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Part 62: Episode XLIV: In Which Love Conquers All

Episode XLIV: In Which Love Conquers All

Music: Blissade ~ Battleground

So... This is happening. Dito's corpse has vanished from the field between scenes. But it's nice of One to stick around for the battle to come.

We're now facing Two and Cent in a battle. Octa and Decadus have automatically tagged in regardless of the previous party assignment. They're actually somewhat useful in this battle for a change. Mostly due to everyone involved having just awful AI routines.

Do you believe in fate? Because somehow I feel this was... destined to happen. Like I was born into this world just to be with her.
Goddammit, Cent! I guess you couldn't escape your Intoner after all.
Mikhail! Don't listen to Cent! Show him no mercy!
Really? But... but he's our friend!
And yet he murdered Dito. Is this the action of a friend?
This is really hard! I don't get it at all!

This battle involves taking on both Two and Cent. But we only actually have to defeat one of them to end the fight. As such, it's best to pick a target and stick with beating 'em into submission while keeping the two apart. This is where the still loyal/living disciples come in handy. Cent and Two aren't entirely committed to fighting Zero. If a disciple gets in a few blows and we break off across the area, there is a good chance they'll focus on our AI punching bag sidekick for a bit and give Zero some breathing room.

Cent and Two have a flurry of quick strikes as their standard attacks. Cents' hits a bit swifter while Two a degree or two harder. They have no problem double teaming on Zero to stunlock her into submission. The key to this fight is to separate the two to prevent that from happening.

Besides their normal attacks, our adversaries each have a unique ability. Two has a heavy hitting downward strike that causes a small shockwave. She likes to throw it out in the middle of combos and if Zero has been guarding anything prior, it is likely to break her guard. And that would be bad.

Cent on the other hand has gained some crazy super dash. One that he cannot actually successfully stop without faceplanting into the dirt if he keeps it up for too long without attack. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Of the two targets, it is WAY easier to take out Cent. The whole divide and conquer business is far harder to pull off against Two since Cent can just disengage and make a beeline for Zero to aide Two at any time with his wave dash jazz. Two can also kind of tank hits without getting stunned very easily, while Cent still has the same punching bag attributes all the disciples have possessed. Combat bracers in particular can just stunlock him all day long. Cent is scrub tier against Chun-li.

There is not really much more to say about this fight. It's just a game of running away from Two and kicking the shit out of Cent. Also avoiding the borders of the arena because man the camera will not cooperate if you hit the glowing scene dressing at the edge from the wrong direction.

Following the battle, Decadus is actually using that sword he's had sheathed on his belt the entire game instead of using it as a fancy accessory the entire time. Yes, I'm talking about you dual-hanzo steel, Three, you twit. Unfortunately, that shield is still for flair. Decadus has instead opted to guard Two's sword strike with his small intestines to less than stellar effect.

But hey, Two seems to still be having a good time despite the punctured lung. So that's nice.


You damned traitor!
Back off!

...And there goes Octa. Hey, Cent. Could you stop killing all my fucking dudes? That'd be great! This is why you don't pick up shifty hitchhikers in the middle of a road trip. It never ends well.


Hey, Zero. Nice of you to join the murder fest. Glad to learn you learned the ancient art of stabbing distracted idiots in the back from the previous timeline. It's a handy technique.

And so Cent goes down. While in the distance Decadus and Two come to a Double-KO with Decadus going to the big bird roost in the sky. I told you we needed to keep that character death sheet handy.

Gah... Ugghh... L-Lady... Two...

<chokes blood> C-Cent... Augh...

We're finally...


Well now what in the fresh hell is this crap?! You cannot do any Intoner summoning shenanigans when you've got a half foot sword wound through your obviously collapsing lung. I'm calling foul, Drakengard 3!

Give us your blessing... Raphael...

The magic pillar light of love responds as Two and Cent join the other 2/3rds of the remaining cast in pushing off this mortal coil.

Now you might hear the name Raphael and think of a turtle of some sort. Perhaps mutated and as crazy as it sounds... practicing ninjutsu. This, I assure you, is not the case here...

Tune in next time for a final boss showdown against a massive neon blue doom-spider summoned from the heavens purely by the power of love. Cuz fuck it! Why not? We just killed off seven characters in the last fifteen minutes! We don't give a fuck!


Video: Cent and Two Boss Battle

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(You should probably watch this.)

Early Cent Concept Art