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Part 11: Episode XI: In Which Inuart is a Wuss

Episode XI: In Which Inuart is a Wuss

Verse 4: Regret

No... Not talking! Those fiends!

We join our least favorite mullet sporting ginger being forced to become a member of the Village People.

Off screen, what I guess is part of the Cult of the Watchers is mocking what a putz Inuart is being. That said, shadowy glowing eyed figure has the least convincing deep evil voice ever.

"I could protect her and make her my own."

"Stop it!"
"Are you copying me?"
"Are you copying me?"
"Stop that, you!"
"Stop that, you!"
"Fine then."
"Fine then."
"I'm a loser!"

"Please, stop... You're stealing my lines! I'm the one lamenting here! You cannot steal my lamenting! It doesn't even fit you."

"No! No more! If Caim hears he'll hit me. Again. And again... And again and again..."

"Gaze only on me. Please. Gaze upon me. Tell me business in the front and party in the back is still cool. Tell me sideburns make me look tough. But only me, Furiae. Only on me."

The shadowy figure reciting what Inuart probably has been whining to himself in the dungeon all day is simply too much for the spoony bard to hear.

"The one who serves as the seal must be killed by the strain. The burden will destroy her. She'll get terrible acne. No amount of skin cleanser will clear it up. It will be the end of her."

"She would leave you after only a few months and take you for every dime you had. But you may have gotten a pity fuck in the interval."

"Alright, guys. This isn't working. Time for Plan B. Huh? Err...sure... Yes. Yes indeed. For many, many years."

"Hey, boss. So what's it going to be today? The head crusher? The rack? Judas cradle? Just good old fashion water boarding?"
"Ssh! Cancel that order. This guy is a total sap."
"Huh...what a maroon. Alright, sir. Tell me if something needs torturing. Going to go check see if the boys stopped that elf from cackling. That stick poking wasn't going too well."

"Caim! Caim could help!"

"She... Well... I mean she'd see that I came up the idea and she'd love me for that... Right...?"

"If only I had the strength..."

And thus after a firm talking to pointing out he's getting cockblocked, Inuart is now...


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