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Part 12

I really don't trust this guy. I bet he kidnapped her.

What great timing! Get lost, Thufir.

Even more people know my girlfriend than they do my mother. She's so popular!

The guys at this fortress sound a bit more easy to handle. I could take out my girlfriend-deprived anger on them.

Kill! I'll go over there myself to watch the battle.

Man, the battle is ragin'! Hoo-ah!

War is hell, soldier. Get used to it.

Troop reports are pretty positive.

Stilgar is pretty excited too.

Since everything's going well, I'll order a massive attack. Finish them!


More prisoners to recruit as soldiers.

I'd almost forget about that message back at the palace. Best check it out.


Also another Spice shipment to ship out.

Thufir is such a strategic mastermind. I think I'll follow my own hunches.

Oh hey, my ecologists finished harvesting cabbages. Now they can start planting trees.

Yes, that's right. He sounds real incredulous when he says this, even though he just grew them himself.

Mom will appreciate me getting some trees planted near the palace.

Oops. I forgot to check in with my mousy bald guy spy troops. We'll have to rescue them later.

For now, time to see if the smugglers have anything useful to sell.

Daaamn. Weirding modules you say? My troops are going to kick ass with these things.

The area around the palace is gradually running out of Spice. Go where the Spice is, guys.

Make it so, Duncan.

I have a hunch that I might find Chani in one of the fortresses close to our palace, even though that makes zero sense. I'll move the troops to that area.

IIIIII can't stand it, I know they planned it. I'ma set it straight, this Habbanyagate. The military troop I just sent to train can go there and root out the saboteurs.

Time passes... I have a picnic in the desert.

Alright. The troops are gathering in the sietchs nearby the palace. Since those sietchs don't have water, I'll have the ecologists set up wind traps.

Meanwhile, my military troops can go spy for any nearby fortresses.

Well that was easy.

OK, regroup. This is going to be a tough fight, I'll need my best guys.

Waiting and waiting as the troops get into place...


That's what I get for waiting. The Harkonnens capture the sietch with a lone ecologist.

We're gonna TAKE. ARRAKIS. BACK!

Hell yes. Let's crush these jerks!

Victorious! Let's check things out!

Crowded prison. That Harkonnen guy looks pissed.

I'll need some dumb muscle to disarm this chattery fellow.

You there, elderly weakened prisoner. Cuff him.

Good job.

Heh heh.

I'm not sure what made him think that was useful info.

Hold me, baby.

Well well. This sietch has some pretty rad equipment.

Oh!... my God....!?