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Part 9

Okay, let's break the hell in here!

And get killed by a dog a lot in the process. /Backup

Lockpicking puzzles are pure hell and I'd rather not explain them. Basically, you have to match the symbols on the circles with the ones on the outside, which you do by rotating the circles. I just cut out most of the puzzle in the video because trust me, you don't want to see it. There'll be more later anyway, and it only gets harder! Also, I have no idea what makes the dog wake up so I just had to keep trying.

Okay, we're inside. First order of business, retrieve the hatchet.

Great, all we get is a handle. Nice job Zoe!

Well I'm sure it will come in handy - certainly not for the puzzle we're about to do.

Near the hatchet we have a lighter. Zoe is dumb and doesn't know what it is.

Over on the other side of the room is a bunch of pots. This one contains an indeterminate liquid.

How useful.

And oh look, some rags. Figured out what to do yet?

First we grab a rag,

Then we combine the Rag with the Axe Handle,

and we get a torch!

Dip the torch in the petrol and give it a good couple of swishes.

Use the lighter and

Fire! This entire puzzle was necessary in order to go through the next corridor, which has nothing of note in it and we could easily go through without a torch. In fact, once you've gone through it once you CAN go through it without a torch.


Well, let's go on through then. /Backup

The only things around in this area are the security room and

a giant metal door.

This had me stumped and running about to see what I missed for approximately half an hour my first playthrough. The actual answer is horribly dumb because the game gives you no clue to point you toward it.

We have to hack into the security cameras. Somehow this opens the door.

More hacking. We have to match more symbols this time, but it's otherwise the same as before.

And the door cracks open.

Let's go upstairs and solve a puzzle. /Backup

You can also just barge into the room and try to trick the guy into a variety of things, but this results in a fight. Normally I'm up for one, but he deals a ton of damage and you'll have to fight him again later either way.

This is what's in the room to our right. This hotel better be damn cheap, or people are getting ripped off!

Wait a minute, she's hooked up to something!

Is that a flower? What the fuck?

Here's room 201, which is of course locked.

The woman seems to have gotten up from her bed, and is acting like a zombie. Fortunately, she doesn't seem interested in Zoe's brains and just ignores us.

While she's out, let's investigate that device.

Excellent detective skills Zoe!

The game goes into cutscene mode, but then Zoe says this and gets back up.

Well all this sneaking around has token it's toll on Zoe, and the rain outside isn't helping

Let's go to the bathroom! Zombie lady follows us in here.

Zoe actually has a bladder of infinite holding, so instead of using the facilities we just take the window handle.

As we exit the room the guard downstairs decides now would be a great time to do the rounds, and spots us.

This fight is made more fun by the fact that he screams "Christ, she kicks like a bloody mule!" a lot.

Mule kick go!

This guy is probably the hardest enemy in the game. And yes, he will get back up up. Fortunately it isn't timer based but instead happens when we enter the next area.

There are a LOT of doors in this place, and almost all of them are locked. It can be a little frustrating.

So screw the doors, let's use a window!

What a coincidence, I picked one of those up in the bathroom!

When breaking into a hotel that is actually a front for a human testing laboratory, always pick up any broken window handles you find!

To the fire escape! Let's climb that ladder on the left side of the screen that you can't really see because I forgot to get a good screenshot of it.

And at the top the ladder conveniently breaks, leaving us with this window as our only passage.

Once inside we encounter another zombie dude. Or maybe he's just a lazy old guy chilling in his boxers. Whatever.

Checking the bathroom because there's always something useful there, we find a disgusting towel.

So obviously we take it!

Continuing on we discover the old dude is in fact interested in eating Zoe's brains.

This isn't really a problem since he goes down in two hits and deals almost no damage even if he manages to hit you. What IS a problem is that the noise alerts our old friend.


This radiator will not be used in a puzzle (I am lying).

Looking out the window we find a walkway leading to a certain room of great importance.

Let's head back to old man zombie's room and take his sheet. Because the living conditions here are so lavish, making them worse hardly matters

Back at the window we combine the sheets with the filthy towel to produce

A makeshift rope!

So let's tie the rope to the radiator

and climb on down!

Well here we are.
Shit! Let's fucking go inside and fucking meet Marcus! Fuck! /Backup

Marcus in TLJ

Marcus was part of the clique that April, Charlie and Emma were in. He was always a bit of the odd man out, and only had a few lines in TLJ. When other characters talked about him the usual opinion was that he was a bit of a jerk. A fun bit of trivia: in the original game, Marcus is voiced by Ragnar Tornquist himself.

Alright, let's follow Marcus downstairs.

: I'm very serious. This friend of mine, he means a lot to me.

Marcus: Whatever. As long as I'm on that list and you've got the cash. Wait, what was your name again?

: Zoe. What's yours?

Marcus: Marcus. You don't have a last name?

Well at least Zoe isn't a complete moron. Just sort of a moron.

Marcus: You're a player, Zoe. I'll give you that.

Yes Zoe, you will.

Okay, let's get back to The Fringe and

Meet Emma, learn more about April, and end Chapter 3 with a Cliffhanger. /Backup

Next time... well that would be telling, wouldn't it?

Bonus comparison shot: April's room then and now.