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Part 61: Mr. Ed, CeHu - Four

Ok, so I messed something up and the images for this one will be a bit blurry, I just forgot to change one option, but in the future they'll be crisper.

After a rather lengthy break, we return to the annals of Mr. Ed, CeHu.

I apparently started working on an update between this one and the last, but those screenshots were lost. I seem to have just cleared most of the orcish mines and the rest of lair. Sorry for losing this stuff, but it probably wasn't all that interesting, I guess. You can also see my lair ending, the swamp. It really sucks and I have int drain because of vampire mosquitos.

Oh, but I did get this, which is pretty amazing.

Returning to the dungeon at large, I quickly find Maud, she's looking for Entarex, but has a pretty neat flaming demon trident in the mean time. I kill her with little fuss, taking the demon trident for the hell of it as it can be an end-game weapon if I want it. Oh, off-screen I enchanted my stack of arrows I'd been saving up, now they're all +8, so they'll hit more, do more damage and mulch less.

Destroying a hungry ghost gives me my quinceañera. I choose int, in case I want to be able to cast haste et al. later. I'll have to make up my mind relatively soon though.

An unseen horror ambushed me and I spent a couple hundred turns killing it without Sinv, so I missed this bailey which would've been a good source of XP.

Nope! OCS's are never worth messing with if you don't have a way to insta-kill them, which I do not.

A dimensional portal opens and out steps Bizarro-Ed, or Nessos as he prefers. I hit the ballistomycete first to get some damage on him and confuse Nessos, then buff up and kill him.

Like so.

He has a longbow of flame (+2,+2 as I find out) which is a pretty good upgrade from my bow of evasion, so I swap to it.

So, I'm looking around and I find a mottled dragon, I go back upstairs, drop my scrolls and sneak around to kill him at little risk, but blunder into this fella first.

Oh, he's just a shapeshifter. Fire crabs still suck though, so I take him out qui-

Wow, what a jerk, screw guardian serpents. I kill him in that form, then kill the mottled dragon and am soon met with...

Aizul. A disgraced Guardian Serpent, Aizul can put you to sleep and has powerful spells, not to be trifled with.

Observe. I'm in a pretty bad spot, so I hit him with an arrow of dispersal and then zap a wand of tele on me. I regroup and ambush him, quickly putting an end to his misery. Later, Okawaru gives me a +0 splint mail of rF+. It's nice, but not as good as my current armour.

This x4, lack of pips is getting annoying. I get through it, but I need to start finding better overall gear or something.

Oh cool, Donald typically has good gear, and he shouldn't be much of a problem now.

Piss, I've sunk ~20 +8 arrows into him and he doesn't care, he must have rF++ or +++.

I kill him eventually, but it's no easy task. Looking over his items, he has a nice shield and his armour is also rF+, but I don't want the attackspeed slow from the shield and the armour is worse than my current one, so it stays there, a monument to a brave combatant who got his face burned and frozen till he stopped moving.

You might have guessed what Donald and his crew of humans were guarding, it's a decently common vault, the trick to beating it is to take the third set of stairs.

Sweet sixteen, ogre packs are no worries except for the magi.

Woah woah, lets slow down a minute...

Alright yeah, we're good.

Snorg is pretty fast when beserking, and his lasts longer than player rages. Solution: be a centaur and kite him till his rage is over.

Poor fella didn't know what hit him. (It was my arrows, they hit him.)

Wait, no shops? I haven't finished the orcish mines yet! I'll do that and then decide between the snake pit and shoals afterwards.

Oh, this might be why. Initially I think it's the ogre ending, and it kinda is, but as we'll see, there's another vault on the level that's harder.

With the ogres and trolls are our four shops, this is the important one. I don't buy anything yet because I might find the stuff as loot later in the level, but I'll be back for that rPois ring.

Up here, in the corner, is the other vault, a church to Beogh. Included is a warlord and a high priest. When the latter summons a sun devil I'm forced to back off while its timer runs down.

When it's all said and done, I've got a new pair of gloves that make lugging around all this ammo much easier.

Man, fuck you Beogh.

And with that, I bid adieu to the orcish mines. Next time I'll be diving down into the snake pits to retrieve a fabled artefact, a piece of the puzzle that will make little Ed really be somebody.