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Part 10

Let's Start Chapter 4. /Backup

Man, that was bizarre. Where exactly are we?

Oh look, a pebble!

Let's take it

I don't actually know what the pebble is used for and it disappears from your inventory once you leave the caverns. But hey, pebble!

As we continue forward we encounter a hostile local.

But after dealing with Vinnie he poses no real threat.

There's a door on top of this platform, but we can't get in there with Zoe.

On the other side of the platform is another Cave Troll, who is just as much of a pushover as the last one.

He seems to have been guarding this thing.

So of course we take it. Looks like the top comes off.

Glowing egg in hand we continue onward to a collapsed bridge. To the right!

And we discover a gigantic waterwheel. Time for a puzzle!

And by puzzle I mean we walk over to this thing,

Put the egg on top,

and turn the wheel.

This gets the water wheel moving again.

Alright guys, time to go for a ride!

It's just like the carnival! /Backup

Well it sure is dark over there. We left our torch back at The Victory Hotel, so what around here can light things up?

Aha! Now that the water wheel is active, we can take this.

Zoe somehow manages to hold on with only one hand.

And climb a ladder one handed

Remember the little Victory jingle we got when we activated the waterwheel? You better, because you need it to solve to next puzzle.

Leaving the Caverns and a Grand Welcome to Arcadia. /Backup

Yes friends, that is correct. This entire chapter is one gigantic fetch quest! It's supposed to be a way to introduce you to Marcuria, but it ends up just being stupidly tedious. Well we may as well get this started, so let's go back inside and talk to Benrime.

: How come everyone speaks English here?

Benrime: Eng...lish? No, child, we speak Alltongue. As do you.

: All-what?

Benrime: Alltongue. Na'ven. It is the common tongue of our world.

: But we're speaking English now...right?

Benrime: No. Na'ven is a magical tongue. It is learned quickly by those who know how to listen.

: Really? So...what, I can speak a magical language? That's incredible.

Benrime: Incredible? No, it is quite ordinary, child.

Benrime: Ah, yes. "Tit for tat". Given a chance to bargain, Blind Bob will take it. What does he want now?

: Mulled wine. He wants mulled wine, made with, uh, Mrs-something-or-other spice mix.

Benrime: 'Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices'. For a beggar, Blind Bob is quite particular.

: I don't know what to do. If I can't find Minstrum Magda, I can't get home. If I can't get home...

Benrime: Calm down, child. I will help the best I can. I have red wine, and I can heat it up for you, but I'm all out of spices. I was supposed to receive a delivery this morning, but no one has been by yet, and I cannot leave the inn to get them myself.

Don't do it Zoe! DON'T DO IT.

Benrime: You could. I buy my spices from a merchant at the South Gate Market. His is the first stall on the left when you walk down Ayrede Avenue. Just tell him Benrime sent you to pick up her order of 'Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices'. And be sure to mention that I'm not happy he did not make his delivery as scheduled. I will put some wine on the boil while you are away.

: Thank you so much.

Benrime: You're welcome, child. Run along, now.

: Wait, how do I get to the market?

Benrime: The quickest way would be through Oldtown, but they have closed it off this morning. You will have to go the long way around. Walk east, towards the tower. When you get to the tower square go south. That will take you onto Ayrede Avenue, which leads all the way down to the South Gate.

Benrime in TLJ

Lost in Marcuria with little to no idea where she is, April stumbles upon Benrime's inn. Benrime helps April get her bearing and gives her a room for the night (although she makes April help out the next morning as payment). She's not especially important, but nonetheless Benrime proves to be a valuable ally during April's journey.

Outside of the inn we find a pimp who is excited about his prosperous business.

There's also an Azadi guarding this gate.

He isn't very friendly

There are a bunch of machines like this scattered through Marcuria, none of which were there in TLJ.

Further down the road we find a traffic jam of carts.

See that guy over there? He's fun to harrass.

Beard Mcbeardy: May the Six grant me strength! As if this morning hasn't been trying enough. What do you want, girl?

: I--

Beard Mcbeardy: On second thought, don't tell me. I'm not in the mood for idle chatter.

: But, I--

Beard Mcbeardy: Magicals...hah! Damned ghetto rats. And those rebels? More like terrorists, if you ask me. Not a day goes by without them troublemakers making...trouble for the rest of us. They should stick them on a boat and send them out to sea, so as they don't bother honest humans trying to make an honest living. Call themselves 'freedom fighters', the terrorists do, but it's because of them that I'm stuck here. Again. Freedom! Hah! Freedom for who? From what? It's not like the Azadi are keeping us imprisoned. In fact, life's a damn sight better than it was before they came. If this is oppression, I don't want to be liberated.

Beard Mcbeardy: You're not the only thing bothering me.

: I'm getting that. Goodbye now.

Beard Mcbeardy: If you could take this traffic jam with you, I'd be even happier to see you go. If that's even possible.

And if we pester him some more:

Beard Mcbeardy: What in the name of the Mo-Jaal do you want? Uh, I mean the Six. I don't worship no Mo-Jaal. Never heard of the bugger. Ahem.

: I'd forgotten all about your winning personality. Thanks anyway.

Beard Mcbeardy: You try standing here, see how you like it.

Looks like there's some serious religious oppression going on here.

Well we better go find that spice merchant, because surely that is all we need to do and it will not lead to a lengthy series of fetch quests.

As we head toward the other side of the city we're greeted by a nice aerial shot of the central area of Marcuria.

Which has changed a LOT since TLJ (these shots are from different angles, since it's impossible to imitate TLJ's view in Dreamfall)

What used to be a temple has been converted into the Azadi Tower.

I have to give the Azadi some credit here, because that's some pretty architecture right there.

It's sometimes hard to tell if the people mean it or if they just don't want to get killed by the Azadi.

The Azadi base of operations eh? I bet April will be coming here.

Watch your wording Zoe

Anyway, we keep heading down here and eventually we get to the Marketplace.

Let's find and talk to the Spice Merchant. /Backup

Well now it's time to head all the way back to The Journeyman, but before we do let's explore the marketplace some more.

This lady runs a soup kitchen. She is also Minstrum Magda. Yeah, I said it. FUCK YOU GAME SHE IS RIGHT THERE.

There's also a fish merchant, and

This Guy. /Backup

Innuendo is fun!

On the other side of the market is a lady selling an unknown product.

Around the center of the marketplace is this beast of burden, and an Azadi guarding a dead end alleyway.

There's also a door to Old Town/The Ghetto, but they're currently slaughtering innocent civilians so we can't go inside.

Well let's go back to the traffic jam and get those spices.

Huh? Looks like the Azadi have a prisoner.

Gee, he must have done something awful!

Yeah, how dare he... provide medicine to innocent civilians?

In Sadir they've probably already killed all the non-humans anyway.

I dunno about you, but I think the Azadi are kind of jerks

Well Zoe can't do crap about this, so let's just go get those spices.

Beard Mcbeardy: Ye gods-- I mean, 'goddess'. There's only one, blessed be her name, etcetera.

: You are so annoying. Listen to me! I just spoke with the spice merchant at the South Gate market.

Beard Mcbeardy: He'll have to wait until they reopen the ghetto, just like everyone else.

: Well, he sent me to pick up a delivery of, um, 'Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices'.

Beard Mcbeardy: What? No. That's... Hmm. All right. It's irregular, but I reckon I can part with it. For a fair price.

Beard Mcbeardy: For the love of--! Just tell him we'll sort it out when I get down there. Mind you, it could take a while. Doesn't look like they're reopening the ghetto anytime soon.

: I'm sorry, but he said he needs the spices right away. He's out of stock.

Beard Mcbeardy: I keep hearing this buzzing sound in my ear, but I don't see any blackflies around.

: You can ignore me all you want, but I'm not leaving. If you think you're having a bad day, you should try mine on for size.

Beard Mcbeardy: By the Mo-Jaal's--! I mean, by the grace of the Six - blessed be their names - if you'll leave me be, I'll give you the bloody spices!

Well with that out of the way, let's go ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY

Spice Merchant: That's wonderful! Fantastic. What spices?

: Oh, for crying out... You asked me to pick up your spices! Remember?

Spice Merchant: Yes. Yes! Ah, yes. I remember. Mrs Mullins' spices! Oh, goodness me! Thank you, young lady! How indescribably wonderful!

: You're welcome. Now, about Benrime's order...?

Spice Merchant: Hmm? Who? Benrime? Oh, yes! One pouch of 'Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices' for the best mulled wine in Marcuria!

: Thank you.

Well now we can head back to the Journeym- MINTRUM MAGDA IS RIGHT FUCKING THERE

Okay, okay fine. Back to the Journeyman.

Benrime: It took you long enough, child. Did you get lost?

It matters to ME Zoe

Benrime: Good. There's a pot of red wine in the kitchen. Mix the spices in, let it boil for a while, and you have mulled wine.

: Thank you so much. I appreciate all your help.

Then why don't you help me instead of sending me to Minstrum Magda? You probably know more about shifting then she does! :kratos::orks:

Okay, calm yourself Rin. Let's make some nice soothing Mulled Wine .

Benrime is nice enough to make us do it, so let's have at it. I'll just look up a recipe...

Simmer the following ingredients for 20 min. It's better if you steep in the Cellar overnight, but if you prefer, strain & drink right away. Serve warm.

* 1 bottle of fruity red wine (Marcurian wine is a good choice)
* 1 fuckload of Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices.

Serve in Empty Bottles.

Blind Bob better be happy with this.

: Here, mulled wine, made with 'Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices'.

Blind Bob: Ah, the sweet scent of Mrs Mullins and the Riverwood Red! Give it here, petal, let me take a swig. Aah. By the Balance, that hit the spot, it did! I'm most grateful, petal. Ye've earned yourself a silver star in Blind Bob's book.

: Glad you liked it. It wasn't easy getting it.

I think I would have been fine without doing this awful fetch quest buddy

Blind Bob: That's a, wossname, old chestnut 'round these parts. Still as true as the sky is green.

: Green?

Blind Bob: Had an accident with a chroma charm when I was a wee lad. Every morning Blind Bob wakes up, the sky's a different colour. Today it's green.

: Do you know where I can find Minstrum Magda?

There is only one person in all of Marcuria selling soup Zoe.

This isn't very hard.

: Do you know where she is today?

did he just... did... but, what about... I... the whole...



Zoe isn't even phased. What the fuck is wrong with you Zoe? Can you please bitch slap him like you did to Marcus?

Blind Bob: Well, ye might have more luck asking Crazy Clara. Lives up Crab Bend, Clara does, on Hangman's Span. In view of Friar's Keep. Crazy as a turnip, Clara is. But she's also got a scoutwing's eyes. She knows more than she lets on.

I hope you die. Not theoretically either.

Okay great, now we have to find Crazy Clara.

Guess who we pass on the fucking WAY THERE.

Anyway, the gate leads to a pretty deserted part of town.

Over here we find Crazy Clara, and past her is Friar's Keep, the town jail.

Let's Meet Crazy Clara! /Backup

Thank God-I mean the Goddess, blessed be her name- Clara's "baby" is right over here and not on the other end of town.

If we try to just go in the Azadi guard notices us.

So we need to hide behind this dude and run in while it's blocking his path of vision.

Alright, let's MINSTRUM MAGDA free her pet and MINSTRUM MAGDA bring it back to MINSTRUM MAGDA Clara and find MINSTRUM MAGDA out where Minstrum Magda MINSTRUM MAGDA is. /Backup

Okay, let's meet Minstrum Magda already. And while we're at it

A ton of shit goes down. /Backup

Next time: Kian! Yes, this game does in fact have three main characters.