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Part 21

Remember how the last update was really depressing and lots of people died?

Let's have some more of that. /Backup

If you're wondering who did that, it was probably (SPOILER: Brian Westhouse, possibly possessed by The Undreaming.) That's just a fairly educated guess however.

Well that's it for Arcadia, so let's head

Back to Stark. /Backup

Back in Damien's apartment. This is our first chance to explore here, so why not?

What a catch you've found Zoe.

Let's go for that change of clothes Damien mentioned.


And with that we leave the apartment and grab a plane.

This one however has a far more Sci Fi design.

Unfortunately we don't get to see the interior.

Welcome to Russia! /Backup

This is the final area of the game. It has the hardest puzzles and a strangely Tomb Raiderish vibe.

We need to get in here. This box is a start, but it's still not high enough.

So let's hotwire a car!

Another lockpicking puzzle. They're not so much hard as they are tedious and time consuming.

Oh but that's not enough. Now we have to hack it!

I get lucky and do it on my first try. I forgot to save and had to go back for more screenshots, and it took me 5 tries the next time. At least it's kind of fun, unlike lockpicking.

The Car is on!

The car is off!

The car has conveniently lodged itself next to the boxes, so I can climb up on top.

And from the car,

We can get up here!

The door requires some kind of card key, so let's head up this ladder.

This really really long ladder (if only it went that fast ingame).

Hey, we reached the top!

You'd think we were in for another stealth section, but that thing's cone of vision is awful, and it's nearly impossible to get caught by it. It also follows the same path repeatedly.

We're pretty much safe ignoring it, as long as we tilt the camera a bit on occasion.

Oh boy, another ladder!

I'd make another gif since this one is just as long, but then this entire update would be nothing but gifs.

At the top we find this rather precarious sign.

Encouragement? I can do encouragement!


It lands on the glass, breaking it open for us.

One trip back down the ladder and...

Let's go in!

Why are we receiving a text message now of all times?


Well at least she's alright. We better keep going.

The girders are a pointless maze. You can't fall off and there are occasional random dead ends. It's still pretty damn easy to find the exit though.

Another ladder! YAY.

Let's go down the ladder! Shocking!

We're finally inside. It appears to be some sort of Toy Factory, but the power is off.

Let's just wander around here and...

dun dun dun.

There's a convenient ventilation Shaft over here, but Zoe is too weak to pick it up.

Let's get some power going.

Push the big red button!

And so there was light.

How does turning the power on help, you may ask?

We got a crane!

So let's use it.

I really hate this puzzle. You obviously have to move the crane over to the grate in order to lift it up.

But when you active it, it just comes back up with nothing to show for it.

Turns out we actually have to walk over here,

And rotate the hook so it will catch on. I might think this was clever if I hadn't wasted an hour figuring this out on my first playthrough. The story is in full gear here, and I was stuck on a damn puzzle

And up we go!

So let's head on down.

This is one of the cooler areas of the game down here, so let's look around.


Excellent, a key! This will surely come in handy within the next 10 seconds.

Like on this locker right here.

From which we obtain an access card! This is nice, because now the doors work, whereas previously none of them did.

Let's use our pretty new access card to get in here.

And then in here.

Looks like a bedroom. Those windows are actually part of an observation room though. Who could have been living here?

Hmm, this dollhouse is eerily familiar. Also, notice the crude drawing of Zoe on the wall.

There's actually a Datacube hidden inside of the dollhouse, so let's take it. Some of those pictures on the wall are very familiar...

Is that... The Undreaming?

A Good question Zoe. Let's take this Datacube and

Find out just what was going on here. /Backup

And that's Chapter 11! Join me in the next post for the finale.