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Part 13: MinoMax, MiMo - Two

Now, I was just expecting this to be a failed run at this point so I didn't document it too well. But the first thing I did was quaff the top potion in my inventory, the one with 2 in the stack. That usually means it's curing or heal wounds. Either way that buys me time.

It's curing, which gives 9 hits of buffer and cures the confusion. I then take on an imp and some jackals (those shouts brought the other jackals)...

...and then try to take out the mushrooms before they can spawn another spore.

Luckily, it is a small colony. Also luckily, it gives me a ton of experience.

Just south of the altar, I'm running for cover again to avoid being mobbed when the player ghost following me casts Mephitic Cloud. I move into the one space not occupied by vapor and proceed to lay the smackdown on him. And around the corner from THERE...

It's the Ecumenical Temple! As long as there is an altar to Okiwaru there, of which there is a strong chance, I can finally get this rolling.

This is the other reason to be a monk. Monks start at the second rank of piety. This gives me instant access to heroism, a buff that adds +5 to all non-spell skills at the expense of only 1 piety and some food usage. There's no payback when it ends and it can be used again immediately.

Here is what my skills look like when it's kicked off. With one application of this, I kill Edmund and Blork.

Oh, and those chaps guarding those boots:


We also have enough for that cap...


I wanted to get this out so there wasn't a tease while Chakan runs his next update. Future updates will be from a 1024x768 resolution screen instead of 1900x1200, so they should be much more true to what you'd see onscreen.