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Part 53: Episode XLVIII: In Which the Devil is in the Details

Episode XLVIII: In Which the Devil is in the Details

Verse 5: Different Endings

In a puzzling move Drakengard decides to show the chapter title again between verses. It is neither the beginning of the chapter nor the end, despite the verse title. Oh well, let's jump into it.

Nah. I can totally take 'em.
"Caim, there are so many of those...things they're beginning to blot out the sky."
If it bleeds, I can kill it.


This scene and Leonard's reaction to a small boy at crotch level is 99% more creepy knowing his extracurricular activities.


Guys... I think Leonard is not long for this world...

"And if you die, you won't see Seere anymore. I saw you when he was down there. Perfect height for you, wasn't he? You know you want some more of that. Oh, I can see you trembling. Haha. See! See! Now he's all alone in the world. Make it through this and he's all yours!"

"I am SO sick of the pedophile jokes out of you, Fairy!"

"Remember last time? Y-Yeah! You couldn't do it last time! Just a little nick! You don't want to feel pain and... oh dammit! Damn you damn you damn you! You lousy butt pirate, kiddy pool trolling bastard! You can't do this to me!"

"Oh SHI-"

Did I mention Leonard learned the Blue Magic skill "Self Destruct"? No...? Oh well...


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