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Part 94: Episode LXXI: In Which We Jammed Some Deleted Scenes Into the Unrated Home Video Release

Episode LXXI: In Which We Jammed Some Deleted Scenes Into the Unrated Home Video Release

Music: Descendus

We've got one final Lost Verse to take care of here. But first, we have the very last bit of housekeeping to do in-between missions. It is time to knock out the very last two weapons for Zero's armory collection. The first of which demands a trip back to Accord's Requests for the first time in quite a while. And the last because snore. The completion of the second Lost Verse unlocked Book Club: Sanctity.

This is one of those Accord side missions where there are a ton of enemies and we need to slaughter a good chunk of 'em in at a swift pace in hopes of collecting X number of item drops. In this case, we've got one gray cerberus, five undead, and thirty infantrymen. The best bet is to break out a decent spear and start hacking at the cerberus. There's a near infinite swarm of suicide bomber troops rallying on Zero's position. So jumping spear thrusts and helpful bombers ought to take down the hellhound in short order.

The cerberus is a guaranteed book. All five of the undead as well. So those fellows should all be priority. Once they're knocked out, Zero ought to have at least a quarter of her Intoner Mode meter filled and that's more than enough to go on a quick tear and hopefully have the RNG agreeable enough to cough up the final three books within the remaining time.

Once all nine Books of Sanctity are obtained, everyone just stops what they're doing in a very awkward silence to lament their failure of stopping Zero. Then likely explode as soon as the mission fades out as half of them are carrying live bombs with very short fuses.

I'm glad they found a way to toss a mandatory side mission in as an excuse to reuse the otherwise un-recycled shaded woods map. If we're not counting DLC, that makes Mt. Whatever the only map that never got a secondary run through in all of Drakengard 3. If we are counting the DLC, Zero goes there in her Prologue. Gotta reuse 'em all!

Regardless, completing Book Club: Sanctity unlocks the second to very last chakram I'll never use in Drakengard 3.

Imperial Coffin posted:

A chakram left behind by the Holy Emperor. Effective vs. undead.
Weapon Size: Medium

It was a blessed land, a paradise with endless resources
that guaranteed peace and prosperity for any nation.
Men had fought each other over it since time immemorial

The king fought for the promised land at the cost of his
nation's health. With disease ravaging him, he asked his
son how this could truly be the promised land.

Why were people willing to sustain bloodshed for the sake
of the land? If it were truly a blessing, why had it been
the source of so much senseless pain, loss, and hate?

The old king breathed his last. As the prince sat silently by
his coffin, he swore a silent oath. What story would he weave
once he became king? Ah, that's a tale for another day...

I'm going to use context clues here an go with one of mass killing and suffering. Possibly an ironic death of the prince. There's a bit of a pattern with the weapon history rulers...

Next up, Accord has one final weapon available in her shop for a last minute price gouging following Lost Verse 2's completion. 75,600 gold for this beauty. Bringing the grand total of mandatory money spent in Accord's Weapon Shop to... let's see here...

330,800 gold in Branch A
155,400 gold in Branch B
327,600 gold in Branch C
149,100 gold in The Lost Verses

That brings us to a total of 1,112,000 gold handed over to Accord required to unlock the final ending path. Not factoring in any healing or buff items or weapon upgrade blacksmith costs of labor. I think this is the most fleeced by a narrator I have ever gotten in any form of media.

Mourning Thorn posted:

An elven sword bound by sadness.
Weapon Size: Small

Why did I lose my child?
Why did my child have to die?
Why must I bear this punishment?

All the other children survived. Why did mine perish?
Theirs should have died, too! Every last one of them!
...No. I mustn't think this way. They are all precious.

We must protect my lost child, and all the others, too.
But this world is chaos and strife. How can we hope to
safeguard the children? The precious, precious children.

To protect them, I must join them. But there are so many.
Wait. I know. I must chew them up. Chew them all.
Open my mouth and chew all the pretty baaaaaabieeeeees...

The final unlocked weapon of Drakengard 3 is a blast from the past. Or future rather. I keep forgetting our Notspain weapon merchant this go around is a time traveler. This is the sword of the child eating cannibal elf Arioch from Caim's merry murder band back in Drakengard 1. Not that she ever used it much. Her job was to tag into battle and drop an elemental fantasy nuke on the battlefield for easy wins against unsuspecting mobs of enemies. And her only major scenes in the story were joining the party, eating a drowned elf child, and getting eaten by cannibal space babies.

But today we remember Arioch in her role in bringing our Drakengard 3 weapon collection to completion. Done and done. For a fourth time.

With that all out of the way, let's return to our regularly scheduled program... already in progress...

Music: Silence

We join Zero in the middle of a misadventure having clearly stepped on the wrong neighborhood and attempting to get the hell out of dodge after offending the locals.

Zero quickly realizes she is in the realm of cutscenes and uses it to her advantage in order to perform a quick gravity defying wall run and get some height on the pursuing gigantes. Or maybe just a bit of air to call on an ally.

Michael, to me!

A “please” every now and then would be nice.

Michael uses his latent dragon skater skills to grind through the horde of gigantes pursuing Zero...

...And follow up with a sick kickflip 360 to wreck all the goobers messing with his sidekick. Like a proper dignified dragon.

I suppose you did all right. <hops off Michael>

It may not go so smoothly next time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Are you sure about this?

Bad dream?
..... <shakes head and walks off>

Music: Descendus

Zero recovers from her dream of the past with a good old fashioned campfire scene to collect her thoughts. It's just Accord and Zero here. Mikhail and the disciples are all AWOL. So, let's just get this over with, shall we?

You think you'll get the future you want that way?
Shut up, would you? At least I'm not sitting on my ass trying to act all mysterious and shit.
Maybe you should just let us handle this whole Intoner business from now on.
I started this mess. I'm gonna end it. And if you get in my way, I'll kill you.
Kill me, huh? Not sure there's much I can say in response to that.
Zero, if the singularity effects you're causing become too much for us to endure... We'll be forced to neutralize you. I just need that to be clear.

The Land of Sands.

Lost Verse 3: Accord's Prayer
Music: Registance ~ Battleground

For the third and final Lost Verse we find ourselves back in Branch C. Before making the journey to Cathedral City to go rumble with One, Zero and Mikhail had a play date in the skies over the Land of Sands.

So in-between our miserable night time excursion into the desert and the following day, the wizards are at it again cooking up some pirate signal mage broadcast towers that are messing up everyone's cell reception in the area and just being a general public nuisance. Zero is going to come along and be a Good Samaritan for a change and put a button on the wizards tomfoolery.

The magic from those four towers is making the interference stronger!
Guess we've no choice but to destroy 'em all.
Don't worry. We can do this, Zero!

D-Dammit, this sand keeps getting in my eyes.
No... is that really her?
Captain, get down! It's too dangerous here. Move it.
Enemy in sight. All teams into position.

We have four wizard towers to deal with. One in each direction, just like every single time we dick around with magical jackasses in this lousy map. Each tower is defended by 3-9 cannon emplacements as well as a decent number of supporting archers on the walls of the temple below the tower. The archers can be safely ignored if we have Mikhail fly up to the tower's peak. But the cannon fire ought to be dealt with before dealing with the wizardry scourge casting its psychic jammer signal in the center of the tower.

Once Mikhail has gained aerial superiority, a well placed butt stomp or two onto the center of the tower, with maybe a follow up tail-spin, is usually enough to mash all the offending wizards into paste in short order.

As soon as all three to six wizards bite the dust their tower will crumble alongside them. One down, three to go...

No idea. I let 'em go. They're useless right now.
...That's really mean, Zero.
What do you want? They'd be too heavy for you anyway. Besides, you know how they are. Probably out lazily hunting for food, not giving a damn about us.
Hunting, huh? I wonder if they'll bring back my favorite!?
You eat rotten meat, dummy. You don't have a favorite.
What!? That's mean! I do so have favorites, Zero!
Oh, you do, do you? Like what?
Liiike... rotten meat? And... um... almost-rotten meat?
I'm a good dragon, Zero! I'm not a picky eater!

That's no mirage you fools. That's her! The demon Intoner.
Run for the hills!

There aren't any hills you can run to when you're atop a big dopey wizard tower with no staircases you ninnies. There's not even any hills here even if you were on the ground. There's sand dunes. Have you ever tried running up a sand dune? You'll die tired even if a dragon wasn't after you.

My palate? Hey, what's wrong with my palate!? Don't you like my palate, Zero?
Well, you're not exactly a gourmet.
What's a gourmet?
Um... Well, someone like Michael, I guess.
Michael was a gourmet with a good palate? Like how?
He was... particular. Got mad any time I changed his diet.
And he'd only eat food that was perfectly fresh. If it was overripe? Even a little? Forget it.
Even if he was hungry?
Oh yeah. He'd go days without eating if he had to.
Wooow! Awesome!
Trust me. Awesome is not the word you're looking for.

The northern tower in front of the Shrine of Sands is the most heavily defended with six wizards casting their spell, nine cannons defending them, and all the walls to the inner courtyard lined with archers. I suppose this one ought to have been tackled last. But the game started me toward the south and hell we're sticking with the counter clockwise wizard burning, dammit.

Heh. You have no idea. If Michael didn't like something, he'd be sure to let me know about it. But at least it helped make me a better cook.
So are you good now? Are you the best cook ever?
What do you care? You eat rotten meat, remember? Tch. There's no point in even trying with you.
Aww, that's mean!
Hey, tell me more about Michael! Please, please, pleeease? I wanna know more!
I... I forgot the rest.

Look, Mikhail. If you want to know more about Michael you need to go cough up $5.99 for the DLC, alright? No freebies. Also no more northern tower. One more remains and we'll never have to see the Land of Sands ever again!

I've gotta try extra hard if I wanna be strong like Michael.
Oh, right. Well, good luck with that. But, you know it's fine if you're not a gourmet, right?
It is?
Yeah. Then I can feed you any old slop I find lying around. That's way easier for me.
Aw, come on! That's just humiliating!
Huh. That's a pretty big word for you.

That damn twisted Intoner!
Let's go! Stay close to the captain and follow me! Here we go.
She may be an Intoner but she can still die!
We've got men down here!
Ugh... Dammit.
If I die here... Please... take this to my sister.
Take it to her yourself, fool. We're not dying here.
I'll take the Intoner myself!
Hey, don't get yourself killed...

That's a whole bunch of famous last words right there. I believe that does it with our dealings in wizardry shenanigans and sunburns in Drakengard 3. That is one type of encounter I will not be sorry to see depart the stage.

We did it! Now we can go back! We can go back and see everyone again!
Yeah. That's the last thing I need right now.

Huh? Don't you want to see everyone? You must!
No, actually. I don't. I really don't.

Music: Inquitius

This concludes the supplemental repairs made to recording M4510_E0900_FL. Please ensure that such mistakes do not occur again.

With this, all conditions have now been met.

Now all that remains... is Branch D.

And that concludes The Lost Verses. We had some solid food chat. The narrator is now directly fucking around with the plot. And most importantly...

Now that we've gathered all 62 weapons in Drakengard 3 and completed The Lost Verses, the real endgame of Branch D is unlocked. Time to hit the reset button one final time and see if we can muster a better outcome than the previous three attempts at ending this tale.

Buckle up!

Video: Lost Verse 3 Highlight Reel