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Part 78: Episode LVIII: In Which We Raid One's Underground Lair

Episode LVIII: In Which We Raid One's Underground Lair

Here we are at the final mission of Branch C. As with the previous end game missions, a few weapons will be unlocked following the next credits roll. But we are just going to skip ahead to knock off a couple more items on the weapon unlock checklist early so I don't forget. We're getting toward the end of the mandatory Taro Yoko weapon grind. These last two Accord's Shop items of Branch C only cost 71,400 gold each.

Deathly Briars posted:

Sharp bracers that were the favorite of a princess who slaughtered many.
Weapon Size: Medium

Sing! Sing! Sing!
Let me sing, let me sing, let me sing!
Of the seas, of the skies, of my hopes, of my prayers!

Spin! Spin! Spin!
Let me dance, let me dance, let me dance!
Happy dances, beautiful dances, sad dances, ugly dances!

Huff! Huff! Huff!
Let me gasp, let me gasp, let me gasp!
In the rain, in my dreams, in battle, in sheer ecstasy!

Prick! Prick! Prick!
Let me stab, let me stab, let me stab!
In your skin, in your eyes, in your tears, in your screams!

Well at least someone is having fun in this miserable world.

Widow's Sin posted:

A large chakram with multiple spikes designed to bewilder foes.
Weapon Size: Medium

Once, there was a girl and two boys who were friends.
One boy went to work for a landscaper; the other became
an army captain. The girl grew up to be stunningly beautiful.

One day, the girl's father died. To provide for her poor family,
she decided to marry her friend, the army captain. He was
scheduled to head to the front lines the day after the wedding.

The captain smiled and swore to return. It was the last time
the woman saw her new husband smile. He died soon after,
leaving her alone with their home and beautiful garden.

The garden changed with the seasons, giving the woman peace.
Yet, until the day an illness took her at a tender age, she never
knew her other childhood friend was the one tending to it.

Keep your head down. Take a mundane job. Do not pursue wistful nasal gazing love interests. Survive Drakengard's universe.

Verse 5: Mankind's Ruin
Music: Nethernox

For this final mission of Branch C we find ourselves in the skull decorated underground lair version of the Cathedral. The same one we earlier witnessed back during the end of Two's Prologue. Again, there's no particular explanation given why there's a dark subterranean version of One's Cathedral. At this point, we may as well just chalk it up to more Intoner song magic as well.

The roomy halls of the dark cathedral are more than large enough to accommodate Level 1 Mikhail. So he'll be accompanying Zero in her descent through the crazed soldier filled halls. None of the mad soldiers in the area have anything of note to say. It's just an endless cacophony of moaning, shrieking, gibbering, and the mumbled attempt at yelling at Zero.

You're not scared, right, Zero? You're not scared of this?
No. You?
Nope! I'm not scared! Not one little bit!
Seems like you've gotten stronger.
Hey, stay focused! Eyes forward.
But, Zero! Do you really think I'm stronger now!? Huh!?
But... I'd definitely be in trouble without you.
Huh? Wow! Hey, say that again! Pleeeheheease!?
Quit dancing around! You'll hurt yourself.

No dancing, Mikhail. We've got archers and undead jerks to deal with. Not that they're much of a threat at this point. Besides, while the disciples (RIP) AI was beyond useless as gameplay partners, Mikhail...?

Mikhail just stomps around and wrecks everyone's day with gleeful enthusiasm. I mean, it's hard to miss when you're doing area of effect butt stomps that engulf the whole corridor and one-shot everything it hits. But hey. At least he's actually helping.

Then this batshit world can try to repair itself. You better be ready, One. I'm coming for you!

But enough fiddling around in hallways dealing with the last mush-brained last battalion of Notspain. Let's hurry on to the main event.

Huh... I really hope you weren't planning on having any press conferences about peace and harmony throughout Midgard from this throne room. It might send mixed messages and result in a nasty PR backlash. Just sayin'.

Intoners offer only pestilence to this world.

Someday, they will be the disease that brings ruin to all human life.

That's why you're trying to kill us: to save the world. And once you succeed in killing your sisters... You're going to finish the job... and kill yourself. And you'll use that dragon to do it.

Well, you seem to know what's going on, don't you?
Uh... Zero? What's she talking about?

Fortunately, I suppose, I came to the same conclusion. This world has no place for us.
Great! Then you won't mind dying.
I know about your flower. I know it's behind all of this. And I imagine it's not going to let you die until it succeeds in destroying the world.

Heh. So it's like this, right? We're both prepared to die, but since you don't trust me to off myself...'re gonna try and kill me first.

Funny. I was thinking the exact same thing, One.

Abdiel, sing for me.

I hope you're all ready for the unique vocal stylings of the rock trio taking the Midgard charts by storm! Give it up for Abdiel and the Rocket Fists!

Video: Branch C Verse 5 Highlights

One Concept Art - Nice effort on the losing your shit face, One, but your descendant Manah has you beat in that department.