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Part 66: Episode XLVIII: This is a Story About Protecting Those That You Love

Episode XLVIII: This is a Story About Protecting Those That You Love

Music: Aethervox

We have moved onto the Land of Sands between scenes for another campfire break. Hey, Two... Cent... Don't you two kind of live in this region? Why are you two camping out in a dank ruin? Just asking. Seems strange is all.

Whatever for, my lady?
They say if two people have the same crease in the center, they're fated to be lovers!
Oh? Why even bother looking?
We are united by destiny, my lady. No matter what our palms say. Otherwise, we would have never met each other to begin with.
If you weren't with me, Cent, I don't know where I'd be.
That idea that you and I might not have come together. It's impossible. And it's impossible that we could ever part from each other. You will always have me by your side, my lady.
Oh, Cent... I love you!
And I you, Lady Two.
Oh, call me "Two" when it's just the two of us.
As you wish. And what shall I call you when we are one?
When we're... OH! Hey! Stop embarrassing me!
You know, Cent... if I wasn't an Intoner, and you weren't my disciple... we'd still be total soul mates... Right?

Look Two, we didn't have it in the budget to animate any palm readings. You'll take your two stock campfire animations and like it! Now then, let's see what Cent has to say if we talk to him directly instead of staring longingly at a camp fire.

The children in the orphanage, you mean?
Yeah. They can be kinda picky sometimes. And we had to leave them at the Cathedral City when we went out like this, you know?
Are you concerned they might not like it over there? Or that they're causing too much trouble for Lady One's people?
Yeah, both! I dunno. I'm just worried, you know?
Well, you shouldn't be. I know "genius", and those kids are all pretty sharp. Plus, that underground cathedral where they're staying looks really comfy.
Yeah... I hope so.
Regardless of that, I"m sure they all miss you terribly, Lady Two.
It just makes me feel lonely. You mind if I cry a little?
Of course not. My arms are always open to you.

We can now begin the mission proper. Selecting the option to continue causes a letter to seemingly materialize from the ether into Cent's hands. Or maybe it was brought by a very small carrier pigeon. I wonder how disciples would feel about that.

Music: Silence

It seems something bad is happening in the Cathedral City.
Something bad!? A-Are the orphans all right!?
They should be--they're holed up deep underground. And they've got a squadron of enhanced soldiers guarding them, so...
"They should be" isn't good enough, Cent! We have to go check on them right now!

What's the most that could happen in the week interval between missions? I'm sure it's fine. Two, you're a worrywart.

But there's a limit to how much can actually be protected. Such a simple concept... But back then, I was incapable of understanding.

Verse 3: Destined Love
Music: Corroscience ~ Battleground

We quickly rejoin Cent and Two back in the heart of Cathedral City on the hillside path leading up toward the city's namesake. I want to say this is the only time this map ever gets used again. Putting it on the lower end of the Drakengard 3 map recycling spectrum.

Our goal is to reach the makeshift orphanage apparently set-up in the catacombs beneath the cathedral. Sorry kids, getting stuck in Auntie One's basement is just how she rolls while babysitting. Not that One is around today. She is off... somewhere doing... something. Probably training that Brother One idiot. For that matter, where the hell is Decadus? He was the one informing Two and Cent of a crisis in Cathedral City in the first place. There are some holes in this narrative here...

So remember the "Enhanced Soldiers" Three had attack Mikhail and Zero back before summoning her Rave Doll army in Chapter 3 of the original timeline? The stumbling zombie variety that did nothing but moan and weakly shuffle toward Mikhail ineffectually before they were all immolated? Yeah... this area is lousy with those zombie soldiers. Turns out Cathedral City had a minor zombie holocaust a month after Zero's first rampage. Cuz why not?

What... What happened to the Cathedral City?
Cent, answer me!
I... I don't know.
Where are my soldiers?
If the Cathedral guard is missing, then what about the orphans...?
To the Cathedral! Hurry!

The zombified enhanced guard's only abilities are slowly stumbling toward Two and making the weakest attempt and bopping her on the head. It barely hurts and you really have to be paying a lax amount of attention to ever get hit by it. On the other hand, all the enhanced soldiers go down in just a few hits. To say they're of little threat is an understatement.

Many armored husks put out of their misery later...

Further up the hill the undead skeletons of those unable to maintain a fleshy zombie form have risen alongside a handful of spirits. It's a bad weekend to vacation in Notspain.

I've never seen enemies like this! I can't stand it... I can't STAND it!
Lady Two, please! Calm yourself!

Really, c'mon. We haven't even gotten to anything that horrific yet. Besides, you have seen the undead before. What about those two undead gigantes last mission with the flayed skin? That was way more grotesque than Jeffrey and his friends here.

Several smashed skeletons later...

The orphans! Cent!
I swear they will be safe. And so will you, Lady Two.
If anything happened to those kids, I'd... I'd...

It's a rough climb lousy with moaning enhanced soldier hordes and a few skeleton lancer captains taking advantage of the new surge of undead troops to rally behind their cause. Around this point some of the slightly less braindead soldiers have a bit to say to the lovebirds cutting through their ranks.

Werah... We're sorry... Urgh...
K-K-Kiiiiill garrahhat...
Y-You... YOU! C-Cent!
Tigharraaah haha...
H-H-Hold... GRAH!
L-Lady Two! I... th-th-throow you upon my m-m-meeeeeercy!
Lady Twooooooooaaaaah! Ahhhhhhh!

At the top of the hill we reach the Cathedral, which is surrounded by several waves of enhanced soldiers that must all be slain before we can secure the area and advance into the cathedral proper. The first wave is ten zombie troops strong.

I may have made them... less than normal.
I reinforced them with the power of your song. That... may be why.

Raaagh! Ruuuuuhhhh ruuuuuuuun!
Goooooo... Faaaaaaall ugggh...
Cent... Spaaare usssss...

Cent... CENT! I think you may have done gone and goofed here, Cent. I think you might gone and goofed really bad, birdbrain!

Ten dead botched enhanced soldiers later, a demand to Old Yeller another ten more arises...

So everyone's a monster now? Because of... my song?
It's too early to say. Besides, this is my fault. I'm the one who borrowed your song's power. None of this is your doing, my lady.
What am I gonna do? It's all my fault! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!
Lady Two, please get a hold of yourself!

Lady... Two... Ahhhh! Arrrrgh...
Nooooooot ughaaaaaggain!
HeeeeEEEEEeeelp meeeeeEEEeeeeeeEEEE!

Another ten of Cent's fuck-ups put out to pasture. But don't look now! Another fifteen have shuffled into the front yard of the Cathedral to take their places.

They were all kind, gentle people! Why did this have to happen...? ...Why, Cent? Why...?
...Lady, Two.

Haaaarrrstop iiiiit...
...Let... me... heheheaaaaheh!
We are the legion of... of... Twwwooorrrraaaahhhggh!

Alright that's fifteen more sent to a second death thanks to Cent. Howabout you two kids give us another twenty for the road, eh?

I'd rather die than kill all of these innocent people...
Two! Please! If you don't fight, I am going to die!
<chokes tears> Cent...

Lady Two... Ehehehehe...
W-W-Wait! Stooooop!
I-I'll goooo... I'll diiiiiie.

Taking the last twenty batch of enhanced soldiers will mark the end of the horde outside the Cathedral. That wasn't so bad, right?

We... We have to get to the children!

Now, now. I know what you're thinking. It's Drakengard. We're going to find a basement full of butchered, dead orphan children. Maybe that's exactly what will be down there. Maybe not... Tune in next time to find out!

Video: Two's Prologue: Verse 3 Highlight Reel

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