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Part 5: Ran-dum, DsCK - One

The annals of Ran-dum, DSCK (Demonspawn Chaos Knight.)

“The destiny of this world depends on the Orb of Zot.” Oh god, if we're the best this world can muster, we're all doomed. As a CK, we start with +2 leather armour and a +2,+2 weapon. The +2 armour means it grants +2 AC over normal leather armour. The weapon is shorthanded to “+2 bonus” meaning the accuracy and damage bonus are the same. The first number is accuracy and the second is damage.

We nab a sweet ring on D:1, but dunno what it is. Also, our dodging skills go to level 1. As a leather-wearer, we can afford to level dodging and armour.

Another ring turns out to be a +2 ring of dex, increasing our evasion by 1 point.

Killing a rat yields level 2 for us and our first mutation. Demonspawn have a gimmick, every few levels they get a semi-random, positive mutation. Ours is rC+, or one pip of Cold resistance, pretty nice to protect us from random arrows of frost messing with us.

A third ring on D:1 proves too good to be true, a cursed ring of teleportation will randomly teleport us around the level. Things aren't looking good for Ran-dum, but Xom hasn't intervened at all yet.

We hit level 3 and get a second mutation, we're able to protect items (potions) from being shattered by ice attacks. Not the most exciting mutation, but I have awful luck with conservation items, so it's welcome if we start getting anywhere.

After a few teleports in quick succession, we hit 4, no mutation though.

Still burning every scroll as soon as we find it, we've managed to pick up a +2 wizard hat and an runed ring mail, which we'll try later. We've also managed to curse our other ring, and find out that the first ring we found was one of rPoison, which has a 90% chance of stopping us from being poisoned while we wear it.

Xom decides to show us his appreciation by giving us 19 gold in the middle of a fight with a worm. The next turn we teleport away, so we have to return to kill the worm and claim out ~God Gift~.

Killing a snake levels us to 5, giving a sinister message that really just means “taking damage gives you magic.”

Some poor soul who failed to retrieve the orb has been trapped by the dungeon. As a fellow CK, we deem it our duty to return him to Xom. Player Ghosts are not jokes, even crappy ones are still not to be trifled with, they're also XP pinatas. I put on the ring of slaying (the one with the sword) as I just recently identified it as +0,+6 (or, +6 damage) and kill him.

I wasn't joking about the pinata part, we were just barely level 5 and he shot us up to 21% through 6. (Aside: Juggla was going to be my run, but he was boring and Xom did nothing. This gives us the chance to show off good mutations a bit and player ghosts.)

Xom gets angry or something, so we lose a point of dex. The ring mail turned out to be +2 and we enchanted it up to +3, so we'll wear that.

On the next level we find the Temple, so I decide to stop. Now I leave the decision up to you, we can switch gods, incurring Xoms wrath, or we can stay the course and see how well we can do before he decides to kill us. I'm fine with either, but this character is pretty rad and might be able to wait out his wrath. Also, this allows me to explain wrath and the deity system a bit better. Still, totally up to you guys which way I go. Oh, I haven't seen altars to Okawaru or Ashenzeri, but I'm sure they're around.