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Dungeon Keeper

by Tithin Melias

Part 22

Ah, and so the apprentices fall, the, now fertile, topsoil of the grave calls to them, and with the calling they fought against their master, to stretch out on their own, and become Keepers of great reknown, however, fables rarely translate well into real life, and the topsoil of the graveyard was where they went... and where they rose as one.

Three Keepers there where children, ex-classmates all, as they had stood besides you, there they stood together. They took the names from my history lessons of those they felt they had the strongest ties to.

Azrael, Belial, and Rakshash stood together as one. And fell as many.

Being the sporting type we gave our apprentices the gift of choosing the battlefield, and they chose a location where no one Keeper had an advantage over another.

The speed with which we moved surprised even me, we quickly mined out the gold, before we even had the treasury to use, we secured a portal, and mined out the rooms needed within minutes, and then we set to capture the central cavern.

Shortly after capturing the central cavern, Belial made his move against us, and we where quick to push him back.

However, it was a ruse, as we pushed in on Belial, Azrael made his move for the central cavern also.

His foot was barely in the door, and he already had plans to construct a grand treasury to fund his conquest of our old regions.

Needless to say, that didn't last long. Our forces split, one half headed for Azraels heart, and one half for Belials heart.

One thing that you apprentices should be aware of for when you do decide to challenge my master. (And challenge him, you must to become Keepers full) is that imps, whilst loyal to the death, do not make very good soldiers, as Azrael and Belial found out to their Woe.

Our spiders ate well on the feast of imps.

But as we where busy with Azrael, that is when Rakshaha made his move.

Emergency measures where called for, as Rakshaha had trained several of his imps to the fifth level of experience, and with our minions busy with Artemis, we had to settle with fighting fire with fire. Or imp with imp. Or, imp with fire.

However, as we held the monetary advantage, and with imps being so free in this land, we kept Rakshasha busy with our flood of imps.

At this point, Rakshasha tried to sue for peace, however, and as a final lesson to you children, when you challenge another keeper, even if he trained you, there will only be the peace of the grave.

And so your classmates fell. And rose together as one, as a Vampire Keeper, an abomination even amongst the lands of the Keeper.

It appears, children, that not one of my lessons has sunk in, after the following battle I'm about to show you, we shall venture into the Deeper Dungeons. And then, assuming any of you are still alive, there may just be another land of Skybird Trill, another realm, where the shining paragons of Virtue and Justice stand Valiant and waiting, even from the offset.

Where, even in the land of Eversmile, Avatars stand ready.



Not that I can get the game to play on my computer. Which pisses me off because the multiplayer thing sounds cool.

If you need any help with getting it to run, have a read through the thread, I've been giving advice where its needed. If nothing in particular fits your problem, describe it, and we'll try to help.


Damn, I was hoping you'd do a playthrough of the Deeper Dungeons too. Those levels are fucking HARD. I think I managed to beat about 4 of them back in the day.

I'll do one, but updates will be nowhere near as frequent.