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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 18


Industrious citizens go about their daily lives with care, enthusiasm, and diligence. There is no crime, and everyone works for the common good. It's a disaster of a place and deserves razing.

For once, no enemy Keepers contended with us for this location. I assume we where too quick for them. Or the pox we set loose on the population of whores of the overworld had more of a lasting effect than we surmised..

Mirthshire was a part of the Grand Fortress of Skybird Trill. From this realm forth we would battle with literally waves of highly experienced Heroes with little break to rest between missions.

We quickly mined the gold from near us out, and headed towards the Eastern pile, coming across a giant chasm as we did so, that lead to the entrances to two hero caverns.

As gold was something of a rarity in this realm (due to the heroes posessing this realm for such a long time, and stripping it of its natural, rightfully ours, resources, we would have to settle for storming their Keeps and taking their money.

Some confused Gnome appears to have destroyed the door to his Keep, silly little bugger.

I came too. The area was packed with Dwarves, whom, I especially, love to kill.. there's something undeniably fun about freezing one in place, kicking them into the air, and watching them land and smashed apart into tiny icicle lumps.

As I dealt with the incursion from the SouthEast, another Hero party, partly of Archers and Squires, invaded from the west, breaking into our guard room.

However, they where only the scouting party, a much larger party arrived behind them.

No sooner than they had died when another invasion happened, this time from the North.

Thankfully, they didnt last too long.

Deciding to do a little more exploration, trying to preempt some invasions, we raided a hold to the East.

We wheren't quite quick enough, as yet another scouting party entered the fray, this time tunneling in from the North West.

This time, sadly, there where too many for me to handle alone, and so I required some assistance. I much prefer battling myself against the hero hordes, but not even I will take on an apparent suicide mission, without at least a small form of backup.

True story, in the War for the OVerworld, as this overall conflict became known to be called, I was actually the most decorated soldier on both sides of the war, scoring more demon kills and hero kills than any bar the Avatar.

Quiet, they dont know of him yet.

Hmph, they will soon enough.

With the region now somewhat quiet, and the map under our immediate control, we took to scavenging the, near empty, hero keeps that littered the region.

We eventually hit what we believe to be a chapel.

Inside was actually one of the leaders of the Fairie rings, an otherwordly home for the Fairies, where they can meet, discuss, plan, retreat, and stay, if things get ugly. She didn't get that chance.

Neither did her guards.

With their ringleaders gone..

And with me still recovering. Blasted fairies, as weak as they are, they pack a punch..

..with their ringleaders gone, the remaining fairies where easy prey, as we set a horde of trolls upon them.

Our exploration of the North yielded us two Archers, whom had been imprisoned by their lord, for daring to worship the dark, and who where eager to join us.

And with their recruitment, did the lordo f the land finally pay attention to his now meager holdings, and set out with force..

This next conflict stands in my mind as one of the greatest. There was so much chaos, and battle, and destruction between two equally great forces. Naturally, we would win, as we had discovered a Multiply Secret, shortly before the battle began, that gave us the extreme numberical advantage. Three to One, I believe the odds where against them, but in fairness to them, they gave as good as they got.

Naturally, I alone wasn't going to kill anyone out of a mob that large.

And so only one remained, I quickly found her, and ended her misery.

I hope todays lesson was beneficial for you Apprentices. Your final exam nears, you have learned how to create your Heart, and will need to do so very soon.

I have provided these texts for you to use, this will tell you how to create your Dungeon heart. In our final lesson, we shall create it, and your.. final exam.. will begin.


The flowers lie trampled in the dirt, and their disgusting pong has been replaced by the smell of soiled armor, and the internal juices of those sliced to pieces by your servants, master. Quite an improvement, I trust you'll agree.