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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 10

Just a small update, showing the second hidden realm. I completely forgot about the first one, so lets just pretend I never went.

As we moved slowly to our next realm of conquest..

We saw that our imps where rebelling against us. Evidently they felt that with their experience they shouldn't have to dig, forming a union in protest against what they percieved as an injustice. With no.. direct way to harm them, we had to settle for indirect death.

The first two things we set our imps to do, was to carve out the gold mine to the far south, and to enter the Hero labyrinth to the west.

inside of which a boulder trap lay waste to what was inside. Smashing down the walls of the maze, we where attacked by a Hellhound with delusions of grandeur. Or delusions of Heroics.

Alas, with the death of the final imp, the Dark gods spawned ten more imps, who somehow managed to find the strength of will to take down our Heroically misguided friend. (Seriously. Ten level ten imps beat down a level 7 Hellhound. How the fuck does that happen?)

And with a grim chuckle, the Dark gods sealed our fate.

But the Dark gods are merciful, and rewound time to give us one final shot. They would not be so merciful..

We did not intend to disappoint.

With the death of the final imp, a Vampire was gifted to us by the Dark Gods, as well as the means to take him with us. All in time for tea too, lots of roasted imp to go around. Just needed to wipe the Hellhound lather off it.