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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 16

Woodly Rhyme

A place of such obscene contentment, it's criminal that a horde of undead vigilantes haven't massacred every soul in the place. If there's any justice, that will soon happen, my lord.

I have no doubt at all, that you will all find the contents of this historical analysis most invigorating.

We shan't bore you with the dungeon construction details, but we set up in our usual fashion, however, fortunately for us... we glanced outwards at the right moment, it appears that one of our rivals managed to get himself destroyed by the heroes of the nearby fortress.. Seeing only one hero, and with a prison to capture him, we set to it.

We extended him a formal invitation to enter our dungeon. He accepted, but he took our invitation to mean 'and friends'.

With the death of his bodyguards, the lord of the land moved forward for vengeance.

Being far more experienced than our minions, and able to heal himself midcombat, he had slayn many of our minions before we managed to knock him out.

We then extended a more.. formal invitation, this time to all of them.

With the immediate area cleared of threats, we decided to capture our rivals dungeon, with no obvious threats, we needed it for.. expansion purposes.

Whilst our honoured guests mulled over their options, we expanded further.

And our rival, who still lived, spied us out, but didnt see much.

Whilst we researched, expanded, and trained. We finally researched the Armageddon spell.

Whilst our first honoured guest chose to change his allegiances to our Dungeon.

Whilst our second guest continued to weigh his options..

We then decided to spy out our rivals. First we looked to the heroes.

And so we attacked them.

As we attacked, and took over their fortress, our rival made a similar move, but far, far too late.

So we took his bridge, and sold it off, and kept a single panel, with which we could use to launch a later assault.

Meanwhile, we sent out an open invitation to local heroes to join us fabulous cause, which many of them came to ponder.

And so we launched our assault.

However, with several Witches on both sides, the combat quickly spread throughout his dungeon in isolated pockets of fighting.

However, while his minions and ours fought amongst each other, to neither sides betterment..

Our second wave arrived.

As our minions spread forward to destroy our Keeper rival..

Our rival was nothing exceptional, and yet he had the strength of will to be able to withstand us for some time..

And so, having seen the value of our Samurai counterparts in battle, we decided to bring one with us for our next battle.. and it was good for us that we did, because if we had not, we would have fallen in our next battle.


We've developed this area. It is now a breeding ground for our legions of beetles and flies. To think that it was once pointless farmland providing food for the weak population that lived there in so-called peace.

I shit you not, its only because of that Samurai that we beat the next level One level ten Samurai Vs a ton of Heroes and all the high level Minions a Keeper can get.