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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 2

And so apprentices, I trust you are.. refreshed. I see one of you has failed to make his appointed time. A pity, I expected the infighting to begin before now. Today's lesson will be a sharp, and pointed lesson, primarily, it will serve to introduce to the castes of creatures and heroes who you will encounter later in life. Make no mistake, children, though the land of Skybird Trill is ours, there are Deeper Dungeons still, where heroes foolishly make their stand..

We shall begin our lesson today by discussing first the creatures, and then their opposing heroes. Alas with time, the portraits of those once valiant heroes have vanished. Such a pity, as to know your enemy, is to be prepared, as a result, a mere description shall have to suffice.

And my memory.

The Demon Spawn is a curious creature, for it is no demon, in fact, it is the spawn of a Dragon, however due to its many encounters with Heroes who have fought against it, the label of Demon stuck. The Alliance of the Spawns decline to comment one way or the other as to their parentage, but their likeness to their Parents is undeniable. Also factor in that once a Demon Spawn comes of age, they do in fact, become quite powerful Dragons, but regardless, I drift off my original topic. We discuss here the facts regarding these wonderful Critters.

Highly Aggressive, and with a love to spend hours training in camps, these little creatures have a tendency to train themselves as high as they can, and then wade into enemy heroes in a blood frenzy, they are hardy, stronger than Beetles, and able to take more of a beating than them also. Simply put, an undeniable boon in your early days as a keeper.

We also discuss now Heroes. These bastions of Chivalry and Peace where once the foremost power in this land, and there are many of them, from the ranks of the lowly tunneler gnome, to the gruff dwarf, the sneaky Archer, to the Masterful Samurai.

We will start by looking back on Heroes we have already encountered. The lowly Gnome is a tenacious creature, the only one of the heroic minions with the ability to dig through toughened rock. Their closest match in our forces, would be the imps. Capable of claiming land, if converted to your cause like an imp, they are far hardier, and able to take a bit of a beating, before succumbing to the Dark Oblivion.

As this is the only heroic type we have encountered, next to the mighty lord of the land, we shall now visit the land of Darkhana. A terrifyingly delicious place, its peasantry inhabitant once reffered to it as 'Cozyton'.

Cozyton.. A hideous sham of a town, in which the prosperous citizens have no gripes or moans. Sadly, even the children are happy and secure. This is because they aren't punished for non-existant crimes..

Quickly to the West was a patch of Gold, attained with ease, and used to construct a vast treasury, with which to hold it's wealth.

Quickly constructed where the basics of our dungeon. Lair, Hatchery, and more. After the base had been set in place, we had the option of training additional creatures, in a gift from the dark gods, whom had been watching our efforts, and where pleased with them.

We constructed a small room, while we had money to spare, we where not wealthy, but our training room brought forth the Demon spawn to our Dungeon. As I previously spoke, the Spawn is hardy, and a Dangerous foe. Above all else, these younglings heed the call of battle, and train ever stronger. When of a sufficient age, they become far more scholarly, and shed their small form, becoming noble Dragons.

This then is their lair, a collection of skulls to prop them up as they sleep. Little tykes..

With not a lot of gold left in our coffers, we spied a vein to the south, past our training room, our dilligent imps led the way, and at the end of the vein we discovered..

A heroic treasure room, what more fitting way to destroy the land, than with their own money, but the theft of their treasury did not sit well with the Heroes, it was then they set forth with their own counterattack.

Behold the Dwarf, and the Squire. Dwarves are tough creatures, in their formative years, while leaving a lot to be desired in strength as they age, comparatively, they are tougher than your own creatures. Thank goodness there's more of you than them, then.

The Squire is a curious creature, he is usually one of several in a realm, all dedicated to their lord of the land, they train with him, spar with him, fetch for him, and cover him in battle, and when they come of Age, they take the mantle, of lord of the land. It is a curious system, and with enough persuasion, it is not too difficult to make a near mature Squire, and turn him into your very own Knight, to cut swaths through other heroes. Such irony.

These younglings gravely underestimated both the number, and the strength of your party, but it was not long before the kin of these younglings set out for revenge.

This time, when Lord Mormont arrived, he came prepared.

It's a shame that he sent them on alone, trusting in their (lack of prowess) to defeat us.

This time, their lord scored no kills before succumbing to the Dark.

And who was left to watch his final fall. Lord Mormont fought valiantly, Lord Mormont fought nobly, Lord Mormont fought honorably. And Lord Mormont died.


Darkhana, the surviving citizens have more on their plates than a demon-spawn with three dead adventurers to munch. Not that many citizens have survived, as such.