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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 11

I trust you have all studied hard for the coming exam. The exams will begin after this lesson, this marks the middle of your semester.

Students A through F will be testing for Advanced Demonology.
Students F through L will be testing for 'Effective Dungeon Design'.

Further information, will be delivered after this lesson..


Unable to see the bad side of anyone, these folk could benefit from a swinging sword to the back of the neck, or possibly a lightning spell to the throat. Such possibilities never cross their happy minds.

The land of Grimsforth had been excavated much earlier by Keeper Grakard, whom had taken this land with extreme force from the now deceased locals. Unlike previous keepers, Grakard had thoroughly scoured the land before we arrived, resulting in what would become a very unorthodox Dungeon Design.

But we where unafraid of anything he could throw at us, after all, we had taken over half the lands of Skybird Trill with little effort so far, how would this one keeper pose a threat?

So we sent forth our scavenged Vampire, the one whom had been gifted to us by the dark gods previously.

However.. he decided he was too good to harass our Rival, and immediately headed to the scavenging room to try and scavenge.. the no other vampires in the vast open cavern.

Speaking of the Scavenger room, here it is, it is a wonderful room, it fills the head of any creatures in the realm with your dark whisperings, drawing them to you. The only downside is that you need to have at least one of the Minion you're attempting to scavenge.

Hearing the fluttering of wings nearby, we bridged to the centremap, and tunneled through, revealing.. four flies. Completely worthless.

Grakard was no fool though, he spotted our treasury, and started to bridge towards it.

Whilst his imps moved to secure the gold, we decided to distract Grakards forces with some diversions, we set our flies to harass the imps, which drew the ire of his, better trained, minions.

We also bridged to the east, taking over the vast island there, in preparation for an assault.

With our scavenger room incapable of supporting more than 2 minions, we expanded it further.

Which was a good thing because as many minions as we had, he had more, so we scavenged, and guarded the gold supply as we went.

Speaking of effective dungeon design..

Making a move to break the stalemate, we bridged to Grakards bridge, and took it from under his nose, then immediately set our vampire to harass the imp forces some more, this drew his attention quickly, however, with nowhere to drop his forces, we bridged south, and landed..

It was.. gassy. He had many Bile Demons, and so did we. Thankfully, we had more Dragons.

And so Grakard fell. And within seconds of his defeat, we took over his island Dungeon.

And watch, Children, as the sun begins to darken, and the chirping of the birds is slowly replaced by the sing song cry of agony, as the poisoned smoke chars their lungs.

The legions of Hell have been through here at your bidding. They've altered the appearance of the place as you would wish Master. Now we breath the heavy perfume of toxins wherever we wander.

And so Apprentices, it is time for your mid-semester exams.

For those studying Advanced Demonology, your task is simple.

Lay forth what you feel would be a good 'Startup' dungeon minion makeup, and explain why, make specific reference to creatures that mature with age, such as the Dragon.

For those studying Effective Dungeon Design, your task is twofold.

Of the memories shown to date, show which you feel was the most effective RIVAL dungeon design to our own, and the weakest, contrast the two and explain why you feel this way.

Success will grant you access to the more.. exciting Memories, and your life to continue the course. Failure will grant death.

Good luck children, the clock is ticking.

I dont think anyone will actually do this, but this 'in character' is fun