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Part 6

Let's begin Chapter 2 /Backup

Well that was kind of creepy. Let's make sure Wonkers is all right.

Whoever programmed Wonkers is fucked up (And if you've played the game before you know just how much)

Well, with that out of the way we'd better go to Reza's apartment and find that notebook.

Oh hey, we've got a text message.

If you call being interrogated in a sterile room all night a soir�e, I guess it went great.

Considering Zoe was up all night, she could probably use some coffee.

Karen: Hey, are you okay?

Now is a good time to point out that Karen's shades are stylish.

: No, nothing like that I'm afraid. I wish.

Karen: That's too bad. Want a latte to help you wake up? I can make it a double.

: Later, maybe?

Karen: All right.

Okay, let's get to Reza's apartment. I don't want this to become another gym debacle.

Okay, we're here. You'd think the police would have the place blocked off or something.

Oh yeah, it's the future.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the door still made of wood? If someone wanted to get in there, I imagine a hatchet could do the job well enough. Unfortunately, we don't get a hatchet until Chapter 3.

So how do we get in there? Who do we know that could hack into...

Mondo cool!

Okay Liv, we're counting on you. /Backup

Jack in! Megaman.exe! Transmit!

It looks pretty neat and orderly to me

Now we can hack into stuff! Let's head back to Reza's apartment and try it out. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you; The future of hacking!

Basically we need to match the white icon on the bottom to the one correct match in the puzzle, which is complicated by the icons moving around as well as a time limit. It's really not too bad, and it's a million times better then the awful lock picking minigame.

Bonus Video 2 - Hacking /Backup

And we're in! Let's go inside, find Lucia and--

Oh Shi- /Backup

Well now what are we going to do?

Sorry for the short update, but Chapter 2 isn't very long. The next update will conclude the chapter, and should be longer then this one.

Next time the interesting part of the chapter happens, and we finally leave Casablanca!