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Part 16

Looks like Kian has finally arrived in Marcuria.

It's rather pretty, yes?

Because it's an evil machine of death. Possibly.

That seems to be common among Azadi

Let's talk with a few Azadi before we do that.

Kian is a real fish out of water, and his innocence can reach levels near absurdity.

It's nice to finally get some respect from these dudes

There's also a nice old lady here.

Who wants to set me up with her daughter

Anyway, let's go inside and

Meet the Emissary. /Backup

With that out of the way, the scene shifts to the City of the Dark People

This place is absolutely gorgeous. It feels like the game team spent 50% of their resources making it, not because the rest is bad but because this place is just so amazing.

The ship arrives,

And a Dark Person comes to greet us.

Hey, he recognizes me! It's worth noting that I believe the fact that he does and the other Dark Person didn't may be a lot more important then it seems.

: Thank you. So you know who I am? The Shadowguide didn't.

Dark Emissary: It is curious. We share a common memory, and our thoughts are as one. He should have known. Maybe he was simply confused. Maybe his eyes were blinded. Maybe...

: That's fine. I'm here now. So this is your fabled city? It's stunning.

Dark Emissary: It is one city. It never ceases to move. It flows at the will of the cosmos, at the mercy of waves and currents. You have come to see the White of the Kin.

: Yes, that's right. Why is she here, with you?

Dark Emissary: It is not for us to know the mind of the Draic Kin. You may ask her that question yourself. Come. She is in the library.

Off we go!

At this point we just follow him around for a bit and look at the pretty scenery. The screenshots really don't do it justice.

As we reach the end of this tunnel a short cutscene triggers.

No, those aren't statues. Our guide tells us "Please, be quiet. We are resting."

We're almost to the library now.

and we've arrived.

I have to admit, I really like this library.

We're below sea level at this point, by the way.

Alright, it's time for

Reunions! /Backup

Crow was April's sidekick throughout most of TLJ, after she saved him from an old man who kept him in a box. He's kind of cliche, but funny and useful enough that I can forgive him for it. He also has some surprisingly touching moments (though not quite so much in this game).

Now before we meet the Guardian, let's check in on Zoe and Damien for the worst scene in the game!

: Just peachy. I've, um, slept. Read. Slept some more... I've never been this tired in my life.

Damien: No wonder. You've been around the world and through the wringer. It's a miracle you're still standing.

: I know. I keep surprising even myself. So...any news?

: And?

Damien: Not good. I don't know what's happening yet, but it appears DreamNet is expanding onto the Wire at an alarming rate. Also, the virus - if that's what it is - is increasing its grip on the Dreamcore. Another week, and WATI might not be in the driver's seat any longer.

: Can't they just shut it down?

Damien: Maybe. But they won't do that now. They'd have to shut down the entire project. And if they wait... The window of opportunity is shrinking.

: What else have you found out?

Damien: With any luck, I might be able to get some coordinates.

: Coordinates to what?

Damien: To where the intrusion originated. To who's behind it. If I can get that location, we might be able to stop the attack at the source. But it'll take another few days to download all the data. In the meantime, we'll just have to...wait.

: No. No, we can't just sit around and twiddle our thumbs. We need to do something.

Damien: Okay. What did you have in mind?

: I should go back in.

Damien: Back in--? Hey, no, that's not an option.

: It is an option. You have a Dreamer, right? And that drug...

Damien: Morpheus. Look, it's not safe. Peats...he might find you.

: If I go back inside, I might be able to speak with that girl again, the one Peats is so afraid of. And maybe she can help me get back to... to that place.

Damien: To 'Arcadia'?

: I know you don't believe me. I don't even know if I believe it myself, but--

Damien: It's not that I don't believe you, Zoë. It's just that I know how powerful the Dreamer is. It can make anything seem real.

: It wasn't a dream. I don't know what it was, but I was there. Somewhere else. Another world. And I need to go back.

: Look, Charlie said I never left The Fringe the first time I hooked up. I'll be right here. You can pull me out if anything happens. It could be the whole thing was just a dream. In that case, there's nothing to lose. And if it wasn't a dream... There's everything to be gained. Maybe April knows what's going on now. Maybe she's willing to help me. Maybe... Damien. Please. It's the only lead we have right now. I don't want to sit here and wait. I want to do something. I want to stop WATIcorp.

Damien: I know. I just wish that I...that I didn't have to sit here and watch you hook up to that thing.


... Hold on.


You don't look like it, in your generic this is how I ALWAYS LOOK pose.

I'm gagging. This, right here. Gagging.

I love this game, honestly I do. Almost everything about it.

But this scene. CHRIST, this scene.

I'm not against romance. I like a good love story. All I'm saying is that this is completely uncalled for.

That's actually the kissing animation, by the way. As in, there is no animation.

See, what I'm saying is that this adds absolutely nothing whatsoever to the story or characters.

It's like "wait, our female lead hasn't kissed anyone and the game is almost over! Crap, someone make a romance subplot!"

TLJ didn't have any kissing and that turned out fine

You're an asshole Damien. I liked you until this happened too.

Oh god, worst line in the game. Look at her face. SHE'S BEING FORCED, THIS IS NOT VOLUNTARY.

Same "animation" again.

Okay, on to much better things. Back to April and Crow, as they

Reunite with Gordon. /Backup

And That's Chapter 7. Yes, the whole thing. We're in the endgame now folks, so things are going to be moving fast!

Next time we have the last full length Chapter of the game, and my personal favorite Chapter of them all.


The background of The Guardian's Realm

The Birth of Simba

Gordon is apparently a Disney fan.