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Part 32: Episode XXX: In Which Inuart Gets Some Tail

Episode XXX: In Which Inuart Gets Some Tail

And we're back... Fucking up at the beginning of Chapter 10 regurgitates the plot back to Chapter 7.

As hilarious as that spinning Manah with the 40 year old chain smoker voice was, let's skip to the meat and potatoes of this chapter.

Verse 4: The Sorrowful Sky

So, it's the same shit as last time. It's just a copy and pasted rematch with the Black Dragon. However, things change up if Red and Angelus can kick the shit out of Inuart and Legna in two and a half minutes.

Hell with him. I know I seek my foot up his ass. After him!

And, so we branch into a plotline where Inuart's creepy and Furiae's dead asses aren't left as a hanging plot point.

Once again, all roads lead to Notspain.

So, who's up for some killing off some major characters? There hasn't been nearly enough of that. So far there's been err... Furiae and...well...Furiae... Let's see if we can't change that.

Verse 1: Dragonfire

Since we got here a bit earlier in this path, the Empire has yet to be completely been besieged by swarms of monsters. I mean, the place is still in ruins, but there's at least a few Imperials holding the skies.

I'm putting my money on doing something stupid.
"I'm hedging my bets on doing something creepy and unnatural."
We might have to split our earnings 50/50.
"Let's hope it doesn't come to that..."

This stage is filled with nothing but a swarm of ho-hum Imperial Dragons. Same deal as they've always been. High agility, low health, meh damage dealing.

"Damn! He flies toward the seeds."
"With the Seeds of Resurrection, can the goddess live again?!"
"Haven't we been over this?! Does nobody listen to me? The Seeds of Resurrection... What foolishness."

Understand? Understand what? It is simple cause and effect. If you piss me off, then I'll kill you. Getting my sister killed and parading her body around for some idiotic scheme is pissing me off. Now you're going to die. See? Not hard to figure out.

A couple dozen dead dragons later...

Well, that was decidedly filler. Moving right along...

Verse 2: In the Name of Love

Aren't you the flying dragon? Can't you see where he is? Look for the ghostly pale thing with a mop of red on top of it. It's either a blood stained palm tree or it's Inuart.
"If you haven't noticed, half the city is engulfed in flames. It is a bit hard to spot anything in this condition."
Whatever. I'll just keep killing things until I find the idiot.

Then why did we land here?!
"He and the dragon landed nearby. You are the one branding your blade and spastically chasing everything with a heartbeat."
What can I say? I like to be thorough.

I don't know what the hell they were thinking with this stage. As you can tell by the isometric viewpoint, this is an Event Stage. Usually Event Stages begin with maybe a hallway or field with a hand full of low level enemies with extremely limited health. This is basically the same deal...except they made a full standard mission length maze out of it. You see this screen? Imagine this above screen repeated thirty times over with 4-way intersections every second block. Now, imagine if three of those directions were dead ends and the other was the way to go. Now, imagine if you couldn't tell they're a dead end until you nearly walk to the end of the next block.

That is this stage.

On top of it, it's filled with high level enemies (though, they all still die in one or two hits.) The trouble is...there are not nearly enough of them. Since only proper Ground Missions have maps, there's none for this one. At best, you can rely on the mini-map and run toward the red dots of enemies. Except, they spread them out far enough that it only helps maybe a third of the time.

On top of things, there is a hidden new weapon down one of the many, many dead ends. Even the Weapon FAQ on GameFAQs got so turned around the instructions were "go toward one of the paths north...maybe...toward the end...I think... Good luck!"

Tons of getting turned around and monotony later...

At least, we get to the end. Ignore Red, she doesn't know what the fuck happens when you screw up using the Seeds of Resurrection. Only that it is bad... Very, very bad. Maybe...

Sure, I buy that... The Empire we've been against for years and the Union fought countless battles against killing thousands on both sides, including my parents, was just throwing an elaborate prank. And that whole thing with wanting to kill my sister and destroy all the seals...just a big gag, eh? Is that what they told you? Or are you just a goddamn gullible idiot?
"What do you intend to do now?"

"Miracles cannot be asked for. It's useless."

"The gods are with me."
Oh...that's rich. No, pal. The gods aren't with you. But hold still for a minute. I'll give you a first class seat to go visit them...
"Inuart, have you thought of what will become of the world?"

"This human was not much of a hit in the dating circles, was he?"
I don't think he made it past first base with Furiae.
"The only breasts he has probably ever seen were his mother's as a pup."
That red-headed stepchild? Pfft...

Very deep.
"Fitting for such a shallow tart."
Alright, I'm over this crap.

I'd prefer you just leave her so I can give her a proper burial eventually.
Well...we're in the Imperial Capital. It would be against my principles to take time out from purging the Empire while here of all places. This is taking up enough time as it is.
"We'd best do something. I doubt her body will hold out much longer under so much wear. She's lost so much blood her corpse is nearly as pale as he is."

Did I zone out and miss part of this conversation? I haven't killed anything in almost ten minutes. I'm feeling a bit under the weather.
" didn't miss a thing. He threw out his arms and proclaimed he won."
Won what? First class tickets on airline dragonfire incineration? A one way ticket to an exclusive all you can eat dinner of Caim's Sword?
"Now now... He clearly came in first place in the race to make it here."
We were racing...?
"Well, it was a race in the Special Olympics sense."
"Where everyone's a winner!"
Has he been laughing this entire time...?
"Indeed. Want to mount up and participate in the Burning Rivals Event?"
In the Special Olympics sense?
"No. In the 'I am sick of your former friend and we're going to put him down now' sense."
That's the best event.

But first! It's time for a new weapon story. Who needs narrative flow?

Good to see one of Arioch's pact partners are getting a side gig. Their voice over roles certainly isn't paying the bills.

Thus the reptilian born Soul Edge was born. Alright, back to killing Inuart.

Verse 3: Sowing Seeds

You must really have to kiss Caim's ass to gain his forgiveness if dooming humanity or dying in battle against him are better alternatives.

He does know my sister is dead, right?
"Do you really care?"
Good point...

Inuart and the Black Dragon have stepped up their game a bit in this final battle against them. The dragon's fireballs are much quicker, larger, and more damaging.

On top of that, the Black Dragon's agility is set to "auto dodge anything more than twenty feet away from it" cracked out speed. As a result, must all homing dragonfire is nearly useless against them. Basically, the best strategy is to just hold the target lock on button and just slowly fire a single dummy fire shot at a time when fairly close. And dodging. Lots and lots of dodging.

What if you love to murder?
"You are a case onto yourself, Caim."

Yeah... That sounds like me.
"I do not think he meant it to be a complement."
Intent and reaction to intent are two separate things. If you ever hear me say anything as mopey as that, I give you permission to dive bomb toward that skyscraper and fling me face first into it.
"Can I break our pact mid-fling?"
Oooh. That would be a pretty good burn.
"Heh. Well, I am a dragon."
"Heh. Alright. I guess my anti-pussification insurance is guaranteed."

I though Verdelet said they would "open to a new world". Why do I think Verdelet has absolutely no idea about the religion of which he's supposed to be a priest?

"The Seeds of Destruction?! This cannot be!"
"Nah... I am just messing with him."
Heh. Ooh! Tell him if Furiae and Inuart were to enter the seeds together the best he could hope to produce would be an effeminate mullet sporting nancy boy that was so gay everyone would see him and just go "no way!"
"Come on, Caim. No need to stoop to notions so childish. That's just absurd."

Sure I do. I like to fight... I love to fight. I love war. I love battle. I love sieges. I love raids. I love charges into battle. The clashing of blade against bone. Armor pierced by arrows. The spilling of blood. The thud of a newly slain body finding its place to cool upon the sand. I love all these things.
I love the terrified look of a man as I raise my sword and bring it down upon them. I love the chocking gurgling sound a freshly slit throat. The dull squishy crack of a broken neck. The satisfying spray from between shoulders which a short while earlier held up a head. The playful plump of that same head bouncing and rolling across the field. The annoying coughing gasp of a foe with the wind knocked out of their lungs being interrupted by a cry of death when I drive my weapon through their heart. These things I all love.
"Caim, I wasn't m-"
I love to fight in blood-soaked fields of battle atop a mountain of dying men. I love to fight in drafty old castles that echo the agonized shrieks. I love to fight dense forests, carving limbs of trees, men, and goblins alike. I love to fight on the cool desert sands. In frozen wastelands. In ancient canyons. In the mountains. In the sky. Over the sea. I love to fight. And fighting and war loves to watch me.
"You have some deep psychological issues, my friend."
Well, when you can't talk you have a lot of time to do a bit of inventory in your head. I've got a bunch more if you want.
"Perhaps some other time. But, I apologize for my previous statement. I may regret asking this, but what of jealousy do you know? Keep it to twenty words or less."
Jealousy? I can kick of ton of ass and Inuart is a ginger pussy. Inuart's deep motivations, reveal!
"Perhaps you can tell me of modesty sometime..."
I don't like that on my sandwiches. Too tangy.

When the Black Dragon's health drops below 40% it starts attempting to use it's magic attack. Much like Red's magic attack, it's a series of powerful homing lasers. Unlike Red's magic attack, it has a three second charge up and can be interrupted by just firing a single shot or two at it.

A defeated Inuart later...

A bit late on the first one...
"Just keep away from the damned Seeds. How many times must I rephrase this for you humans?"
Hey, I got that. I'm staying the hell away from them. I'm just saying...thrown stones and I have a bit of history.
"Let's just go. Inuart is getting away. We must stop him!"

Verse 4: Encounter

So yeah...since Ending B must be completed before Ending C is available, that entire battle was meaningless. Well...let's go see what these Seeds of Resurrection everyone is wetting themselves over do...

I still say the Imperial Capital looks nicer than Detroit.

Furiae's corpse seems to be a tad bit leaky.

Indeed, she's lost so much blood her dress has turned white. Editing mistake? Or is Inuart enough of a freak that he brought along some of her wardrobe and redressed her between scenes? You decide!

So, it seems Inuart has found himself a really big ass one of those Seeds of Resurrection. Apparently, while all the Seeds are linked, only big ass ones like this here and one back in Manah's temple actually do anything.

The Seed has quite the violent reaction to coming into contact with Furiae. they really do serve some function and the things aren't just a giant MacGuffin.

Furiae's body slips away into the center of the Seed and curls into a fetal position...

...and the plot device takes a minute to load the next plot advancement.

After a bit, the surface of the seed begins to stir and out pops...

...Chewbacca's ass to moon the camera.


Alright...maybe not. In reality, out pops...

...Furiae. And she really did come back to life. Huh... So, I guess we should have just let Inuart do his thing. The Empire is in ruins. The Goddess is back alive. Inuart is happy. I'm sure Caim can find enough alternative things to kill in order to keep him happy. He and Red just need to kick the shit out of Manah again and it looks like it's a happy ending for eve-

Pfft! Hahaha. Yeah right. This is goddamn Drakengard!

Well...a giant thorn tentacle... I think that's new...

"Despite everyone telling me to the contrary, I find this going horribly wrong a bit unexpected..."


"I can..."

"...see YOU!"

Whelp...he always did want to bone Furiae. Who would have known she'd be the one to violently tentacle rape bone him.

"It's everything I could have asked for... Good night."

Poor Inuart... You died as you lived. A completely useless fuck-up.




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Very early Furiae concept art from when she was still planned to be a playable character.