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Part 80: Episode LX: In Which Another Timeline Closes

Episode LX: In Which Another Timeline Closes

Music: Companthem ~ Battleground

Time for the final battle of Branch C: Zero vs. One in a fight to the death. I mean, we've established we need a dragon to kill an Intoner and... all the readily available ones are kind of dead now. Or a weapon made out of a dragon's fang will work. Which good news, Zero has one of those. One... not so much soooo... Well, let's just see how this plays out. I'm sure it will be fine.

If you think you're the only one suffering here, you're out of your goddamn mind! Two, Three, Four, Five... You gave life to each and every one of them... Then you went and killed them all! What did you expect!? Cursing the world... Then saving the world... You thought you could do everything by yourself? Well, THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING GET!!
Ugh... You're the one who should be erased, Zero!
Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! You killed Mikhail... You killed Mikhaaaail!
Because he was your sword, Zero! You're a cursed Intoner! You're going to destroy the world!

One is a chakram user and chakrams still suck ass as a weapon. Especially in the hands of an AI that rarely dodge cancels the way overly long attack animations. It doesn't help One one bit that Zero can tank most chakram blows or failing that block/easily parry 'em. While One lives up to her petite frame and is easily smacked around or stun locked by just a few of Zero's hits from anything that isn't a trash weapon... Ya know like chakrams.

The only slightly damaging attack One has at her disposal is charging up her chakram's stamina attack for a wide sweeping strike that has fairly long range and will break Zero's guard. That technique is only an issue because One will tank any attacks while charging up without flinching, instead of getting smacked out of her animations like normal.


Beyond that umm... I suppose she's fairly competent at dodging and parrying occasionally. She even can follow-up with a quick combo on a successful parry. Which is impressive. For Drakengard 3 AI. Sort of... Not really.

So, about that ending...

Click Here for Drakengard 3's Ending C



Nice try, One. Octa already proved nobody wins in a sword vs. chakram fight. Especially, in cutscene territory.

You're the... only one left... Zero...
Heh... Hehe... Haha...

Nggh... Where will you find a dragon... powerful enough to... kill... you...?

And with that One dies. That is a good question, Zero. What are you going to do now?

I don't think you've thought this one through. I mean there is the One clone locked in a broom closet with a weapon that could kill you upstairs. But you don't know about that and One forgot to inform him Zero might be paying a family visit soooo...

Ugh... huh... Heh heh... <sniffle>

If you're not here... then who's gonna kill me?

Yeesh! The Cathedral janitors working the night shift are going to have a hell of a rough evening taking care of the aftermath of this party.

Stupid One... Who does she think I am? Ngh... Nggh...


Someone not capable of holding down their lunch in stressful situations, for one.


Dragon urine! Dragon feces! Anime girl puke! Drakengard 3 has you covered for all your unexpected gross bodily functions in one convenient package.

I'll find a dragon somehow...
There's... s-still time... Eheh heh aahh...

New Music: Tsukira 3

Looking at the machine, leaving hope behind,
a devilish image appears, leaning against it in the strange darkness
Someday, we shall be together like the ancient fortune foretells
Time passes and, now, a single sound is born

Only when the ancient voice meets its vengeance
shall new solace appear in the ring of prayers

The wings and feathers of the crimson night gaze upon you
(In the crimson night, the bird sleeps)
The color of the dawning dream projects a blue sky
(unleashed to the sky from the window of dreams)
Thinking of the child's singing, I speak towards its opening
(a lullaby wafts from its lips)
The scent of blood keeps me from wandering towards its green pastures
(Instinctively it flies to barren grasslands)
My prayers are branded with the reds of death
(My prayers always center on your face)
When I meet with the ancient voice, everything will end
(Paint away my soul to carry my feelings away)

I give birth to these wings to run away from love
(Within the cycle of reincarnation, blind to love)
The angel's price is paid, I burn atop a bizarre plate
(I became an angel, your light is a dancing memory)

Burn to nothingness
(Burn to nothingness, burn away)

The Intoner Zero completed her objective. However, the dragon Mikhail has died and Zero's mental health is in a rather alarming state.

I'm afraid there's little chance of finding a solution in this timeline. As such, I recommend sealing off this branch.

M5120_E0945_FL: End Recording.

And that concludes Branch C of Drakengard 3.

However, the final branch has yet to unlock. They never said the post-game content was strictly cordoned off to alternate timeline branches. Completing Branches A-C unlock The Lost Verses. What are those, you ask...? Well. Ask me in a couple weeks and I'll tell you.

Drakengard! 3! continues... I almost see the light at the end of the tunnel if I squint really, really hard.


Video: One Boss Battle

Video: Branch C Ending
(It's an ending. You should probably watch it.)

One's Chakram Concept Art

Early One Concept Art - Clearly this is hinting at Drakengard 4 taking place in a dark fantasy cyberpunk future. Also no, One is not actually a cyborg. It's just weird concept art.