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Part 48: Episode XXXIII: In Which A Branch Ends

Episode XXXIII: In Which A Branch Ends

Music: Prevolt - Battleground

You comprehend nothing! You destroy the peace we created! You killed your own flesh and blood! And then... you think... You think you can save the WORLD!?
You done running your mouth yet!?
Mikhail... Why wasn't it me...? Mikhail... Mikhail still had a future... Damn it. Goddammit it all!!

Gabriel has gotten righteously banged up by Mikhail's final attack. But it is up to Zero to finish the bastard off once and for all. While still being an overgrown sack of shit that clips through pillars and walls like nobody's business, the final battle with Gabriel is less a boss battle and more just putting the mad dog down.

One's dragon has had its wings and legs turn to shit in the last exchange so its mobility is quite limited. He's still capable of short bursts of flight but his days of dragon dashing are long done. Indeed, Gabe can only slowly limp around in an effort to catch up with Zero's sprinting and if she manages to get behind him he has little countermeasures other than weakly swinging his tail at her.

Zero is not beyond kicking a piece of shit while it's down on its luck. Especially after what happened with Mikhail. So the first order of business is busting Gabriel's knee caps to topple the beast over in order to beat its metal grin in with extreme prejudice.

Big Gabe can still defend himself a bit. His old trick of charged fireball shots are still in play. Though now the pillars are actually an ally for a change. That is unless he decides to spit fire while clipping half way through one. Then it's just Access Games quality that is the real nemesis.

Additionally, the dragon can still use its shredded wings to gain enough altitude to do a belly flop shockwave. I like to think it was going for something more impressive but just flopped out of the air by mistake and it's a happy coincidence on his part. One's pet can still do a dive-bomb from the air as well. But he's in such a sorry state that Zero can just block the attack at this point.

All of us... Five, Four, Three, Two, and One... We won't lose, Zero! And the world won't, either! You're the monster who made the Intoners in the first place!

I think you've done enough talking, One. Let's finish this story...

Music: Silence

Video: Drakengard 3 Ending A
(You should just go ahead and watch this.)

I'm... sorry...

And so Gabriel goes off to join Dubstep Crab, Tron Castle and the Hung Wyverns, The Rave Doll Moshpit, and The Bugzapper Twins in Chapter Boss Hell. RIP.

So this is...

Good... bye...

Yeah. It is.


And so does Zero's Murder Roadtrip come to a close. All of Zero's siblings are slain. All her traveling companions have been transformed into birds. And their ride has also reached its final destination. Kind of a bummer end to summer here.

Now I--



<looks behind One> .....
But how...?

I'm One's brother.

Brother? That's... impossible...
You wouldn't know. You only had your five sisters. But in the same way you "created" your sisters... Your sister One created me.

I was a failsafe in case you managed to kill her. I was her final weapon.

Brother One tosses down his sword beside Zero...

See this sword? It's made from a dragon's fang. That means it can kill an Intoner, right?

I... see...
You have no one to blame but yourself, murderer!
I don't... blame... anyone.
I just want to kill the Intoners. ...All of them.

You think after all this... I intended to... survive?
The world doesn't... work that way...
<gasps and backs away>

At last... it's all over...

Mik... hail...

...She's dead.
Zero is dead.

One, do you hear me?

I finished off the Intoners, just like you said!
But... what should I do now?

How am I supposed to live... in a world that lacks the Intoners' protection?


New Music: A Better End

That's Drakengard! 3!

If you're wondering if there was the slightest hint or mention of Brother One earlier: the answer is an even more resounding NO! Even moreso than the disciples turning out to have originally been doves. At least the disciples had a bit of a hint they weren't necessarily human or of some manner of mysterious origin like the Intoners. Brother One is just "by the way, fuck you" and that's that.

But before we continue, there is an after credits scene of interest...

I see... If there are no Intoners left to protect the world... Then I'll just protect it myself! We'll form a new religion. A religion that worships my sister, One.
...No, I am the true One. From this day forward, all will call ME One!
Heheh... Hehehehe!


I should have known this branch would also end like this.

Seems like we should've taken a different branch somewhere along the way...

And so ends Drakengard 3's "Branch A". All the Intoners lie dead. As does Mikhail. Brother One goes on to form the Cult of the Watchers. He is also Manah and Seere from Drakengard 1 and 2's great-great grandfather.

If you're interested in more of the future adventures of Brother One, there is the Drag-On Dragoon Shi ni Itaru Aka manga which chronicles an alternate timeline which shoehorns the guy into the events leading up to the original Drakengard. I'd personally not recommend doing so as it is a rape and gore filled pile of trash trying way way the fuck too hard to be edgy. I like to pretend it doesn't exist. You're not missing out on anything by giving it a pass.

But you don't have to worry about that if you're just interested in Drakengard 3. Doubly so because we NEVER seen Brother One again in the core game! Dude is busy forming a creepy cult devoted to worshiping extra-dimensional beings and siring idiot descendants. He's got places to be.

The murder road trip may have ended. But that doesn't mean our time with Drakengard 3 is over. No, far from it. Branch A's conclusion is essentially the end of the first half of the game. Three other "branches" remain to Drakengard 3's story. As well as an extra bit in the middle there.

Oh and if that wasn't enough there are six chapters of DLC giving prologues to each of the Intoner sisters. Zero, One, Two, Three, Four, and Five all have a four mission adventure. Some flesh out a good deal of the backstory like what Brother One's deal is or maybe what happened to make Two into a vegetable. Others are just for funsies, like finding out which of the Intoner sisters are REALLY fucking racist or which bosses make a good meal and the like. So there is still quite a bit of material to cover!


Wait... Christ that's still a fuckin' load left to do yet... I didn't think this through too well... Shit.

For better or worst, the Drakengard 3: The Murder Road Trip continues!

Video: Gabriel Final Battle

Video: Drakengard 3 Ending A
(It's the ending. You should really watch the ending.)

Video: Drakengard 3 Ending A Credits