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Part 6

So far, this Stilgar guy seems pretty chill.

Hey, codenames. Some old guy at the library once offered me ten bucks if he could take pictures of me while I mingled water, but I'm not sure if this is the same thing. I'll bring Stilgar along anyway, the other Fremen will like that.

This guy's mustache is powerful. I hope he'll fight for me, he looks vicious.

Alriiight! He needs time to build his skill, but I have faith in his mustachial competence.

Yes, I've heard some of the talk. And the jokes. And the songs. I get it, my mom's hot.

Well, no one else is using the knives, so knock yourself out.

Stilgar marked some more sietchs on the map, time to check them out.

I'm not sure if I want this dude to become part of my army. He looks like a nerd. Maybe he could be Duncan's secretary or something.

Well, he wants it so bad. Even though his troop is small, I guess I'll let him tag along.

I think this might the twin of the guy from Carthag-Tabr, except he had a stroke and now his mouth is all frowny all the time.

Damn. Dude's grizzled. He'll make a great addition to my army.

I then remember that there's still the one guy in Habbanya-Tabr who refused to work for me when I first met him. Let's see how his smart mouth helps him against Paul Mua-"hoo-ah"-dib and Stilgar!

That's what I thought, bitch.

Yeah, you'd better learn.

The Prospectors have been digging up some serious Spice deposits down here. That'll keep the emperor happy.

OK, time to introduce Stilgar to the family.

Oh, thanks a lot, mom. Everybody knows Stilgar, apparently. I don't suppose you could've told me this a little earlier?

That's right, I'm bad.

Mo-om. Keep it in your pants, you're embarrassing me.

Do you trust mom standing so close to him too, dad?

I think I'll get Stilgar away from mom for a while. I'll show him my room.

Jeez, I've been hanging around in the desert too long. My eyes hurt.

Hey Gurney. Put the gun down, I'm coming in.

Ah, Indian burns and weirding wedgies.

I shall inflict you upon these Fremen, Gurney Halleck.

Thufir likes my plan. Let's dump Gurney asap.

Hey guys! Surprise for you!

He means he's going to break their arms.

Hee hee hee

Mustache bandit ought to go pick up the lasergun in this sietch close to the palace.

Meanwhile, I'll gather the rest of my troops in this sietch so Gurney can abuse all of them at the same time.

Arrrgh. Just my luck.

There's a new message...

But he looks great in a bikini.

Dad is mad.

Mom, this is no time for

Aah! It's true! Maybe Thufir's got some topical cream...

Really insane, may be dangerous. The thoughts acquire speed indeed, Thufir.

It takes two minutes to walk over there. Do it yourself.

I wasn't paying attention to what you said dad, Thufir's got something to tell you.

Stop who now?