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by davidspackage

Part 10

But he isn't, mom. He's DEAD. Alright? You have to accept that!

I'm sorry for shouting at you mom. That was a sin.

We've found the Harkonnen herb garden. Those plants on the right smell kind of funky.

Two girls have now been in my bedroom. When I get back to Caladan, I'm telling everyone.

This one's going straight on MySpice.

Thufir seems excited about it.

Uh uh I don't know baby, is he like a big guy

Sigh. Okay, let's go.

Yes it was three days ago. You have such faith in my memory, Choni.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Uh uh hello sir


Oh God, he already knows my name.

Exp... getting ready to run the other way now.

Ah, you're a mad scientist.

Cabbage patch.

Oh good. Now I'm working for my girlfriend's father.

Stilgar is so excited he starts to string together retarded sentences.

Anyway, let's check out these sietchs along the swirly thing.

Look, guy, I know this Spice baldness is ugly, but spray-on hair just looks horrible every time.

There's our first ecologist troop. I'll send them over to Kynes to help him grow bulbs.

Great, the emperor's calling again. I need to get a blackberry or something to keep track so I'm not on the other side of the planet when he calls. Oh well, I've got a few more hours.

I think I met this guy's brother...

The last sietch is uninhabited. Best go and make that Spice shipment.

Duncan is getting so antsy, he's developed telepathic abilities.

Yeah great Thufir, you just keep pondering that.

That's settled.

I'll check in with the Spice miners around the palace area. They're getting good at what they do.

These dudes have just about mined their area dry.

There's more Spice to the west. Good luck.

Back to the military campaign. I'll look up my espionage guys.

Rad! They've espied a secret sietch.

I know... I know.

More flesh for the grinder...

Down south, the ecologists are working hard.

My army has been training pretty hard. I think it's time to test them in the field.