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by Rin

Part 13

First order of business

Raid the lockers!


Maintenance worker Zoe is on the job!

This duct is close until the cleaning bot comes over, and then we can crawl through.

Like so.

Is that a person by the door?

Time for some espionage action! /Backup

As we stand here a well mannered security robot approaches.

Well thank you for the information good sir, but I'm afraid I shall have to decline.

What follows is Metal Gear Solid Ultra-lite. Run down the corridor,

Hide behind vending machine,

Run down corridor more,

Hide behind other vending machine,

Make a dash for the elevator-- er, door.

Inside we find some offices and a relatively normal cubicle setup. Let's explore the place and

Meet Damien and finally discover what the hell is going on here in Stark. /Backup

For reference,

We are on the fourth floor.

Fortunately the game is nice, and as you walk down it fades out and fades back in at the bottom.

Let's do this! /Backup

This... reminds me of something. It's almost like...


Okay, let's go ahead and follow his advice.

We can hide in these convenient indents if the spiders get close.

After running around the circle for a while we find this suspicious wall.

Sure enough, it's hiding what we were looking for.

We immediately get another codec call.

To the lab!

As we enter the lab Zoe gets a better look at Dreamcore.

What the hell is that thing?

Okay, back to business. Let's grab a capsule,

Put the worm inside.

and have it scanned.

Now that the worm is cleared for entry, we need to clear ourselves.

Zoe gets the once over.

And we're good to go! The codec beeps again.

To the security office!

Great, a floor of pain. The codec beeps.

To the Cybernetics Office!

Spider hacking time!

And now we have our very own Spider! /Backup

Now that we can get inside the Security Office, let's do so.

WATIcorp employees, that's who.

Score! Snagging the key makes the codec beep again.

Dreamcore Awaits! /Backup

If you couldn't tell, that section was pretty damn abbreviated and the actual thing is hellish. This next part is even worse. You're supposed to go all the way to the end of the caves, find the symbols, guess which statue each is which and then go all the way back. I cheated, but the place is still no fun. I had to do it in video because if I paused to take screenshots I would have been devoured. I did my best to edit it so you don't have to suffer, but you aren't missing much by skipping ahead. The second half of the video has some very important stuff though, so make sure you watch it.

Let's journey through the Caves of Hell and end Chapter 5! /Backup

Next time the plot kicks into overdrive, and lots of awesome stuff happens.