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Part 20

Last Time on Dreamfall: The Longest Journey!

If you haven't played this game before, get ready for pure concentrated

Zoe arrives. /Backup

This chapter goes through the same time period as all three characters, and concludes with an incredible cutscene.

Zoe's part is very short, as she doesn't interact with anyone. Despite being first, Zoe is actually the last to arrive on the scene.

This place is the Rebel Hideout, by the way.

As we walk forward a flare lights up in the sky. Odd.

Houses. They're all locked though.

This is the only path open to us.

Once we reach the end Zoe notices someone on the pier.

April arrives and talks with the Captain. /Backup

April actually gets to explore the base a little, and talk with various resistance members,

None of them really have anything interesting to say.

So Let's just watch the rest of the Chapter in Video. /Backup

Next Time: The final puzzle of the game, and the mysterious girl revealed.

Bonus Content

Sorry guys, no update today. The next update will be the final. There's more then one chapter left, but they're short and cutting it off in between would be cruel at this point. I'm also working on getting a bit of bonus content in there too.

It's hard to believe this is almost over. Thanks for sticking around and reading guys, I've really appreciated all the support. Here's a fuckload of concept art to keep you entertained

Let's start off with the Twins

I honestly love the concept art of these two, even though they're totally bland ingame.

Here's another old friend of ours. The thumbnail looks almost identical to the ingame model, which is kind of creepy.

I'm not a huge fan of this design, but it's certainly passable. Just not quite as awesome as everything else.

Here's a random Azadi. I love the Azadi uniform design.

And the Dark People. Looks just like he does ingame.

'Sup Crow! He looks stoned.

Some pictures of April's final design.

Kian's final design with his cloak.

Kian's final design without the cloak.

Zoe will be wearing this outfit in the next chapter.

Now let's look at some pretty places!

We'll start with Casablanca.

This picture is absolutely gorgeous.

Some scenes about town.

Coffee! This place actually changed a lot in the game.

Here's the Gym.

This is the Vactrax station. It was cut in favor of just having a cutscene with Zoe on the Vactrax.

Now let's head to Venice!

This place is so much prettier when it's painted.

The central area of town.

The Fringe! (What's that Spider Sentry doing there?)

The interior of the Fringe.

Where did we go after this? Oh yes.

Here's an awesome layout of the underground Caves. It's pretty AND functional!

And then we arrived in Marcuria.

I think this is a 3D render, but it's still a beautiful view.

Here's some concept art of The Journeyman to make up for it.

Here's the area around the pier.

The South Gate Market.

Crab bend. This is where Crazy Clara lives, and it leads to...

Friar's Keep. Not the friendliest of places.

The interior isn't very inviting either.

Meanwhile in Stark

Let's ride the Cable Car to the WATIcorp museum!


Whoa, it's Dreamcore!

I can only presume this is Winter, the area Zoe passes through to get to Arcadia. Either that or it's a pretty landscape painting that got mixed in with the concept art somehow.

Sadir, the Azadi Capital. Say what you will about them, they've got style.

The Rebel hideout is also prettier in paintings then ingame.

Of course I've saved the best for last.

Welcome to the Dark People's City!

And at night.

God I love this place (This is my new wallpaper).

Well That's all for the Concept Art, I'm out. Final Update coming tomorrow! (probably!)