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Part 61: Episode XLIII: In Which Allegiances Are Murky

Episode XLIII: In Which Allegiances Are Murky

Welcome to the final mission of Branch B. Did I mention this alternate timeline was short as hell? Well... this alternate timeline is short as hell. We're somehow going to hit the second ending at the conclusion of this next mission. Technically, the weapon we're about to look at unlocks following Branch B's conclusion. But we're jumping into some more DLC after this and I don't want to forget. So let's check out Accord's newest highway robbery at 56,700 gold.

Imperial Tears posted:

The last spear left behind by the Holy Emperor. Effective vs. undead.
Weapon Size: Large

The fertile land was fought over time and again, spawning
mountains of corpses. The young lord, who had watched the
previous king die, gave an order: “Burn it to the ground.”

No nobleman or peasant opposed him. The fires were set.
The green trees burned. The animals scattered. And the land
the previous king had sworn to save was reduced to ash.

When the flames finally died, the land was sealed and
declared an eternal neutral zone. Over decades, it regained
its beauty, but a single spear still resides deep within.

It was once a sword, obtained by the king who had sworn
to protect the land. But it was reforged into a spear by his
ruinous successor, and was now rusted beyond recognition.
What became of this once promising land? None can say.

Nah. I looked it up on Google Maps. Says here it's now a parking lot for a Wal-Mart Supercenter in southern Minnesota. Bummer.

Verse 5: Slaughter
Music: Iniquitus

No level introduction or anything. We're just jumping straight into it. We are now back in the area with draw distance gimmick forest as Zero. Also the same region where One and Brone faced the False Zero. Congrats map! You're in the lead with three separate missions using your assets!

Was she fighting with your sister?
I don't know. I'll just have to find One and beat the truth out of her.

The only enemies left in the area are a handful of remaining troops loyal to Three and ehh... Let's just say they're all having a pretty rough go of it now that their leader has taken a dirt nap.

Nngh... gyaaaaah! Lady Threeeee!
The forest... Lady Three's forest...
Without the protection of Lady Three's song, their minds have shattered.
Ha ha ha! That's so damn sad... I LOVE IT!
The flower... The fog... The fog and the flower. Three... Three! Ghahahaha!
I can't... go on...
I'm gonna lose my lunch. Nnngh...
Lady Threeeeeeee!
The song is gone... Aheehehe...

After we put those poor bastards out of their misery, the path further into the forest opens up. No darkened woods with lantern carrying statues to guide our path nor faux-Zero clones to deal with this time around. No, we have something quite different in store for this visit to the area.

Zero you are absolutely abysmal at this sister murder thing. One was one of the only two you personally had in the bag last murder road trip and you've let it slip away offscreen of all places. Also... wait, what?!

Oh hey, Two is here as well. She seems to have gotten past the near catatonic state of anime mind-breaking and instead advanced into the crazed giggling, twirling, and ultra violence stage. At least she hasn't started going "Lalalala". Then we'd be in trouble.

Hahaha! Waaah! La! Hehehehe!
<steps forward> I've had enough of this.
Hahahaha haaaa!
Time to put you out of your misery.

Ha haha!

Do me a favor and scream REAL GOOD!



Gaugh... Urrrgh.

Cent I... I think your aim was a bit off. We were going for the Intoner murder here not...

Gah... Ahh... Wh-Why...



Why indeed. Why did I leave Two's side in the first place?

Why did her mind decide to shatter like this? I'm just a fool, so... how should I know?

But I am gonna make it right.

My lady, I swear it... This time I shall give you everything.

Hehehe... Ahahaha.


Uhh... This is all escalating very quickly... Can we all just slow down for a minute and figure out what the hell is going on here...? Just a minute.

As you wish, my lady.

So to review the last minute of events: One got killed off screen, Two is here and batshit crazy, Cent killed Dito and has taken a full heel turn. And now we're apparently going to throw down with Drakengard 3's favorite couple. And this is only a third of the way through the mission. Welp...

Somehow I think it wise just to keep this checklist handy for the rest of this mission.

Branch B Verse 5 Highlight Reel
(You should probably watch this.)