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Part 46: Episode XXXI: In Which the Imperial Intoner Army is Disbanded

Episode XXXI: In Which the Imperial Intoner Army is Disbanded

So the disciples turned into doves.


Well... That happened.


No, there was no foreshadowing they were originally pigeons or that this was actually a backdoor Hatoful Boyfriend prequel. But here we are... Drakengard! 3!

We did gain a new weapon in a chest just prior to taking on the Gray Cerberus throw down at the Cathedral entrance. I suppose we ought to take a quick gander at that one now that we've had time to process what the fuck just happened. We have had enough time to process that, right...?

Seer's Lure posted:

A spear that once threatened the royal throne. Strikes fear in weaker foes.
Weapon size: Medium

The youngest prince held ambitions of the throne. But his
elder brother fought a campaign of great battles and earned
the people's adoration. And so, he had to be dealt with.

The youngest prince was in battle against a nearby kingdom
when he looted a fine spear from a fallen soldier. Suddenly,
a voice rang out, “Seek ye power?” And the prince nodded.

Many victories greeted the young prince, while his brother's
fortunes soured. Soon, he sat upon the throne he desired so
much. But then the voice returned: “Now I shall reclaim it.”

The new king lost all. His men died in battle. His wife and
son died of disease. With tears of blood streaming down
his face, he cursed the world and fell upon his spear.

Coooo. Coooo...

Completing Verse 3 of the chapter also unlocked the very last weapon in Accord's shop prior to the ending. It goes for a hefty 44,100 price tag. Rob us blind why don't you?!

Skyward Wind posted:

A chakram based on wind blown by a heavenly horse crossing the skies.
Weapon size: Small

The woman was near the end of her life. She had committed
crimes and been arrested. After an extended torture session,
she was sentenced to burn at the stake.

Suddenly, a white horse with sad blue eyes appeared before
her. “The king took my son!” she screamed at the animal.
“Before I die, I will kill him with my own two hands!”

The woman screamed at the horse until she collapsed into
sobs. The next thing she knew, she was atop the horse with
a sword in her hand, and the king trembling in front of her.

She slew the king and made to flee. But suddenly, her horse
was gone. Her body burst into flames, which raged until she
became a small pile of ashes scattered away by the wind.

An Occurrence at Murder Creek. Right then... That's the last of between mission rubbish left on the schedule. Now then, where were we...

Final Verse: Showdown

I didn't know that defeating One wasn't the end. I also didn't know... the truth about Zero and me...

Music: Companthem ~ Battleground

Our final mission is to infiltrate the Cathedral of Cathedral City and murder noted cathedral denizen One. Between us and our objective is a WHOLE LOT of stairs and an above average amount of disposable men.

As with most Drakengard 3 stages there isn't a whole lot to the level layout. The final map being no exception. There are massive staircases leading to an open arena filled with between 10-50 of the last remaining troops One has at her disposal. Before Zero can carry on, she needs to bring that number down to zero as well.

The first arena has 50 willing participants to the slaughter. About 30 plain rank-and-file sword wielding soldiers flanked with ten or so spearmen and the rest of the ranks filled out with archers on the perimeter of the room.

Enemy sighted! What the... Zero's by herself.
Anyone else?
No, sir! She appears to be alone!
What happened to her friends?
She probably used 'em up and then killed 'em!
I don't see any disciples!
Forward! Forward!

Murder. Death. Kill.

This is hell on earth...
Don't lose your nerve! We can do this, all right?
The front line's... wiped out?
It doesn't matter!
All units retreat... Retreat!
Are you mad? What good will running do?!
...We can't defeat her.
Mother? Mother! M-Motherrrrr...
Pull it together, man! For cryin' out loud!
Mother! Help me! Help meeeeeee!

Needless to say, no maternal intervention took place for that poor bastard. Fifty more notches to the belt. No stopping here...

The next flight of stairs up Zero must contend with 30 soldiers this time around. Ten are cannoneers already zeroed in on Zero. The remaining 20 are just literal cannon fodder brave enough to run out and attempt to stab Zero out in no man's land.

Stand strong! Forward!
So that's the accursed Intoner...
Belay that talk!
Attack! Sacrifice your own men if needs be! All that matters is Lady One's safety!
She doesn't seem to be weakened.
Damn Intoner!
Get away! Get away from meeee!

She's breaking through... Stop her, no matter what! For Lady One!
Enough already... we're wasting good soldiers' lives.

Needless to say the battle goes poorly for this lot as well. Next floor!

Continuing onward. After another bit of cardio climbing a ridiculous number of stairs, the third floor only has ten men guarding the arena. All of them are just higher tier standard swordsmen with three wizards pitching in half-heartedly. Lazy ass wizards.

Don't give up! Keep pushing! Stop her! Stop her now!
If I die here I regret nothing!
Lady One must remain safe. If not... the whole world is in danger.
Intoner or not, how can one woman fight off all these troops?
She's trying to end the world by herself. She's obviously pretty fuckin' strong!
All our soldiers are wounded!
No retreat! Keep going!
Dammit! If this keeps up, Lady One's in trouble!
Protect the Cathedral! Don't let Zero inside.

...Yeah that didn't work out too well for that lot. Oh well. Congratulations on murdering the entirety of Notspain's forces and indeed perhaps the last remaining soldiers in Midgard. They're definitely going to have to set up some fierce recruitment drives after this last couple of months.

Music: Silence

But nevermind that. Up to the top floor! Our final arena challenge is... absolutely nothing!

One is in a sporting mood for the final showdown and lines up all the "hidden chests" cleanly in a row for collection. Also there is as a full refill of health and a bucket full of blood for Zero to pour on herself to get psyched for the upcoming conflict. How very thoughtful.

Right then. Onward to the final battle of Drakengard! 3!

One has spared no expenses in preparing a swanky backdrop for the final battle. The room itself is a giant empty hall like every other Drakengard boss arena. But at least this cathedral hall is a step-up from Manah's K-Mart bunk bed room dressing back in the original game.

Whatcha readin'?
Ah, Zero.

It's a record of life in the Cathedral City.
A record of life?
Zero, don't you think it's strange? This city is said to be the origin of all magic. Spells were crafted here that even now are far beyond our abilities.

Where did this knowledge go? When did we lose it? And what happened to the people who once possessed it? I thought if I studied that, I might be able to learn the purpose of the Intoners. Of... us.

Only an idiot tries to learn about a bunch of shit she doesn't need to know. Or did you not know that?
That's rather close-minded. Though, in the sense that we cannot ever truly know everything... Well, I suppose I agree.
Whatever. I'm about to kill you anyway. That's all that matters.
...So predictable.

In a shocking display of poor book handling etiquette, One closes her ancient text and casts it aside. No doubt this is ample justified grounds to ruthlessly murder her to some people.

Come to me, Gabriel.


Mikhail manages to break free from getting gnawed on and retreats to Zero's side. This is what happens when you let pets wander off into unfamiliar cutscene territory unattended.

You all right!?
<pant> Y-Yeah...

But that guy's strong... He's really, really strong!

Zero, get on!

Let's beat him together!

Alright then. Let's do this fuckin' thing! Rip and tear! RIP AND TEAR!

Video: Chapter 5 Verse 4 Highlight Reel

Cathedral Hall Concept Art - Those pillars are going to be an annoying issue with a dragon battle, aren't they...?