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Part 7

Okay, think. We need to get the Watilla that just got zapped to get the notebook for us, but it's completely fried. And to make matters worse, we can't get around the room

because of this.

I do believe it's time to use the sneak button!

The sneak button pisses me off because my 360 controller's R and L triggers don't register as buttons so I can't map them, meaning I had to map sneak to my keyboard. Holding ctrl with your pinky is not only awkward, it makes it very difficult to take screenshots while you're doing it. After this I resolved to do any latter sneak segments in video.

Anyway, let's take a look around the room.

Future computers apparently still operate on Windows, but at least Reza has a nice wallpaper.

Let's check out the bathroom. Bathroom Door!

Interesting leap of logic, but I don't have any other ideas. The shower it is!

Let's push it!

Pushing the large buttons turns the music on in the shower.

Spider Sentry Robot is not pleased.

I failed at capturing a shot of it going inside, but it ran in there to investigate the music. Now let's close the glass door that it could easily break through!

And turn on the water. Electricity and Water do not mix children
It's worth noting that we also could have gone to Liv and gotten some software to hack into the spider. Showers are more fun though.

With that out of the way, let's go see if we can't salvage anything from Lucia.

Well that's not good. How are we going to find someone who can repair--

Easy as strawberry pie sweetie!

Liv: Sure! What?

: The spider fried Reza's Watilla, and I need to get it running again to find his notebook. I removed some parts from it, and I think they're broken.

Liv: I'll take a look. Gimme.

: Do you have any replacement parts?

Liv: I have a power source here somewhere. Hold on.

: If you can't fix this one, then what about Lucia's memories?

Liv: The data's continuously backed up to a separate crystal. You can use any Watilla brain you want.

: How about the Watillas you sell here? Don't they have a brains?

I thought you could get anything within 24 hours?

For once Liv doesn't have an answer for us. This might be the only time in the game she gets stumped.

Alright, so where are we going to find a working Watilla? Yeah.

Say, where did those arrows come from?

Well Wonkers, you can be very very creepy, but

I just can't help but feel bad about this. /Backup

Okay, let's head back to Reza's apartment.

Well the Sentry Spider is out of the way, so I guess we won't be running into any more trouble.

Let's repair Lucia, get the notebook and-- /Backup

Okay, that was weird, but we've still got the notebook. We better get this to Liv. Before that, let's take the power source back so we can repair Wonkers.

Christ Watillas are creepy.

And as creepy as he is, at least he doesn't have an annoying high pitched voice like you.

As we leave the apartment Zoe notices something odd. /Backup

Okay, let's get this notebook to Liv.

On the way there we get a text

Geez, someone is in a pissy mood today. Well, we have far more important things to worry about.

: You're not going to believe this! I was attacked. Again!

Liv: What? Sweetie! Are you okay?

: Yeah. Just...just a bit shaken.

Liv: Was it the EYE?

: I really thought they were going to kill me. One of them slammed me up against the wall, knocked the breath out of me, and... Then they left. Both of them. Without saying a word. It looked like they received a message.

Liv: What were they looking for? Did they take anything?

: No. They didn't even take the notebook. I dropped it on the floor. They must not have noticed it. I think I got really lucky. Then I came straight here. I need your help with the notes.

Liv: And the notepad, do you still have it? Give it to me, sweetie, and I'll see what I can do.

: Here's Reza's notepad.

Liv: Okay. Just a sec, and I'll let you know what we're dealing with.

Liv: For some reason, that's only got basic encryption...which Reza knows I'd be able to quickly crack! Of course! He wants us to read it.

If you've played the original TLJ, you are probably saying "fuck yeah" right now. Venice is where much of the game takes place, and Charlie is one of April's best friends.

The Hand That Bites is the vigilante newspaper Reza works for.

: I can't do that. This is Reza we're talking about. He's in trouble. I can't just sit here and wait for him to come back. What if he needs my help?

Liv: You're right. I mean, he's my friend, too, and I want to help him. I just don't know if going to Newport is the way to do that.

: What else can I do? It's the only clue I have. Venice, Newport. 'The Fringe'. That's probably where Reza's gone. To see this Charlie person.

Liv: I'll work on decrypting the rest of Reza's notes. We need to figure out what he was working on. It could take a while, so I'll just close up the store.

: Are you sure?

Liv: My regulars know how to get in touch. I'll call you as soon as I got something.

: Great. Thanks, Liv. You're the best.

Bye Liv I like you slightly better now. And don't worry, we'll be in touch with Liv over the phone throughout most of the game.

I guess this is it then.

Let's repair Wonkers and Travel to Venice. /Backup

Hey, wait a minute.

This isn't Venice! In fact, we're not even in Stark anymore

Let's meet the Marcurian Rebels! /Backup

The Azadi

The Azadi currently occupy Marcuria, and are attempting to spread their rule over all of Arcadia. At the heart of the Azadi is their religion.


Chawan is sensible, smart, wise, and a good fighter; someone you can always count on.


Brynn is young, naive and stupid. Overeager and quick to dash into things, he's trouble waiting to happen.


Na`ane is the Squad's Mage, and she's quite good at what she does. She is sensible and wise in the ways of magic, but she cannot fight on a physical level.

April Ryan


The Longest Journey
April is the Squad Leader, as well as the main character of TLJ. The last time we saw her she was in the Guardian Dimension in between Stark and Arcadia, but it appears she has taken up residence in Arcadia, and is attempting to free Marcuria from from the Azadi. April is gifted with the very rare ability of being able to move between the two worlds at will.

Unfortunately we won't be seeing any of these fine folks again until Chapter 4. Next time we arrive in Venice, get the lay of the land, and meet Charlie.

I'm going to be taking a little break here. I'll keep working on the LP mind you, but I have some stuff to take care since my first year of college is next year. Next update will probably be in a few days, and continuing updates will be every other day at the earliest.

Bonus Content

Let's look at some Dreamfall concept art!

Zoe went through a whole bunch of designs that look nothing like she does now.

Here's some Concept Art of Zoe's Jacket that she'll be wearing in Chapter 4.

Here's the original design for Zoe's ordinary clothes.

It's the mysterious Vagabond!

Liv is very colorful.

It's a Marcurian pimp! We'll see him ingame in Chapter 4.

This is a beautiful picture of Emma, and they really dropped the ball with the ingame model.

Chinese dude looks badass here. It's too bad he's nothing but an awful stereotype ingame.

I think Wonkers is actually even more creepy in the concept art.

This painting is genuinely beautiful, at least in my opinion.

Okay, that's enough of that. Next update coming tomorrow.