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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 12


Family life is the reason these serfs feel so confident and cheerful. Their unruffled existence would make even a terror dog throw up it's breakfast of half-chewed champions.

Welcome... Apprentices. And apprentices you are now, in the truest sense of the word, the weak have been cut from the strong.. your true lessons begin now.

We begin with a reasonably well constructed, surrounded on all sides by caves leading from the surface world, direct to our dungeon heart, we began by preparing our defences quickly, for we had not much time to waste, nor much gold with which to prepare.

Hark back to one of our earlier lessons, where you all pondered on the hubris of Heros to wait for us to come to them, well, from herein, they would come to us. Always.

As quickly as we set ourselves to train and ready the defenses, the scouts of the first wave arrived.

From the West came Barbarians and Giants.

From the East, parties of Monks arrived.

From the North, Squires, Archers, and Barbarians (though mostly Barbarians).

And from the South, Giants, and Wizards.

We lost many troops in the assault, as the Heroes of Good, smelling blood in the water, moved in for the kill.

However, we survived long enough for fresh and eager reinforcements to surge through our portals, and push back the heroes. And for a fresh hint of irony, as we began to push them back, we developed our first Prison, with which we used to capture the remaining heroes, and inter them to become Skeletons. With time.

Shortly thereafter, we developed a Torture Chamber, and placed two Monks there, hoping they would turn to see our cause as the righteous one.

However, their convictions and faith proved stronger than our.. methods, and they soon perspired, however, we where not quite finished with them yet, we took their souls, and moulded them into the fearsome Ghost.

Being more Spirit than Flesh, the Ghost is an incredibly weak creature, whos primary abilities revolve around controlling the enemies movement, it's always handy to have one at the back of a group to aid your Minions, but anything more is a waste of resources.

As they expired, the enemy arrived, but this time, we where far more prepared. As where they.

From the West came the Fairies.

From the North came the Wizards, and the East, the Monks again.

And from the South, came the Witches, highly experienced harpies who where a complete pain to kill. We took great delight in reshaping their souls afterwards.. As they fell, the lord of the land arrived.

With the death of their comrades, we set the last of the Heroes to the torture chamber. To the best of my knowledge, they're still there.. Healing is a powerful magic..

We shall recess for a short break, and when we return we shall perform one more historical outlook before we finish for the day.


A Kingdom fit for a Dungeon Keeper of your standards, Sire. The Blackened Hulks of the houses welcome you, and the overgrounders prostrate themselves, Mainly because we've killed them...