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by davidspackage

Part 7

You're as cruel as you are PUFFY, Duncan.

And of course, now I need to find where such a village actually is.

Stilgar doesn't know any, and my Spice honey just talks nonsense.

Hm... unless...

The legends were straight true.

Now's a chance to prove I'm a master negotiator.




Alright! Duncan's teachings pay off!

Actually, I'd like to see you squirm a bit more.

You can try harder than that...


This entire village has one smuggler, and he just has one Orni and harvester. Oh well. I'll head home then.

Back at the palace, I concentrate to phone up some Fremen. They can go pick up the equipment I just bought.

God, you guys are like children.

He won't go directly to the village, but if I tell him to search for equipment in the vicinity, he'll go.

My chocolate bunny starts to nag about moving back home. I think this relationship's run its course.

On the way out, Duncan also starts nagging.

Sure sure, get it done.

Back to Tuono-Timin then, I'm getting a headache.

Hey, it's your loss, baby.

Plenty more fish in the sea! You'll come crawling back sooner or later!

Shut up Stilgar, I'm not cr-- oh hey, a vision.

The emperor wants more Spice. More than twice as much as last time, even.

Luckily we have... a lot.

The emperor's put on his happy face. Another five days of respite.

Really? I'll have to go check that out.

I'd best double-check if the village is south of here. The Fremen chief will know.

First he wants comforting over the big scary worm he saw. Everyone needs me to deal with their problems.

Actually it's a village, but thanks.

Wow, this is turning out to be a long flight. I thought the Fremen said "not far from here."

This is ridiculous. I'm going to run out of fuel soon. I never should've flown this way. In fact...

...I never did! It was all, uh, a vision I had. Yes. A vision of the possible future.

(The game does this to you sometimes. You get told of a secret sietch or village, but you could fly there for days and not find anything. Always save before flying.)

In my vision I also saw that the guys at Carthag-Tabr would get attacked by Harkonnen, so I take precautions.

Look, I don't have time to constantly check in with you guys. Crybaby.

I forgot these were the guys that got their harvester eaten. Sorry about that.

Go south a bit. There's more Spice there anyhoo.

Now that I have Stilgar with me, I should check out Tuono-Tabr again. Last time I was there, the Fremen wouldn't let me see the inside of their sietch.

Whine whine whine. If you'd been willing to leave your sietch and pick up an Orni before, this wouldn't have happened.

It can wait. I want to see what's inside this sietch.

Oh, it's water.

Yeah, it's water. We have lots of it on my home planet.

Is he daring me? I don't want to look like a wimp, but...

drat it, he's totally smirking at me. I swear I will drink the Water of Life one day... and shut him up.

Meanwhile I'll check in with the guys further south. These guys can go pick up an Orni from the sietch nearby.

And the troop I sent here for the lasergun has arrived. Time to check in with them.

Make them count...

And back to the torturous embrace of Gurney Halleck you go.

Stilgar takes this moment to get all mysterious.

Well, before I fly all the way over there, I'll fly a little further north to check in with my army.

Espionage, eh?

He looks so digusted when he says this.

Since they're expendable, I'll send the mousy guy's troop to look for nearby Harkonnen fortresses.

Guess I'll go to that place Stilgar wants me to go now.