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Duckman - The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: Let's Play: Duckman - The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick



What is this?

Duckman - The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick (I accidentally used the earlier title Duckman - The Legend Of The Fall at the start of the commentary) is a point-and-click adventure game based on the TV show Duckman, surprisingly. It's a standard 90's graphical adventure game in how it plays and it features the same kind of black humour that was prominent in the TV show. This game was made in 1997 by the Illusions Gaming Company and it shows very much that this is a 90's game with its references and, at times, it's humour and stereotyping.

Jason Alexander was the voice of Duckman in the TV show but turned down an offer of reprising the role for this game. Playing Duckman was a big strain on his voice and this game was huge in scope compared to recording an episode for the show. The acting duties for the role of Duckman were passed onto Michael J. Gough who has done a huge amount of voice acting work over the years.

Do I need to watch the TV show first?

The game was released partway through the fourth and final season of Duckman and is only based on the show itself. Although characters from the show are in the game, it does try to link association with Duckman through dialogue. While it would certainly help with familiarisation, it's not really necessary.

LP details

This is going to be a VLP and I will be recording commentary as I play the game. I would like to add that this is the first time that I have ever played this game, which given the nature of the game I may end up regretting this decision. I will update with one video each and every Sunday until completion.

Let's Play: Duckman - The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick

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