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Part 14

Let's find out where mystery girl sent the elevator...

Meet the Creator of the Watilla. /Backup.

Concept Art

Yeah, Peats is basically the most disturbing thing ever.

So now that we're done with that lovely exchange, we return for some fun Arcadian action with April.

Na'ane: They claim to shun magic, even though this 'technology' of theirs relies on it. Maybe the tower is such a device, a magical machine.

: Maybe it's a weapon. I got the sense that it was very important they make their deadline.

Na'ane: From what little I know of the Azadi, they have never previously built such a thing, but it is possible. They have powerful thaumaturgists, these Westlanders. And I suspect that their hostility to magic comes from their wish to control it, and their fear that others may know more about magic than they do. As for this place you discovered deep below us, this...chamber of dreams?

: I'm not sure that's the right word, but I don't know how else to describe it. I could hear the voices of thousands of people around me. I'm sure it's connected to the tower. The chamber appears to be located right below it, and the man I followed from the tower led me there.

Na'ane: This worries me, April-an. Dreams are powerful things. Combined with this Azadi machine, if that is what it is, it could have serious consequences. I shall send word to my blood sister in Irhad. She has connections in the strangest of places. Maybe she knows more. I would also have liked to see this chamber with my own eyes. Perhaps then I would understand more.

: I tried going back through, but the rock's solid. There's a half mile of mountain between us and the caves. Without a portal, there's no way down there.

Na'ane: I will look at the wall in the cellar where you said the portal opened up. Perhaps I can learn how this musical magic works. I must say that I am intrigued.

The Banda had a decent sized role in TLJ and in fact Ben Bandu, the Banda with the largest role, was originally planned to be in Dreamfall along with Abnaxus. Both were cut, but Ragnar has said that their stories are still important and will be told. Here's some concept art of Ben Bandu.

: Keep this under wraps, Na'ane. Don't let anyone get wind of what you're doing. Not even Benrime. We don't know what we're dealing with yet.

Na'ane: Of course. I shall be cautious. Perhaps this is the opportunity we have been praying for. If we do not soon find a weakness in the Azadi front...

: Then we keep fighting them with the weapons we already have. What else can we do?

Na'ane: I am not suggesting we lay down our arms, April-an. But we are fast dwindling in numbers. Not a day goes by when someone is not killed, captured and sent to west to an unknown fate, or abandons the cause.

: We're not dead yet, Na'ane. And it might be that this new information will help us. If that tower is as important as I suspect it is, we have a new target. I'll talk to some contacts, see what they know, and what they've heard. Tell Brynn and Chawan to get the remaining supplies on their own. They'll need to leave tomorrow evening as planned. We can't afford any delays.

Na'ane: Will you not go with them?

: I haven't decided yet. It depends on what information I manage to dig up. If I get a lead, I'll have to follow it.

Na'ane: So be it. I may wait for you, but I will leave a message with Benrime if I, too, set course for home.

Heading downstairs and talking with Benrime

Triggers a Reunion with an Old Friend. /Backup

Looks like we need to find the White of the Draic Kin. You may remember her from TLJ

She spent most of the game looking like this.

Alright, if we're going to find her we need to go to the Dark People's library, but how are we going to get there?

Next Time: We find out how we're going to get there.

Sorry for the short update; I'm trying to keep them all at a reasonable length and this one just got the shaft because of the way the story flowed. It was either this or do the whole chapter in one update.