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by Chakan

Part 11: Ran-dum, DsCK - Seven

We return to Ran-dum to change his fashion entirely. Robes and tridents are out, heavier armour and glaives are in. I was actually looking for a bardiche, but apparently none had dropped yet, glaives will do though.

We enter the elven halls with a few glaives with intent on finding out which is best. A +1, +3 orcish glaive will do for now. I'm also testing the waters with this new build, plate and a two-handed weapon means this character has changed quite a bit, best to take things slow while I gauge how good he is now.

We renounce Xom and all hi fabulous benefits after a bit. He'll be pretty pissed at us, but it shouldn't kill Ran-dum unless we're already in a very bad spot. Xom does not appreciate desertion, so we have to be subject to his whims, like we already have.

Maud's not very nice, but unless she spawns with a mean weapon, she's easy enough to take down. I use her to practice with my new weapon.

The eye of devestation turns into a pulsating lump of flesh. This creature is neither of those things, it's a shapeshifter. These guys will change into new forms on occasion and heal in the process.

Louise is able to banish you too, so give her some respect. Still, we have little difficulty.

Right after that, Xom animates our glaive. We use Louises glaive to beat it into submission.

A strange bug with a door mimic that we recognized before seeing leads us to fighting ~7 elves at once, not that big of a deal, but they can be dangerous.

Jozef, not Joseph. He's strong, but like the other two uniques we've encountered in elf, we kill him with little issue. After finishing e:2, we head back into the dungeon and kill Saint Roka, he takes us to ½ health in the process, but nothing else happens.

We burn the last of our good wand charges trying to not die here, and we just barely manage to blink to safety, we kill the crew in short order once we're rested, it was really only Xom's intervention that nearly killed us.

Agnes is strong and fast, her lajatang can do some serious damage, but we shrug it off and kill her.

Jiyva Jelic, deity of the slimes. We worship Jiyva now. Doing so will put our stash of stuff at risk, so we head there to get everything of importance and make sure we don't need anything else from it. Jiyva loves it when you let oozes and slimes consume stuff on the ground, and eventually you get satiation from them doing so. Piety comes fast for Jiyva worshipers but since all your sweet loot is eaten by jellies, it's best to join Jiyva later, once you're pretty much set on equipment.

Among the stash is the scroll of acquirement, which we promptly use, acquiring armour gives us this lovely piece, pretty much the best acquirement I've ever done.

Jiyva gives us a jelly who roams around and eats things, we quickly reach max piety from all the crap around.

Pandemonium, a very nasty place. We'll hopefully showcase it later, but not on this character.

The abyss, also a one-way gate. Getting out is rather difficult but the abyss is infinite, so you can scum for pretty much anything if you've got the time and patience.

We hit 17 and get AC+2, EV-1 scales, pretty good deal I guess.

A lich is guarding a treasure trove and he decides to summon a number of mean demons (the trove is under one of those demons and requires two scrolls of acquirement )

Now we're in a bit of trouble, one of the demons has filled the hallway with freezing vapours and we'll be relying on ~30% failure blink to get away as many of those are faster than us. Our wands are empty and these demons can easily do 60 damage before we can get out of their LOS if blink fails more than once.

We're dead. We lose a level from a draining attack and get airstruck, dying. It doesn't come out so well in my screenshots, but I should've ran as soon as I saw the lich, not tried to kill him then run. The nasties he summoned were too difficult for an XL17 character, much less this one, so we die. This death felt 50/50 between player error and the game as liches never seem to give me much trouble with summons, but I know it was really mostly my fault for not booking it.

Goodbye, Ran-dum.

I plan on showcasing a caster, probably a Naga Wizard. If you have any name suggestions, those are fine, any requests for the class is also fine.