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Part 14: MinoMax, MiMo - Three

MinoMax 1.3 - "guys, I'm getting a lot of laj right now"

This guy is a Deep Dwarf Necromancer ghost. I may have been down just a few hits, but I believe that is one turn of damage. Caster ghosts get up to 6 spells, for necromancers this is usually the monster version of agony. It halves your hits. They also get a blink, a couple nukes, and some hostile enchantments.

I don't know if we've talked too much about player ghosts. If you play online, and die, your ghost can harass other players. Ghosts have poison resist so that rules out the usual control - they get the player's cold, fire, and electricity resists, and their HP, AC, and EV. They do their weapon's base damage + 4% per level then increased again by fighting/strength. They will use the weapon's brand.

They drop no loot and can't use stairs. I get away from this guy.

This whole area is filled with net traps. Flavor rooms like this pop up a bit in Crawl. I don't know what is supposed to be going on here, but I'm happy to hit guys stuck in nets...

You're supposed to kill this guy first as he gets majorly more pumped up than Duvessa, his, what, twin sister? Anyway, as I kill him in one round it's not an issue.

Still no staff yet, so I start throwing xp back into unarmed for a bit. Unarmed is extremely viable for minotaurs.

This is an exclusion area marked out because the game found an archer statue up there. Exclusion could be just this guy plinking arrows, or it could be statues that nuke you and your stats from orbit. I just stay away because I'm too dumb to know which, and I can't imagine that animal skin is going to be worth it.

Apparently someone likes to play "punching guys while they are eating food." It's nice to have a source of See Invisible so you can know what you are killing.

Another flavor room, this one full of sweet sweet Okawaru piety orcs. And a hill giant. Giants are no joke, do not lay on a direction or tab when fighting them. I forget about this guy and nearly get rocked while chewing through orcs.

I've got enough piety for my first Oka gift, STILL NO STAFF through dungeon level 12, so I head to the lair.

Not pictured: I find a staff. I'm still beating spiny frogs to death with my bare hands, but raising the skill as my only weapon skill means all weapons I get from Oka will be staves. Now, that could be a staff, which has 5 base damage, a quarterstaff which is I think 9?, or a lajatang which is a base SIXTEEN. Oka is famous for sending you 10 hats while you are bare-handed.

However, THIS time, on Lair:2 -

..and a few kills later -

Yeah, that'll do.

And what better to kill with a new weapon....

...than BEES!

If you don't have poison resist, this room is a nightmare for you. Bees are fast as hell and will swarm you fast. Getting stung to death while dying of poison is no fun.

I have poison resist. Also I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!! Things are going awesome!

Wulp. See you next time, on Lair 7!

Edit: Resizing program really honked the quality. Went back through with photoshop and re-did them. After the next update it will be better, too.