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Part 17

Let's Start Chapter 8. /Backup

If the Goddess told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

(he would)

Or maybe that one particular guy is a bit of a sleaze. Either way vv

Well the only place to head from here is the Ghetto, so let's go there.

Your teachings are flawed.

Back in Stark we have a name for people like you Kian. It's called racist

Oh Roper Klacks, you cad.

Looks like they aren't hiding things as well as April thought they were.

As Kian walks forward through the Market

A long chain of events is triggered. /Backup

Next time: The Great Escape!

Sorry to cut things short here, but it's really the only decent breaking point in the chapter. Expect a big update next time (or at least image heavy)