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Part 46: Episode XLI: In Which We Recap the Events Leading to a Terrible Sidequest

Episode XLI: In Which We Recap the Events Leading to a Terrible Sidequest

The completion of Arioch's Madness dumps us back at the beginning of Chapter 4 and lines us up for the third and final sub-character chapter. But first: a brief refresher on events leading up to it.

Verse 1: Inuart's Confession

"The musty stench of overwhelming failure and ineffectiveness bombards my senses."

"I've got a sword and a dragon and that means I'm just as good as you now, Caim!"
No, it means you've an unoriginal poseur.
"What a wannabe. I bet he has posters of you up in his room. He probably made a Geocities fan club for you, Caim."
Ugh. I feel dirty just thinking about it. The loser probably goes to cosplay conventions dressed up as me.
"Ugh. Let us not speak of such gatherings of horror."

"Come with me, Furiae. The Empire that wants to kill you had a change of heart! They know a way that can free us both! I just need to bring you back to our priestess and everything will be fixed!"
"That has to be the worst idea I have ever heard. Is he honestly that gullible?"
Yes, he is that gullible.
"Rainbows are pretty."

Verse 2: Pride

Pfft. Mine is still bigger.

"Gimme some sugar, baby. You know what they say: once you go black, you never go back."

Dragons make Caim angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!

"ARGGGGH! D-dragons also cau-ssse y-you to make INCRED...IBLY decis...ions."

"Stand back, goddess. Fear not. My jowls will protect you from this evil blight."

"Aaaarh! The jowls! They do nothing! The end is nigh! We are doomed. Doomed!"

And thus Inuart chloroformed his girlfriend and flew away to a fun filled honeymoon on the Imperial Aerial Nuclear Weapons Platform.

Verse 3: The Holy and the Profane

Verdelet is the most useless character ever.

Verse 4: Strength Remains

Everyone gets better. Verdelet has the most redundant lines ever.

Verse 5: Violent Lands

Verdelet is the most useless character ever with the most redundant lines. Verdelet also HATES minorities.

Verse VI: Seere's Sister

Drakengard: Where the southernmost map is a snowy wasteland.

Several dead pigs triggering a cutscene later...

Err... Yeah... Like "duh" yeah... That was sort of the whole crux of our tentative pact early on.
"Well no one informed me..."
I thought you could read "minds and souls and hearts" and shit.
"Just because I can does not mean I do."

That's what I like to hear.

Seere builds up some nerve and stops Caim.

"Over there! That's the valley where my sister disappeared!"

That's not what I like to hear... And all signs are pointing to "don't give a crap".

Yeah... Lemme look at my schedule... Hmm... Well, lookie here! My apathy persists.

"Sound like something mysterious and cool."
"Golem, have you been drinking again?"
"It be afternoon. Golem need Golem's happy sauce. What is you? Golem's mother?"
"We'll talk about this later, Golem."

Dragon, am I supposed to give a damn about this?
"The Cult of the Watchers and the Empire are linked somehow. It might be worth it to learn more about their dealings."
Or it could be a boring waste of time looking through some woods for some kid that's probably dead.
"Perhaps, but from up here I can spy the valley. There seems to be a large gathering of Imperial sub-human troops within its confines. They seem unaware of their brethren's demise."
Sub-human Imperials to kill, you say...? This changes things...
"Caim... We MUST go there and wipe clean the vile stench of the sub-human brood's taint. They must all die. All of them. All of them! Let not one stand! Let their lesser blood drain into the dirt and filth of the earth where it belongs!"
Baldy makes a good case. Alright, let's check it out.

And so our trail splits off once again.


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