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by davidspackage

Part 13

Alright, I've got the Harkonnens tied for control of Dune, found some atomics (oh my God), and things are just going pretty well. It's time I take over this place and become a MAN.

First of all, I'm taking back what the Harkonnens stole from me - Carthag-Tabr.

The men respond well to my overwhelming charisma, and one takes a time-out from fighting to tell me about a nearby sietch. Swell.

Another victory. Those wimpy ecologists can return to their duties and build a new Wind-trap.

More prisoners to recruit as well. This army deal is really taking off.

Heading off in the direction the Fremen told me about, I don't find a sietch, but another village.

This Keith Flint-looking jerk isn't kidding. He won't budge at all. Oh well, I've got plenty of Spice and weirding modules are always good to have.

Might as well get some of his affordable laserguns as well, in case I want to be the Firestarter.

I dispatch some of the far-off troops training with Gurney to pick up the weapons I just bought, and head for the homestead again.

Will be? I don't think they can get much bluer than this, Momsy.

That last victory tipped the scales. I am kicking ass.

Yeah, whatev.

With Carthag-Tabr freed and turned back into a sietch, I send my troops to go liberate the spies that got captured earlier.

This ecology deal is pretty crap. Newly built Wind-traps run out of water super quick and then have to slowly refill.

Cool, another victory. Some additional troops along with the liberated spy guys, too.

The guys currently training with Gurney are reaching Expert level. Soon they'll be able to form a second troop and attack fortresses.

Meanwhile, the primary troop does well enough. Another fortress taken, another prisoner group to train, and more atomics! Yaouh!

Ugh again you greedy pig? Maybe we can placate him for a little longer...

No that's kind of a dumb idea. You're an idiot, Duncan. Shut up.

Yes, that's using your fat head.

I'm sorry for saying your head is fat, Duncan.

6 days. Better than nothing.

I've really mined the southern hemisphere dry. No biggie, but I'll start moving some miners anyway.

My secondary troops go to war, while the primary ones also move to attack. Promote synergy!

Surprise: victory! This is getting predictable.

Same deal for the primary troops.

Both troops spy more fortresses...

Conquer one...

Conquer another...

...and over at Gurney's, the third batch of soldiers is reaching Expert level. I think my army's quite big enough now, newly freed prisoners are just going to have to waste their time doing Ecology.

Oop, I do still need to mine Spice.

But I have plenty, and the 'peror is pleased enough to give us 9 days rest this time. Life is rad.

My primary troops are the best of the best. I'm just going to risk this attack.

Secondary troops are doing well against that other fortress...

Yup, looks like another one that's in the bag.

Tertiac... Tertr... Third troop have found another fortress.

Double deuce.

I'm on a victory streak. Might as well send the third troop to attack.

I just don't have anymore worthwhile tasks for these dudes.

On my way to inspect the other conquered fort, I get informed of... another victory.

More atomics...

...and in the other fortress, more unwanted recruits.