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Original Thread: You are the wheelman! - Let's Play Driver! [VLP]



Let's Play Driver

In 1999, something beautiful happened. Game critics and consumers alike came together to praise Driver, a game which would've (and has) gotten a firm lashing in any other era of gaming. It was exciting, and new, and it did things no other games did! Fully-functioning, realistic 3d cities! The best handling in any driving game to date! Things that seem obsolete by today's standards, but were an incredible novelty. But, there is a lot more to Driver than its headlining features. The gameplay has aged incredibly well, and yes, in spite of Grand Theft Auto, there's still nothing quite like it.

It is the start of what I consider to be the Best Driving Game Series™. Even if you're not a fan of the later games, it's good to see where it all started, no?


1. The Great Bank Robbery
2. The Briefcase
3. The Escapist
4. Extortion
5. Inside Job
6. The Silent Partner
7. Scared Straight
8. Heli
9. Ransom
10. The Perfect Set-Up
11. Cop Car
12. Hit Man
13. Beverly Hills Cop
14. True Romance
15. The Driver


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