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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 13

Elf's Dance

A village set inside a giant fairy ring. A weak kind of magic provides the dwellers with all their hearts could desire. Embarrassingly, most simply wish for peace, happiness, and a long untroubled life.

Ah, DragonThyne, this was a personal favourite battle of mine, and soon you shall see why. From here, for the first time, we battled against two other keepers, they had both signed a non aggression pact of some sort against each other, thus having lost the favour of the Dark gods.

To the West was Keeper Alor, our post humous research indicates his strength was primarily in Dragons and Research. To the East was Keeper Jirunai, whom specialised in Bile Demons, and digging out lots of Gold.

To the South was an undeveloped Heroic fortress, packed to the brim with unexperienced, yet highly idealistic Heroes. We decided to venture South first.

Beyond their fortress, was an unclaimed graveyard, with a stack of corpses behind us, we put it to good use.

Deciding it had been too long since we kept tabs on our opponents, we watched, and where not.. happy with what we saw. Whilst we had taken care of the Heroic problem to the South, Keeper Alor had trained, and had Studied, and was merely waiting for his time to strike.

Keeper Jirunai on the other hand, kept his concentration on the Gem piles in front of him, putting little effort into training his minions, relying on Alor to shield him.

Seeking a round about way of attacking Alor, we began following a Vein of gold, that led towards the back of his Dungeon, at least, so our imps told us..

As we slowly headed North, then West, then South, towards Alors dungeon, in a move worthy of entrance to the Darwin Keepers awards, Jirunai attacked us.

I believe that several of our non Bile Demons developed lung cancer shortly after this battle, and died.

As we rampaged through the Idiot Jirunais Dungeon, we stealthily began to snatch rooms away from Alor.

Jirunai fell in a pathetic manner as our army stormed his heart, destroying it in mere seconds, and thus we where given the chance to focus our full intent upon Alor, who had not realised the creeping death behind him, he was certainly focused on keeping his front door blocked, packing it wall to wall with the remnants of Jirunais force, with his Dragons playing ranged guard.

So we continued what has been later dubbed, 'Operation Solid Snake'

As he continued to guard his front door, we cut off his gold supply.

Alor was no fool, however, moving his well trained minions around to block, wherever ours appeared. He did not pay such great attention to our Imps however.

With his Library under our control, we sold it off, both to deny him his spellbook, and for the money, but mostly it was denial.

With enough of his rooms now under our control, we gathered our forces at one spot, and surged forward, for what we expected to be the battle of a lifetime..

When his minions finally figured out where the attack was coming from, it was already far, far, far too late.

Dragon Thyne.

We've set fire to this place. It's still burning with a fierce unnatural intensity, but we're sure you'll love it once it's cooled down a bit..