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Part 67: Episode XLIX: This is a Story About a Love's Breaking Point

Episode XLIX: This is a Story About a Love's Breaking Point

Things that mustn't break, and things that may. Tell me... Who has the right to decide such things?

Verse 4: Precious Things
Music: Nethernox

We rejoined Cent and Two now making their way through the Cathedral of Cathedral City. But this is not the normal cathedral we've trudged through a few times in the past. No... This is the dark cathedral. Which we haven't actually encountered in Zero's adventures yet. Spoilers: There's a dark version of the cathedral that stretches downward into a basement mirror of the final boss arena. It is never brought up why/how there are two versions of the cathedral. Don't think about it too hard.

Our goal for this final mission is, of course, to go save the youngens. Standing between Two and her objective is a sizable number of Cent's botched magic augmented soldiers stumbling about and moaning in pain. Dammit Cent, there's a reason why magical buffs go on equipment or expire after three turns. This is basic Magic 101, man.

Rgh... Heh heh heh heh!
This is bad... The Cathedral's changed completely.
Bad. It's bad... Baaad bad bad. Ah...
Lady Two, please, you must hold it together!
Gaaaahooooow daaaaiiiiiiieeeeeehwa! Yeckkkhyes...

It is indeed an act of sacrilege. Who could have done this?
Y-Yes, my lady... We must keep moving.

That's right, Two. Nothing stops the Drakengard murder train at any station. Not even mental breakdowns at having to murder your own loyal men en-masse. Nor the cause being your idiot lover overcompensating the anime "I must protect you" thing and utterly cocking it up. Nothing stops the Drakengard murder train. Nothing!

This isn't want I wanted... This isn't...
Lady Two...
Cent... Cent, where are the children? W-We were supposed to have a picnic this afternoon...
Lady Two!
S-S-Sooooo cuu-uuu-uuuuute... Haah... Haaah... Give. Us.
The... The... ch-children... The chi-children... Allllwaaaaghwowoow!
I bet they're all crying...
H-H-Heeeeelp uuuuuussss...
Are we still not there yet? Where are the children...?
If anything's happened to them, I... I...

Many double-dead and undead slain later, Two and Cent finally reach the bottom floor of the dark cathedral. Now then, let's see about those war orphans...

Well... There isn't a pile of tiny dismembered corpses littering the room. So that's a start! Nor are there ghastly zombified children. Even better! Maybe things well turn out alrig--

Well... hello there, giant goey umm... I mean... What... am I even looking at...? I mean... uhh... if I wanted to immediately jump the most juvenile, immediate conclusion... It's a giant flaccid penis monster made out of man glaze. But uhh... So are you Mara's cousin or...?

Music: Blissade - Egregori

Ah! Homunculus... Sure... Fine! We'll roll with that. Meet the final boss of Two's Prologue chapter: The Homunculus. A great big crawling goop monster composed of sticky white stuff with a misshapen dick for a head. Sure, Drakengard. Let's do this thing.

It's all right, my lady!

For crawling about on all fours, the homunculus is surprisingly swift. It easily outpaces Two's sprint when it decides to relocated. Allowing it to do so gives us a nice view of its tail and the humanoid figure grafted onto the tip of it. The tail doesn't do anything special. It's just there to draw attention away from nub dick head region.

Homunculus does not have a whole lot of attacks under its belt. Not that any of the Drakengard 3 bosses really do. Nor does this thing have a belt. Could it even wear a belt? It looks like it'd just ooze into the thing's body. I'm not checking. I don't want to touch that gross ass thing. Anyway, the creature's primary attack is firing a trio of fireballs toward Two. These shots hit like a truck and will fling Two's body into the air if they connect. At that point homunculus has no problem honing its aim and juggling Two with fire up blasts while airborne. The shots are easy enough to evade if Two is a decent distance from the monster. But up close can be another story altogether.

Our adversary spends the first half of the battle just frantically crawling around the arena. It only stops its speedy crawl occasionally when seemingly winded or to blast some hot shots in Two's direction. We cannot have that. So, let's go on the offensive, eh?

Mama... Maaaaamaaaa...
Heeeeeelp meeeeee...
It hurts... It huuuuuuurts!
No... Those voices... Is that... the children...?

Welp... This is happening... We are fighting an abomination composed of the broken down biomass and souls of war orphans reconfigured into a giant ooze baby. Behold! Despair!

Reeeeeed light! Reeeed light! ...Green light!
I'm hungry! So hungry!
I'm looooonely... So... lonely...
Hey. Heeeeeeey. Listeeeeen...
I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I'M SO SORRY! No! I can't! I can't take this!

After a bit of being wailed on the beast and the wailing of children trapped in a nightmare existence, the magic school bus of child death will unveil its second attack. Which is curling up into a fetal position and unleashing a shockwave that covers the entire arena. Kids these days, always going with the low hanging fruit shockwave attack. Everyone does that, you copy cat kiddos! No imagination at all.

Piggyback... Piggayback... Piggyback...
These aren't your children anymore! It's a monster!
Then why are they screaming...? Why are they crying!? WHY ARE THEY CALLING OUT TO ME!?
Together... Forever and ever and ever...
One! Two! Three Four! Five! Six! Seven! ...Six! Seven!

New Music: Kuroi Uta - Instrumental

If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't... I should have... Should've... URGH!
Look at me, Lady Two! It's me, Cent! I'm right here!
Where are the children...? This monster... CAN'T be them! It can't be, right, Cent? There's no waaaaaaaaaay! Riiiiiiiiiiight!?
Lady Two...

Once Two's surrogate family gets down to fifty percent health it gains the ability to sort of turn invisible. I mean, it's a really crappy invisibility that fades in and out of sight regularly and leaves a very distinct trail of white ooze in its wake. But, I suppose a warped mass of little tikes crushed into a single unspeakable entity can be forgiven for lacking in skill with its combat abilities.

If Two's assault on its less than effective ruse lasts for too long, the homunculus will let out a fart cloud of fog and bolt for the other side of the arena. It still has half-assed invisibility afterwards. But A for Effort, Notspain Elementary School Class of the Year '99.

Auntie Two... Tell me... a story...
I wish I'd never had the power of the song...
This isn't your fault. It's mine! I failed to use your song correctly! We're going to be together forever, all right? I'm not going to let you die. Not like this!

Look at what my song did... Hee. Hee hee hee ha ha ha!
Please, Two! Please snap out of it! I can take this pain for you! Take refuge in me!
Ha ha! Cent... Cen... Ahhh ha ha ha! Ahh ha ha ha ha!
No! Dammit, please no! This... Did I cause all this...!?

Yep, Cent. You did... You completely and utterly did. Congratulations, you are now among the greats in the Drakengard Massive Fuck-up Pantheon! Joining such ranks as Nowe and Manah for the entirety of Drakengard 2's events. Verdelet for deciding putting double plus seals powered by the souls of the poor on the dragon BFF of the most dangerous man in the series was a good idea. And Seere for having a golem squish his twin sister and spark a cannibal space baby apocalypse because he took a spinning lariat from her like a bitch.

Congratulations, Cent. Thank you for playing!

Lady Two. Know that i will accompany you... to wherever your broken spirit takes you.

Music: Nethernox

By the end of the battle, the Intoner's spirit had been shattered.

The broken shards fell deep into darkness... doomed never to return.

This is the story of a couple deeply in love. The story of a foolish couple. The story... of a couple ruined beyond repair.

And on that rather fucked up note, so concludes Two's Prologue DLC chapter of Drakengard 3. And now we know why Two is in her broken state in present day. She tried to be a nice, pleasant person who loved and cared for children in Drakengard's universe. And the universe, in turn, was having NONE of that shit.

Before we go off to greener, less dead child filled pastures there is one final thing. Completing Two's Prologue unlocks her weapon for Zero's armory. And with it, as always, is a weapon history.

Two's Sword posted:

The sword of the Intoner, Two.
Weapon Size: Medium

I thought being a pair would allow us to survive. I mean, it was just like my name, you know? We were two then, and we would remain two forever.

When we held hands, we connected. I believed we truly had nothing to fear.

Our time was meant to be forever. Forever and ever. We were destined to keep this small life of ours secure.

I heard the sound of something breaking deep within me. There is no going back. I hear all the noise slipping slowly away into the onrushing dark...

And now the world is dead to Two. All the sound is gone. Only one voice calls in her head. And it says but one word:


Video: Two's Prologue Verse 4 Highlight Reel
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Homunculus Official Art