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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 19

Blaise End

A place of joy and love. Nothing, the legends say, has ever spoiled the calm of Blaise End. So, when something does, it will be long overdue, and the inhabitants will thoroughly deserved it.

As mentioned in previous lessons children, we are nearing the end of our history lessons now, we are on our 18th campaign, and it ended at campaign 20.

The next two realms where the outer, and inner, fortress of the Samurai, and though our friend here was unable to assist us in its cleansing and rebirth, they fell nonetheless.

The land of Blaise End, as it was known then, or Valynore, as it's known now, was a fortress, whos might was surpassed only by Skybird Trill. Indeed, even the realm following this could not match its strength.

The Heroes of Blaise End, where hardy, strong, and full of Vigor. Needless to say, they would make excellent converts..

Unfortunately, they would have to wait, as from the start, we only have a set amount of time before our presence became noted, as a result, we immediately started walling ourselves in. That, and the gold supply of course..

With the gold secure, and with plenty of imps to bear our commands, we immediately set upon expanding our dungeon, to the magnificent size it should be, with a treasury to rival that if the illustrious Knox, which was a Hero Fortress in another world, I'm lead to believe.

And so, with a fully constructed dungeon, an ample gold supply, and many MANY, well trained minions, we finally opened ourselves to the outside world, and the Magnitude of Heroes that waited to get in.

As we captured and slowly brought the Heroes around to our way of thinking, they let slip some details about their fortress. It was guarded by Fairies. Lots of Fairies. And Monks, and Samurai, and Giants.

Though we did not capture and convert everyone, we certainly captured and converted plenty.

One of our imps stupidly opened one of the Eastern doors holding a lot of Archers, and Dwarves. We quickly invited them to decide their fate.

As we expanded West however, we came into contact with the inhabitants of the Hero Fortress, and upon realizing our existence, a vast number of Wizards, the largest that had gathered in this Realms history, and the last such gathering in the history of the realm, set forth to destroy us. Unfortunately for them, a horde of Orcs was just around the corner.

And I do so love the killing..

We discovered a reveal spell in our North Western cavern, we had to bridge to it, but such a spell is rare, and fabled.

With all the Map available to us, we decided now would be an ideal time for lightning to strike. Several hundred times.

I was somewhat rambunctious in my younger days..

And so we continued what later become known as 'Operation Zeus'.

With the lord of the land surrounded by frail, yet powerful allies, we decided to deny him that advantage.

We then decided to remove his healing support, whom waited in the wings.

And any remaining friends he may have waiting for us..

And with the death of many of his allies, we set forward to destroy his Dungeon Heart. I do so find it amusing when Heroes toy with powers they don't fully understand.

With the death of the Giants, came a small party of Wizards.

The sheer amount of Heroes proved too much for our Skeletons to handle, and so our Bile demons had to come in and back them up.

Thankfully, we where far tougher than they where.

We took our remaining Skeletons and assaulted the lord.

He decided to ignore my skeletons and go for a walk through trap town.. wounding my skeletons, with many of them dying.

With the traps run nearly wiping out our skeletons, he then decided to destroy the Skeletons. A shame that he was far too late to attack them..

And our Skeletons went bravely to their death, to destroy his dungeon heart.

Along with a lot of backup.

It didn't last very long. With it's death the barriers holding the Heroes back where broken, and out they came.

And so we took the fortress, with only two remaining..


Nothing is left of this settlement apart from a stubborn stain on the ground. Our trolls are hard at work erasing it at this very moment. Then we'll spray acid over the entire locale.