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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 17


Flowers are on display in every building in this area. The poisonous stink of these feted blooms will stick in the throats and noses of every right-thinking villains that comes within four leagues of the place.

We started out with much of the realm explored, but with a single passageway running between us, and our rival, we also started out with two inexperienced, and highly volatile, Horned Reapers, who actually caused us more harm than good in this realm.

We immediately set to clearing out the gold in our area, and searching for an entrance to the portal near us, which appears to have been in one of several local Hero fortresses.

We found our way to the portal when the heroes of the fortress advanced upon our imps. We retaliated by setting our, now feuding, Horned reapers upon this cabal of witches.

Witches, feh, in truth they are little more than children playing with powers beyond their understanding.. I took great delight in smashing their circle after this fool had been banished.

As we where busy dealing with the Cabal, they recieved reinforcements from behind us, however... in a fitting state of irony, as they came to reinforce their comrades, our rival attacked them. Our rival, we learned posthumously, was a good ol' local boy, who had consolidated his power base by corrupting the local heroes, and hiding his dungeon from their oversight. It worked well until we arrived, hence the constant pressure from them both.

That is, until the Heroes tunneled into his base.

Ah, and so we see several of my kin and ex-comrades get wiped out. A shame really, that very few of us survive, we where so powerful.. we alone of all the demons and heroes held true power. All bar three we feared, or held a grudging respect of..

And so the final hero died.

With the enemies Minions exhausted from hours of fighting, I hasted myself, and sped into the enemies dungeon, as fast as could I could, and laid waste to his dungeon heart. Though I did not destroy it, I damaged it enough to cause him to launch a counter attack to try for my Masters Heart.

Whilst he tried to get through our doors, I continued to lay waste to his heart.

However, he quickly removed his call to arms, and placed his minions near straight on top of me, and I had to be off, lest I be squished like a proverbial fly.

While his minions recovered, we did our best to capture our way close to his heart, but we only made it as far as you can see.

In the meantime, we set our good friend here to harass his imps and disrupt his gold supply. In doing so, we discovered an unguarded back route into his dungeon. As a result, we decided to do a derivative of operation 'Solid Snake' which had proven successful against a somewhat weaker foe.

Whilst we destroyed his imps, and played a deadly game of Cat and Mouse, of one Samurai, against fifteen Demons, our imps slowly but surely captured his buildings from behind him.

And what was most amusing, was that we take his Minions beds from them as they heeded his call, which we near immediately sold.

However, our rival appears to not have wanted to take this lying down, and tried to take our portal from us. We used this time to take out his, pretty powerful, scouting force.

With only his library left to capture, we set to capturing that, and readied our, somewhat meager forces.


Meager, yet skilled.

Thank you

And so, our rival fell..

Truely an epic battle

I apologise for the large gap between the memories, however, we where so focused in directing our attacks that we where unable to always memorise that which we wished.

Truely the hero slaughter after, was a thing of LEGEND

Our Samuraic companion will be joining us for the remaining lessons, if anyone has any questions for our Historical friend, feel free to ask. He is quite knowledgeable, having spent a lot of time learning in the Black Library. He knows of the growth of good, and their fall, and knows a thing or two about romancing the ladies..


Vampires have sucked the life out of everyone here. They poisoned the well, and smeared dung on all the door handles as a joke. Not a sophisticated sense of humor these undead bloodsuckers...