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Part 15: Episode XV: In Which There is a Shocking Betrayal!

Episode XV: In Which There is a Shocking Betrayal!

Alright, time for the icy winter wastelands of Bizarro-Poland.

Et tu, Inuart?

Verse 1: Inuart's Confession

From the barren desert to the nearby wastelands, eh? Drakengard's world is just a lush paradise of scenic locales.

Whoever smelt it dealt it, dragon.
"No, not that... I mean the ev-"
I bet it was Furiae. The "goddess" has some unholy odors, if you catch my drift. Course the old man is not one to be ruled out... You know how old people can be...
"Another dragon?"

Another dragon that shits out Inuart... Spiffy.

"Sand! Rocks! Caim! Clouds!"

Pfft. Typical. What a copy cat.
"Quite the poseur."

"I'd like that. How will it be better?"
"Well... I have a dragon you see. And with that I can... Err... Look, will you just come with me?!"

"Not the only? What do you mean? Who are you sacrificing?"
"No! That's not what I mean. I mean... Then you won't need to be a sacrifice."
"I was to be sacrificed? Why would you do that?"
"No not me... That... I mean you and I... Argh! She didn't say there would be so many questions. I would have prepared myself better."

Heh. He's totally bombing. It's sort of pathetic.
"Most of you human kind tend to be that way. But this example has a rather pronounced patheticness to it."
"Pathetic? What are you talking about pathetic? I'm not pathetic! You'd better not be talking about me!"
Ha-ha. Look. I think he's about to cry.
"Hah. I believe you may be right."

Hey, dragon! Look! Inuart is STRONG now! Look at his MUSCLES. They could crack boulders.
"Think you so? I cannot see them past that cumbersome armor."
He's been wearing that for like a year now. I think he wants people to believe he's got monster guns underneath there. It's really to hide his stick boy noodle arms. Noodle arm pit sweat built up for a whole year in a tin can... Think of how that's got to smell.
"Ugh... That must have been what I smelled before. It's like a miasma of failure."
"Who are you talking to? Don't talk about me behind my back!"
"I like how you immediately assume the role of failure belongs to yourself."
"Hold your tongue, dragon!"
"Hey, kid. Unless you want me to become a pact partner with my digested lunch on your head when were done here; I'd watch who you're talking to."
"No, not you! The Red Dragon."
"Oh, I'm so sorry. Don't have time for the black dragon, eh? I see how it is."
"No... I didn't mean... Look, everybody! Shut up! I am speaking here! ME!"

I bet his noodle arms couldn't support that big gay harp of his anymore and he's too afraid to admit he dropped it.

"You would sacrifice your own sister in the service of revenge."
"No one spoke of sacrificing anyone here, friend."
"What is your obsession with sacrifice?"
Inuart was always into weird stuff... Ass stuff... With non living stuff... Yeah... YEAH.
"Eww... The more I learn of you humans the less I want to hear."

Verse 2: Pride

Inuart proceeds to yank a sword out of his ass. Since he's a big hard manly man now. Or he's overcompensating severely. Take your pick.

"I am be tuff!"

Are you shitting me... Is he shitting me?

Furiae attempts meekly to be something other than a plot device with tits, but Verdelet quickly shuffles her back into line.

I think this picture accurately portrays what this fight is really about.

Caim and Inuart clash swords while the Red and Black dragons take to the sky. Since, Red just taking a few steps to the right and biting Inuart's head off would be a touch anti-climactic...though hilarious.

Inuart manages to knock Caim on his ass, since our hero was likely using "big brother beating up younger sibling" strength. But, Inuart thinks he's pretty special for doing that. This is quite literally the only time in the entire game he does jack shit to Caim. So I guess he can have his brief moment of glory.

On the sidelines, Verdelet seems to be struggling between holding Furiae back and trying to prevent his face from melting off.

Caim is understandably pretty always pissed.

However, his anger senses tingle.

Scowling is redirected to stage right...

...To where Red is getting her ass kicked because everyone is in Cutscene Stupidity Mode.

"Oh... Heeeey kid! How's it been hangin'? It's been years. Your dad was delicious."

Flashback for Network Television Viewers in the audience...

The Watchers are Chicky Hines!

Alright, Caim. Now give us an angry face...

No! Angrier, Caim! Angrier!


Okay now that's just too angry.

Caim decides bum rushing the Black Dragon is a good idea since Inuart is...well Inuart... Goombas are more intimidating than him.

"What are you doing you idiot?!"
"Oh, good grief."

"Oh, the hell is this noise? Did the redhead kid already get his ass kicked? Dammit."
"Come back here you scoundrel! I'm not finished..." <huff> "...not finished with y-you! Hey... Hey slow down!"
<sigh> "I never should have let my agent talk me into this pact thing in exchange for a sequel deal..."

"A'ight, kiddo. I'll make it quick. No hard feelings. It's just business."

Goodness gracious.

I'm suddenly not so sure where I was going with this...

Red out of fucking nowhere.

"Remind me to tell you you're an id-"

A bawk? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? More importantly is it kil...
"J-just get... out of my way... before I land on you..."

"Feel the fiyah."
"Shut up."
"Shutting up."

"Whelp, we're screwed. Just going to cop a feel real quick before the end. Forgive me, goddess."

Verdelet tries that head immolation "lock spell" business again... less than great effect.

"I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! Or...wait should I run away? This always mixes me up. I already yelled for Caim... and hid behind someone else... I don't think I've ever figured out a Plan C."

"You see how I took down that old man back there in one shut. Hah! Yeah. That was totally no sweat."
"He was in his seventies."
"Age is no issue against my new powers, hon."

"Now you see my new strength? There's not even a single tear after you slapped me this time. Aww yeah."

"Now... Gimme some sugar, baby."

Inuart knows his way around the ladies.

"I told you to get out of the way before I fell over."
"And now we've all learned a valuable lesson."

Furiae seems to have fainted or Inuart used his magic chloroform rag spell between cuts. He's such a romantic.

Inuart dramatically launches his harp fifty feet in the air after his icy burn.

And...he just sort of flies off. Huh... Alright then.

"I'd...point out he cannot an..d that wa-as what he meant... But... third degree...burns over 90% of b-body... Bit painful..."

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Inuart's Pact Rune (Never actually seen ingame)

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