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by davidspackage

Part 1


So one day dad has the servants pull me out of bed and get dressed because he wants me to do something for him.

Dad often reminds me who he is again because I can be forgetful.

Uuugh. I really don't want to go out today, can't someone else do it? Mo-om?

I haven't forgotten who you are, dad. I mean, mom. Fine, I'll go.

Luckily my swell Ornithopter does all the flying for me and I can just watch the pretty sand go by.

Nice dunes. Hey wait... this planet's called Dune too!


Oh, I've arrived.

Gurney often beats me when I forget things, and when I don't.

He also shoots me creepy winks. I think the desert heat might be getting to him, I'd better bring him along.

This guy has a wicked beard. I didn't hear half of what he said.

OK that was easy. Go me.

Mine Spice for me or my dad will get mad.

These are the worst Fremen ever. Next sietch.

I think this guy is one of those strangers with candy mom warned me about.

That's OK buddy I need miners, not sex offenders. Or do I? On to Carthag-Harg.

These guys have advanced hairstyle technology.

Already much better Fremen than the first batch, but their lack of faith is disturbing. I have got to get these guys fired up somehow.

Sure Gurney. I know you only say this because you hope dad will order you to beat me for being a disappointment.

And he will.

Hey, another person's arrived! It's Lando Mo

Duncan Idaho, that's who I meant. What up Duncan!

10 kgs? Are those Fremen just digging it out of the sand with their hands? Come onnn! Wait... how much is a kg?

Mom, I'm not going to do anything stupid like... eat it, or something. Quit worrying.

...but I just came baaaack! No fair, I don't want to go out again!

Whatev dad. I'm a man, I can handle a little sun.

No, screw you Gurney. No more beatings today. I'm going off to catch some rays.

I'll be fine. Can still see the palace from here.

Man... it's pretty hot out here though. Whew.

OK. Uh... let's see. I came from the... south, so that means I should go... this way.

OK, I... I think this is the right way...

Man, that sun's pretty... brutal...