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Part 14

And here we go, rockin' it straight to the end:

Biiig surprise.

I've gotten all the military troops that I want trained to expert level. Now I'd better take care of something...

There we go. Dropped Gurney off at the palace so I won't forget where he is and he dies or something.

Nothing but toughest of the tough around here. There's no way around it - I'm going to have to make an effort here. Sigh, groan.

Do it, Fremen friends.

And of course it's victory, and I check out the fort's prisoners so


These motherfuckers will be the deadliest warriors that have ever rocked the sands of this planet.

Ah, a fortress that doesn't have super-tough Harkonnens.

Victory, prisoners sent to become Ecologists. Chani is starting to accuse me of becoming jaded. I almost care enough to acknowledge her.

My dudes continue to rout the Harkonnens. At this rate, we should have complete control over Dune soon.

Sit on it, holodouche.

Two fortresses left. I'll have to throw all my atomics-equipped troops at these to take them over.

Hot damn. That's a lot of atomics. Totally worth it.

My troops attack the other fort, and just as I arrive, I'm informed of victory.

Fun fact: not only are these particular Fremen not in the fortress, I never met them anywhere during my time on Dune.

Well well. Another prisoner. Let's see what he has to say.

Well... that's all the fortresses except the Harkonnen palace, conquered. I guess I'll go home and figure out what to do next?

Oh, damn it.

It's all up in the north. Must be some fortress I missed. I'm lucky my men are so over-motivated, or they'd probably already be defeated.

Uh oh. Better get some men over there fast.

Oooh, didn't expect that, did you?

And ba-whoop, that's truly the last fortress.

You're right, Stilgar. There's just one more thing I must do...

Just wanted her to see what she's missing. Let's go home. No, I just got some sand in my eye.

I'll take Thufir to Arrakeen-Tabr to plan this deal.

Oh sure, I'll just taxi everyone over. It's not like we have servants for this. No, Paul will do it.

OK, that's everyone except Duncan, who doesn't want to come for some reason.

I wonder if it's still too late to marry mom?

Wait, did I say that or just think it?

Yeah, the- what? Thufir, you don't suppose you could've told everyone about this sooner? You crusty ass.

This place is pretty crowded.

Thufir's plan is to get 10,000 men armed with atomics in the three sietchs around the palace. They're already here, so... let's do it?

Let battle be joined.


Dune is MINE. Let's go inside and gloat a lot. This'll be great. Wait WAIT let's pretend that we actually thought it was our palace and and uh

You stand in front of the Harkonnen palace. Do you:

And that's what I did for my summer holiday on Dune. It was OK I guess but Gurney says next year we'll go on holiday to Giedi Prime and I can have a cat! Now I'm tired. Well bye.



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