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Part 65: Episode XLVII: This is the Story of Love Conquering All Rebel Scum

Episode XLVII: This is the Story of Love Conquering All Rebel Scum

Music: Strumble

It wouldn't be Drakengard 3 DLC if there wasn't multiple lengthy camp fire scenes. Oh right... We've only done the One prior to this. Spoilers: They all have lengthy camp fire scenes because these DLC campaigns have the budget leftover from combing through the change left in the cushions Access Game's breakroom couch. Cent is the only one here, so I suppose we ought to see how he's doing.

You fought hard, Lady Two.
But one look at you, Cent, and all my fatigue just drains away. Poof! All gone...
Thank you, my lady.
Hee hee hee!
There is no greater honor for me than to aid the kindhearted Lady Two.
Kindhearted...? You really think so?
Of course! I mean, you ARE the girl who's been building orphanages for the less fortunate, in spite of all the chaos surrounding us.
Well, of course! I can't just leave them alone!
The orphans do seem to enjoy your company.
Hee hee! Awww, thanks. They really are cute little buggers, huh?
They certainly are. And they love getting into all kinds of mischief! Buuuut, I suppose I could say the same for you, Lady Two.
What!? Meaaaaan! I'm not a child!
Apologies, my lady. You most certainly are not. Though your soft, pliable skin and sweet, unsullied fragrance DO remind me of a newborn.
A-A newborn?
Indeed! You make me want to care for you like an innocent babe.
Hmph. I don't know if that's a compliment or not...
So long as I can bask in your wondrous smile, I require nothing else.

I kind of wish those jerk faeries from earlier in the game showed up to start clowning all over these two. Sadly, there is no further faerie trolling after Mikhail's short story encounter. And that was just mean spirited back then.

Anyway, our only other option of conversation is gazing at the campfire to refill our estus flask for some deep JRPG style naval gazing.

Well, that's rather sudden. What's wrong?
I mean, I'M happy, right? I love this great guy, and he totally loves me back... We're together every single day, and we're working together to build the world that One wants... And everything's going perfect, you know?

Music: Descendus - Instrumental

You know how water pours out of a cup if you put too much in? It's kinda like that. It's like I have so much happiness, I'm worried it's all going to spill out. I don't know... That probably sounds weird, huh?
Not at all.
Cent? Would you mind... holding me? I want to feel warm and safe.
Of course not.
I love you, Cent. I really do. Please stay with me. Please don't ever leave.

I hate to spoil the mood between you two but HEY GUESS WHAT WE'RE LEAVING FOR ANOTHER MISSION! Like, RIGHT NOW!

We should clear out the Land of Forests. The monsters there are still a serious threat.
If you say it, it must be true. Let's go!

It only took four days to trek from The Land of Mountains to The Land of Forests. Pretty quick turnover for people lacking a dragon. Gabriella has made the conversion to One's personal summon Gabriel by this point. So she will obviously not being joining us for this particular piece of DLC.

I know that happiness doesn't last forever. That's why... I want to love him right now with all my heart.

Verse 2: Times of Kindness
Music: Wilderblades - Battleground

We find ourselves back in the Land of Forests in the region inhabited by the King of the Faeries. The king himself is nowhere to be found. He's got less than a year to live. He'd best make good use of what little time he has left. Studying up on the follies of hubris certainly wasn't among the king's activities in the past.

Our overall goal remains consistent. We need to bop some baddies to make the forest safe for the thousands of conscripted soldiers to mill about. They need to be comfortable at their idle posts should any uppity big sister Intoners get funny ideas about offing their entire family in the future.

Trolls and wolves are a major threat in the region. You know for all the time we've spent in The Land of Forests, we've yet to see a single elf. Not that I want to see any elves cuz fuck elves. Just saying it's weird we haven't seen any up to this point. That is not to say Drakengard 3 is devoid of any elves. Oh no, indeed elvish folk factor in quite heavily to one of the DLC prologues. So look forward to that.

Now child devouring trolls and roaming packs of wolves, that are no doubt only pissed we've wandered into their territory, are not our primary concern this mission. Instead, we have a mess of soldiers to deal with. Particularly, ones that have blockaded all the bridges leading further into the area.

Don't let her leave the forest alive!
I thought we were killing monsters, Cent. Why are all these people here?
I believe some of the lord's forces remain in the area.
Ugh. I hate to do this, but... If they're defying One, they have to die.

I am starting to think that the opening narrator oversold the extent the Intoners unified the land under their rule. We're less than a year out from Zero's murder road trip killing the lot of 'em and there is still splinter guerrilla factions of the old guard hiding out in the woods. You'd think everything would at least be locked down by the time Zero rolled around the first time. Probably for the best Zero ran the false propaganda spreading jerk through with her sword.

Our primary concern at the moment is the fact the rebels have set up carpet bombing strikes on all the bridges in the area. Turns out the Land of Forest engineers build their bridges to withstand massive concentrations of artillery shelling - really impressive stuff. Rubbish weight limit capacities were the trade-off.

Drakengard 3 doesn't have any invincible recovery frames for getting hit with aerial attacks. So having Two run straight into the bombardment will get her absolutely obliterated in short order. Which would actually save a lot of headache in the future for Zero. But that would create a time paradox and we cannot have that. Well... as much of a time paradox as you could create in a world wrought with alternate timelines. But, details!

While the cannoneer bombing of the bridge is widespread and frequent, the explosions' reach skyward is extremely limited. So a well timed jump or two followed up with air dashing can get Two past the no man's land of the bridge in short order.

Once past the threat of danger, Two discovers the safety protocols in munitions storage has fallen by the wayside with the remnants of the evil lord's army. As such, a light breeze is enough to send the whole haphazard cannon configuration up like a firecracker. Operating on anime explosion rules, Two is unaffected by explosions going off in her face as long as she is the trigger for said fireworks.

More dead rebel scum, rogue trolls, and unfortunately placed wolves later...

Well, they ARE stragglers. Most are pretty badly hurt.
Maybe we should try healing them. You know? Like we did with those orphans?
I'm afraid we can't, Lady Two. You understand why I did that, right? Why I harnessed the power of your song? Why I used it to cure the orphans and strengthen our soldiers?
Because you're kind.
...No. I did it because I wanted them to protect you. And in order to do that, they had to be healthier. Stronger. I strove to forge them into a mighty shield for you, my lady. It had nothing to do with kindness.
That's not true! You're super kind! ...You're my gentle prince.

That all sounded a bit ominous. Now then, where were we? Ah yes. Crushing those men not conforming to One's world vision and pillaging the bountiful fabric from their broken bodies. Of course.

The final challenge for this Verse is a pair of undead gigantes. I'm a bit curious why so many gigantes got wrecked and joined the ranks of the undead in this forest. And for that matter, who hated each individual gigas enough to impale them with several tree trunks postmortem. There is clearly some severe gigas hate crimes occurring in this forest. But they're not human, songstress demi-god, or powerful man-bird so ehh... We'll put that social issue on the backburner.

You've got power AND beauty... You're just perfect!
My strength is but a mere fraction of your own, Lady Two. I'm simply driven by far more than your average man. Enough to lay down my life for yours, if need be.
No! Don't you dare risk your life for me, Cent! If you died on me, I'd... I'd go crazy.
I appreciate that, my lady.
Don't you EVER die on me, Cent!
My lady, I promise not to die... even if it kills me.

An undead gigante duo isn't too bad a task to take down. Unlike the titans in the previous mission, zombie gigas fellows like to close the distance with an attacking Intoner making them easy to split up. To make no mention of their lack of grace in general and the huge recovery period if one of them decides to dash at Two and come to a halt via using their chin as a brake.

Beyond that, there are also helpful suicide bomber soldiers in the area providing unintentional additional support in dealing with the enemy. What's with The Land of Forest and explosives anyway? You'd think the most flammable region on the continent would ease off on the pyrotechnics.

After the gigantes are no more, a new path opens up to Two and Cent aaaaaaand... the mission abruptly ends since we've run out of map to reuse.

Music: Descendus

Throughout the endless war...

...the kind Intoner gathered up orphans across the land and cared for them.

She didn't have any parents of her own... so she wanted to help others escape the misery that she herself had known.

And through it all, her one true love was always at her side.

This is the story of a certain couple... A couple that strove endlessly to support each other.

And that concludes mission two of four in Two's Prologue. Gathering and caring for war orphans in Drakengard's universe. Oh Two... You sweet, summer child.

Video: Two's Prologue Verse 2 Highlight Reel

Two Concept Art - Huh. What do you know. That chain accessory on her back is actually for holding her oversized sword. I thought magnetized butts were just standard issue when you acquired a novelty sized hunk of steel as your weapon of choice.