monster's body was covered in terrible spines. One day,
a small bird landed nearby and spoke with the monster. More
than anything, the monster wished to touch its new friend.

Soon, the monster decided to remove the spines, though it
caused terrible pain. The monster screamed for seven days
and nights, terrorizing villagers at the foot of the range.

The villagers feared the monster was going to invade, so on
the seventh night, they climbed the mountain with weapons
in hand, where they found a pile of bloody spines.

In the center of the pile was a strange creature that
had died during the night. By its side, a small bird with
red-stained wings gently nuzzled the creature and cried.

Thus ended the tragic tale of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Video: Chapter 5 Verse 2 Highlight Reel